The result is in and congratulations have to go to Portugal and Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo who has come out on top in the latest Footy Boots poll.

Asked ‘who is best the Ronaldo’ over 4,200 votes were cast with the flying winger grabbing 2,041 of them which represents 48%.

Cristiano Ronaldo wins footy boots poll

Despite some well thought out and patriotic messages of support, Ronaldo (O Fenomeno) came in second with 1,404 votes (33%) and Ronaldinho (Little Ronaldo) was third with a total of 824 votes (19%).

Many thanks for all your comments and make sure you cast your vote in the next Footy Boots debate, which will posted shortly, on whether the Champions League final should be staged in Rome, or as others would call it, Stab City?

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    Absolute rubbish.

    All you “real” football fans who voted for C-Ron should have a real look at football as a whole, not just the past season.

    Ronaldo, greatest striker ever.

    C-Ron, not as good as Giggs.

    1. says: Trevor

      I agree, though they have lost they’re touch they are still good players. Ronaldo may be talented BUT they have more expirience AND They have world cup winners medals. Ronaldo started his run of excellency in 2007 and people still pick him over The other Ronaldo’s !? They have played football WAY longer than he has.l Though I stiil like all 3 of them.

  2. says: DavCJ


    Anyone who has voted for C.Ronaldo over Ronaldo and Ronadlhino is either 7 years of old, a United fan or simply knows nothing about football.

    1 great season and he’s better than 2 of the all time greats? Pfffft!

  3. says: lpo

    i agree with all these comments, once you put up what c.ronaldo has done against these two greats ronaldo and ronaldinho, c.ronaldo is barely anything

  4. says: Quaresma

    GARBAGE!!!! Some people need to learn more about football…. They should have a book called
    “Football for Dummies” to educate people about the beautiful game 😀

  5. says: Roman

    You guys are out numbered obviously. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Oh, this cracks me up. You’re all so soar about an online poll! Flat out funny.

  6. says: Jacob Fitzsimmons

    C Ronaldo is a very talented player, but he still has not accomplished anything yet. If you voted for C Ronaldo over Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, maybe you should look into the past decade and not the past season. Hes still yet to win a World Cup and highly doubt he will in 2010. The two great brazilians have accomplished much much more then C Ronaldo and in my eyes are still two of the greatest players ever to play the game.

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