Following their hugely successful launch in September 2009, Nike bringing out a third colourway for the CTR360 Maestri.

It’s already had a run-out in both the English Premier League (Valon Behrami) and La Liga (Rafael Van der Vaart) and the striking White / Silver / Blue colourway looks like it could catch on in a big way.

ctr360 maestri silver white blue

The CTR360 has made a massive impact in just a few months, helped largely by the form of leading European ambassador Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard put in a stunning debut in the Nike footwear and bar a few injuries, has been one of the dominant forces in the EPL over the past few months.

The CTR360 Maestri also scored well in the Footy Boots test, so we can assure you that all that it’s very much living up to the hype.

nike ctr360 maestri white silver blue soleplate

The CTR360 is building its reputation upon three main functions:

Receiving the ball

Dampening pods on the outside of the forefoot provide a softer first touch when receiving the ball, whilst an asymmetrical lacing system greatly expands the ball control area.

The instep utilizes a harder material to provide extra pace on the pass – the forefront and the instep work together for a lighter more controlled take but quicker delivery, minimising time on the ball.

white team royal silver ctr360 maestri

Controlling the ball

Nike has developed the revolutionary KANGA-LITE synthetic leather that mimics the supreme feel of kangaroo leather, while maintaining its performance in all conditions and allows for a snug fit.

When a player strikes the ball, a well planted foot is just as important as the striking boot. Nike has integrated dual-density forefoot studs that not only reduce the stud weight but help grip the ball better without compromising traction or stability.

The heel studs are built to be strong and stable to create a sure footing while controlling the ball with the other foot.

nike ctr360 maestri silver white blue

Distributing the ball

Shape correcting memory foam delivers uniform contact with the ball for greater precision. An injected pass-pad on the combines with the memory foam to deliver the ball at optimum pace.

nike ctr360 maestri white / team royal / silver

The new colourway will be available on pre-order soon for £119.99. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)


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  1. says: Kyle


    Fantastic colourway and a perfect follow-up to the last two.

    I can’t wait to see who takes it up. There are so many players in the CTR360, this new colourway will make them even easier to spot!

  2. says: Gerry B

    I know these have gone down well in the pro ranks but has anyone out there worn these in the amateur game/ Would like to hear your views as thinking of buying.

  3. says: yoho

    well done ppp and message to all liverpool fans
    1. get your liverpool shirt
    2.burn it
    3.buy an everton shirt
    4.bolton for the win

  4. says: viva

    the icing on the cake here is that these boots weigh less than 10 ounces! 9.8 to be exact. And if i change my insoles to the ones i have on my v1.06’s, this could be a 9 ounce boot!
    you would think a control boot with this much technology would weigh as much as a pair of lasers, but it doesn’t!
    speed is a very important part of my game, and even the slightest reduction can help me run as fast for longer periods of time.

  5. says: Fuzzy

    They are much better than the first colourway, boots like this need to be in classy understated colours, not an orgy of primary colours!

  6. says: ill-d

    nice colorway!
    decent 3 colorways thus far. wouldn’t mind seeing a blackout tho! or all black with white tick…you know, a classic version.

    i could see a whiteout looking very cool too…or just white/silver.

    anywho if i didn’t already have a number of unworn boots in line to be worn, i would definitely pick these up, have only heard good things about this boot.

  7. says: channo

    great colorway! too bad the pass pad on the instep are not as visible as it does on other colorways.

    anyway, i’m pulling back a bit to second striker/attacking midfielder position this season. as i’m also working on my ball possession skills, i’m considering to buy the white-black CTR360 to help me psyched up with my trainings and performances (i always wear white).

    but now this white-silver-blue colorway came out, i really couldn’t make up my mind! they’re really sweet, but IMHO silver doesn’t make statement like black does. any suggestions/input guys?

  8. says: kuuku

    Absolutely cracking colourway for an amazing boot.

    Well the CTR 360 converts were easier to spot in the black and red than they will be in this, but there’s no doubt this is beautiful and very attractive both close up and from far away.

  9. says: Boondangles

    I’ve been a tiempo man for the last 10 odd years, and this year I decided to try out the CTR360’s. So I got the indoor ones (outdoor season doesn’t start in Canada just yet) and they’re fantastic. They feel natural on the feet, no blisters, no wearing in, and I definitely feel my passing game in the boots is as good as, if not better then my passing in my legend ii’s. So when the outdoor season starts, i’m definitely considering getting the CTR360s in this brilliant colourway instead of the legend iii’s. cheers

  10. says: shiv

    these are sweet-hey does anybody know what the libretto and trequalistra versionsare like…especially if you have it in AG OR TF. thanks =)

  11. says: Darrel chapman

    I think that Donovan wore these today for Everton, he played great. But I might be wrong and he might have been wearing a “white-out” version of them with only white and silver because I can’t recall seeing the blue nike logo.

  12. says: fifinho

    in the second last picture the studs at the front of the boot are grey whereas in the last picture, where you get a good look at the soleplate, all of the studs are blue? :S

  13. says: viva

    fifinho – wow i just noticed that too.. why is that? it’s like the clear sole plate on the green t90’s that the pro’s wear, and then the black ones for sale.

  14. says: channo

    hahaha, a shoes that everyone agrees 🙂 that’s something we didn’t see very often.

    nike has done a wonderful job with this one -guess i’ll just get whatever color available on my size 😛

    @fifinho: now that you mentioned it…

    anyway… since CTR360 is already on nikeID, don’t be surprised if you see this shoes in other colors.

  15. says: josh

    After all the great feedback and players that have adopted this boot – I noticed today that Kun Aguero defected from the 360 camp, going with the blue/black Superfly’s.

  16. says: keven

    I bought the trequartistas at first in hg, and loved them so much I had to buy the 360’s. I felt like a completely different player. My touch felt better, my shot felt cleaner. Definately would advise someone to look into the treq. But if you can shell out for the 360’s go for it. Its worth your buckk..;)

  17. says: Tony H

    These things look friggin awesome and having not pleyed for 2 years (cruciate) I might get some for preparation for next season. Need all the help I can get right now and the f50s don’t really give an attacking midfielder the protection I need

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