Nike are one of the undisputed masters of the tease when it comes to football boots. From sly appearances on training grounds, to unexpected match-day debuts – as such, it’s always worth keeping an eye on their adverts!

Nike CTR360 II football boots - teased in White/Black/Vibrant Yellow

And boy, did it pay off here! Serious props go to Maestro95, who was our tipster on this occasion – he spotted that on the current Nike France Away Shirt splash page on Nike is Florent Malouda wearing a pair of previously unseen White/Vibrant Yellow CTR360 II‘s!

We’ve got to say, these new CTR360 II‘s do look like something seriously special, with the yellow colourway popping nicely off the white socks and white background.

The CTR360 II hasn’t had a new colourway update since it’s launch in December, so it’s about time we saw some thing new from Nike’s ‘control’ football boots, and it looks like Nike aren’t set to disappoint.

Nike CTR360 II football boots - teased in White/Black/Vibrant Yellow

When will we see these new CTR360 II‘s on the pitch?

Well, Nike are keeping this one close to their chest, but rumour has it we could be seeing these football boots very, very soon!

What do you think of these cleats?

Best CTR360 II yet? Or did you prefer the launch colourway?

Drop a comment and join the debate!

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  1. says: Barry


    Can’t wait to get these, best colourway of the CTR’s so far.
    Been wearing Predators for the last 8 years but the new ones just don’t have the same fit or comfort. Not really too bothertd though, Nike have upped their game

  2. says: Garrett

    these look a lot like the NikeID CTR 1’s that young player had. I think a U17 player? I’m not sure of his age but i specifically remember reading about and seeing the pictures.

  3. says: nicoacademia

    i switched from my ctr360s to mizuno’s wave ignatius because mizuno’s was much lighter and it too wraps its soft leather around my foot really well.

    if i could wear the adizero leathers i wouldn’t wear the nike ctr360 either.

    nike is in deep trouble – relying now on marketing gimmicks, the stars that remain and paint to save its bottom line.

  4. says: flywinger

    you kidding?
    they just changed the colour of the heel from blue to yellow
    nike needs new ideas
    the red ones of the ctr2 were the best cause it stand out

  5. says: Maestro95

    Your welcome footy-boots. It wasnt that hard to spot, i was going to nikesoccer+ and i saw those in the ad and i was like “wow! i dont think anyone has seen those yet.” I have the blue maestri 2s right now, i regret not waiting for these

  6. says: iko

    agghhh, i just can’t get used to these or the red/ white ones. the black/ blue are my favorites as of late. that away kit is something else…

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