When a new brand appears in the marketplace, they’re usually trying something mind-blowingly innovative. Think Concave, Zygo and the like. But here’s a brand resurrecting a classic name by – surprise, surprise – making classic football boots. This is the Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match.

Cruyff Sports - Cruyff Match football boots

Coming straight out of Johan Cryuff’s native Holland, the Cruyff Sports brand is actually one with some weight behind it – rather than a latter-day cash-in.

Worn by Marco Van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp and'  – of course – Johan Cruyff himself during the 1980’s, the Dutch brand was well-regarded for it’s solidly-constructed, great fitting football boots – as well as the signature ‘C-Flash’ up the side of the upper.

Cruyff Sports - Cruyff Match Classic football boots

The brand was then pushed into the background, before making an unlikely boom in the world of futsal – creating highly technical small-sided shoes for the most demanding and skilled players.

As their marketing tagline says, though, the time has come for Cruyff to ‘Return to the Football Field’ once more with the gorgeous Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match football boots.

A descendent of the original 1980’s shoe, the' Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match is very much a heritage football boot that combines the classic and modern into a very sleek offering indeed.

Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match football boots

Seamlessly blending Italian Calf Leather and K-Leather, the' Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match is optimised to offer stability and touch on the ball for the most demanding players.

In a similar manner to the way the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV works, the midfoot and heel of the' Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match is premium calf leather, that offers more lateral stability and protection than K-Leather, whilst the Kangaroo Leather sraps around the front of the boot to offer an unmatched ball feel and first touch.

Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match Classic football boots

The whole boot is lined in a special breathable nylon that allows heat and moisture to be wicked away from the foot whilst playing, and the sole is designed with added support in the areas that take the most impact to improve comfort and reduce stud-pressure.

Whilst these classic football boots don’t feature the ‘C-Flash’ from the first Cuyff Sports boots of yore, it does feature the signature of Johan Cruyff himself, which the brand say “Is a refe-
rence to his inspirational past as player, coach and lover of football”.

Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match - Classic football boots

We like to think it’s just the Legendary Dutchman giving the' Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match his seal of approval.

Finally, all Cruyff Match football boots are produced in Italy as a tribute to their long tradition of handcrafted boots.

Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match

Available in Black/White/Gold or White/Black/Gold and priced at ˘€š¬129.95 – around £113 or $185 US – Cryuff Sports have put themselves at the lower-priced end of the premium boots market, pitching them against the likes of Mizuno and Umbro.

What do you think to the Cruyff Sports Cruyff Match?

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  1. says: Teddyboy1985

    Now that’s a boot. Thank you footy boots for bringing the widest range of information.

    I really love these boots

  2. says: E@zy

    If I ever play on pitches with no mud, I’m getting the white ones.

    Also, what is the difference in the care of the calk/kang hybrid leather than normal leather? What’s the best way to keep them white?

    I was a bit lazy in the care of my 7406’s so I don’t want to do the same to these beauties.

  3. says: Jose Luis

    The way I see the boots: Italian craftsmanship ensure the highest quality; by the picture I can´t tell if the sole is direct injected, stitched and riveted to the upper or glued & stitched but is double density PU. It has no brand mark in the sole so it must be a proven generic (not too light but flexible and resistant due to the materials). Classic styling and K and calf leather where needed for touch and support and maybe good fit. If I want to buy a black boot I would not change the German made Copa Mundial for this boot. 

    1. says: Top of the Heap

      Not sure how you can compare this against the Copa until you have tried it. 

      Or maybe you have?

      If this boot was endorsed by a dozen EPL pros I think people would be raving about them.

      1. says: Jose Luis

        Adidas endorses nobody for the Copa Mundial and I still see that boot in many pros in a lot of leagues around the world, of course, the ones that have not an agreement with any brand. For 20 pounds less I will keep faithful to the 3 stripes.

  4. says: LFC

    Cruyff Sports is already a VERY popular brand in the Dutch youth, MANY many teenagers own a pair of sneakers for casual wear. No idea if they’ll be as popular in footy-boots tho, but in the urban culture they’re a huge hit at the moment!

  5. says: OnlyFootball

    I like them, although I do think the signature is featured in an awkward spot. It’s not really one of those logos that belongs on a midfoot (such as the three stripes, swoosh, or running bird).

  6. says: Anonymous

    i’ve put on a cruyff before… and boy, do they feel soft…!

    the suppleness of the upper could take on adipure anytime!
    the fit and comfort are also quite amazing

    i say the signature are pretty cool and very original
    their previous “C” insignia on the side of the boots kinda looked like nike’s swoosh

    too bad i haven’t had the chance to try them out in a match, so that’s all i’m able to say… play test footy boots…? 😀

  7. says: manu4eva

    Well i named my son Jordi and his nicknames Cruyff suppose these are a must and what a fabulous looking pair of boots and they look like theyll last fingers crossed 🙂

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