Barcelona’s'  right back Dani Alves is reportedly finally ready to end the speculation and sign a new boot deal – but has warned football boots brands not to contact him until after El Clasico this weekend.

Dani Alves to Decide on which Football Boots he will play in, Nike or adidas

The marauding right-back has stirred up much intrigue among boot-spotters, having inconsistently worn blacked out versions of some of the best speed boots on the market.

Previously a loyal Mercurial Vapor Superfly wearer, Alves began blacking (and Yellowing!) out hos boots of choice to conceal the Nike branding; which is usually a sign that a player is up for negotiations with a football boots sponsor.

Dani Alves to Decide on which Football Boots he will play in, Nike or adidas

Most interestingly, Alves has also been spotted on multiple occasions wearing the adidas F50 adiZero (usually the leather version) again, usually disguising the branding as best as as possible (though recently he seems to be happy playing in them ‘as is’) – though when we contacted adidas they confirmed that they had not supplied Alves with the boots.

It finally seems, though, that Alves is ready to make a decision on his equipment sponsor – but reports say he will only listen to offers made after Barcelona’s titanic clash with Real Madrid this weekend, meaning we may have to wait until the new year to finally find out what Alves’ will be paid to wear on his feet.

We definitely respect Alves’ wish to be distraction free for the game this weekend (and it’s the last game he can potentially wear the boots he REALLY wants to wear) so kudos to him for taking his choice in football boots so seriously.

What do you think Alves should be wearing? Stick with Nike or join team-mates Lionel Messi and David Villa on the adidas F50 adiZero?

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  1. says: E@zy

    Does it make much difference to him? He doesn’t seem to be loyal and the changing of boots hasn’t hampered his game at all.

    Honestly, he’ll go for whoever pays best. It’s a sad thing time when Puma or Mizuno don’t even get a look in at the top levels.

  2. says: Jimi

    Everybody needs to get off of Mizunos nuts. They suck. If they were really that good then more pros would be wearing them, but they’re not so Mizuno must not be as good as you say they are.

  3. says: iPodkiller

    Bring out some heritage Vapors with flywire technology.
    I would love that. I hate the current Vapors, 5 yrs ago there where only Vapors and Talaria, now everyone can get cheap Vapors. Back in the Days Vapors costed alot of money and if u
    had them u got all the attention, but nowdays it sucks.
    The new Vapors gets quickly broken.

  4. says: =)

    Anyone else getting a “where’s my money” vibe from Alves lately? The Barcelona contract negations, now this.

    I guess he could use the extra money for a new acting coach…..I kid, I kid.

  5. says: aaron

    @ jimi

    have you ever had a pair of mizuno?

    for your information many many pro’s either start out with mizuno morelias or copas. all brazilian players wore mizuno boots some time in there career. The real legend ronaldo wore mizuno as well as rivaldo. any south american player has worn mizuno as its a very popular boots there!!

    mizuno dont pay there players much to wear there boots so nike come along and say ill give u millions to wear this boot. it wont be a good but hey you have x amount in the bank.

    I know for a fact you have never had a pair of mizuno as you wouldnt come out with such a stupid comment!

    mizuno had a sub 200g (k-leather boot) b4 the vapour! i could go on but as holland said your comment was a uneducated one!

  6. says: Ago C

    I had a pair of morelias, they were okay, but I switched into the adizero and they are by far better for me.

    Mizuno is not bad, and i agree that they are comfortable, but some people tend to like to make things seem better than they actually are, just because loads of people don’t have it, and it gives them a sense of superiority. just like that friend everyone has who only listens to the most obscure indie music, and then makes you feel like bum for listening to the strokes.

  7. says: channo

    that Jimi guy really had balls to go on commenting like that on a football boots website LOL 😀
    assuming from the comments i’ve read so far, people here really knows about what they wear. they’re the real experts of football boots. cheers for all of us guys 😉

    those comment might just work on some random fanboy website with less-educated viewers though…

  8. says: E@zy


    we have to know what the hell we are wearing. a lot of money and a lot of game winning moments rely on them e.g. a slip, a tackle, a shot with a little swerve etc. 🙂

  9. says: Geo

    Now I like Dani Alves and I love Nike but why would Nike offer him a contract after he “dissed” them the way he did. One weekend he was in the lime green Superfly’s the next week you see him in the chameleion adizeroes. If I were Nike I would take the loss and part ways. How could you trust someone who just up and left the brand as quickly as he did? That’s just my take on it.

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