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Cristiano Ronaldo, Old Trafford, the hush of an expectant crowd. All the familiar ingredients were in Manchester, but with one big difference: CR7 wasn’t playing. He was unveiling the latest and lightest instalment in the Nike football boot dynasty – the Mercurial Superfly.

As we revealed weeks ago (Mercurial Vapor Superfly revealed), Nike’s latest top of the range offering is the Mercurial Vapor Superfly, supported by the Mercurial Vapor V.

Being the figurehead for the Mercurial Vapor Superfly, World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo was on stage to take questions from the press and this is what he had to say about the new football boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mercurial Vapor Superfly

Cristiano Ronaldo, Mercurial Vapor Superfly:

Ronaldo superfly I give feedback about what I like best, what makes me feel good and things I’m accustomed to. Nike listens to my feedback and they improve the boots each time. This boot is very different to the one I’m using and I prefer these to my old boots. The Mercurial Vapor Superfly is much lighter and helps me attack faster.

And of all the boots out there, why is the Mercurial so special?

ronaldo superfly Since I was 16 or 17, I’ve always played with the Mercurial. These boots are very different to others – they’re much lighter, but I think the boots are perfect to play in. It is something very special to play with these boots because they are known for being fast. For people to associate speed with my style of play is flattering.

Mercurial Vapor Superfly Debut

Although the Mercurial Vapor Superfly, blacked out, was used by Didier Drogba recently (Superfly Spotting) playing for the Ivory Coast, Cristiano Ronaldo will officially wear the football boot for the first time against Inter Milan on the 11th March. He will be up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will also be in the new Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly.


Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly Vital Statistics

Weight: 185g

Cost: £224.99

General Sale: August, 2009

Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribery, Theo Walcott, Dani Alves

Debut in Premier League: 14th / 15th March, Champions League 11th March 2009

More on the Mercurial Vapor Superfly: Mercurial Vapor Superfly and Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly

More on the Mercurial Vapor V: Mercurial Vapor V

Superfly 2 Ad

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  1. says: Mutters

    If he thinks its important to have a cleat built based on his feedback, why doesn’t he have a custom built cleat?

    It’s fine being sponsored to wear a cleat, but why make out it is because Nike make the cleat based on his feedback?

    It’s the money Ronnie, don’t patronize us with this other trash.

    1. says: Fenboy

      Great comment Mutters and couldn’t agree more.

      He wears Nike because of the cash they pay him. As do they all. Fullstop.

      Also, if the superfly has built to his own particular specs, why on earth would any other Nike pro want to wear it?

  2. says: kevin

    maybe i could be the fact that the boot fits perfect for him,
    he said he had worn the mercs since he was 16-17 years old.
    money shouldn’t mean the world to him..
    he plays at man utd after all.

    btw this is just my opinion

  3. says: alan

    i wouldnt buy them even for my grandson after the smell of cats wee from his old nike boots plus his 4 month old mercurial trainers stench

    1. says: Cole

      If you didn’t know pal, it was a chemical and you could send your vapors back because of the smell, ive got 3 pairs; red, pink and the older zinc and orange. my oler boots (red and oragne) stink! yer my newer boots because of the change in chemical are perfect! 😀

      Cole Mills ..

  4. says: norway

    I heard that the MV V are coming for womans too, but does anybody know what the smallest size is, for womans .. ?

  5. says: Xenesis

    The real question is “Will Nike ever make durable boots compatible for the rigors of the modern game or are they jus interested in making pretty cinderella slippers and maximizing on profits?”

    1. says: Jay

      Have you ever worn Vapors? I doubt it!!!! Most people that wear Adidas Predators find that they fall apart within the first season of wearing them!! the heel falls off of the toe splits open!! Vapors on the other hand are much more durable!!! i still wear my ltd edition Ignite yellow vapors from World Cup 2006!!! and they are still going!!!!

      i expect that you wear Joma or Kelme though so you don’t know what a good boot is.

  6. says: Roman

    “If he thinks its important to have a cleat built based on his feedback, why doesn’t he have a custom built cleat?
    It’s fine being sponsored to wear a cleat, but why make out it is because Nike make the cleat based on his feedback?
    It’s the money Ronnie, don’t patronize us with this other trash.”
    His boots are custom to his feet. And why does it bother you that he makes money from wearing Nike? If you don’t like advertisement from Nike, then don’t buy Nike. He is the face of the company for football, and him wearing the standard color probably sells a lot of boots. That’s probably why he doesn’t wear customized colors.

  7. says: mikeyp

    …and the world keeps on spinning….
    I’m sure they will be a fine boot,now if Christiano could just make those pesky PK’s.

  8. says: Adam

    You’re right it probably is the money. But if no one was gonna pay him to wear their boots, then i still reckon he’d be going for superflys…as will i.

  9. says: american boy

    Nike is the best brand in the world, and these cleat’s should only be worn by cristano ronaldo!! Nike can make other cleats for other players, players such as zlatan ibrahimovic should not were nike period this guy should be wearing adidas or some other generic brand such as (puma kelme joma pirma concord diadora umbro reebok lotto fila) because they simply are not the best players in the world cristano is, and his goal aginst inter showed that he is the best in player in the world. Inter and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Rafa Marquez, america football club are not worthy of Nike.

    1. says: bob

      u no nuthing!!! c ronaldo is the fanciest player in the world … but not the best!!!!! he just looks good. he slows half of the plays down. u just like the way he looks to play. u r pathetic and ibrahimovich is just as good as ronaldoo

  10. says: bigdanieldavies

    i dont think that the mercurial vapours are all they are made out to be. i have been wearing my umbros and they have been the best purchase ever!!. i was currently playing for west ham juniours and during a warm up each player would chat about how much and how good there boots were, when the real fact is, it didnt matter because i was the best player there and i stuck to the good old black leather boot.

  11. says: Ccharlie

    Look man, let him do wot he wants 2 do, its his life not ours, if he likes the new boots then let him, he deserves to be ware he is today, no 1 shud take that from him, he’s not the only player makin alot of money, wot about beckham for LA Galaxy he was on 89p per second on the pitch by a week he’d earned half a million, now he’s making euroes at AC Milian, so this is just ridiculous wot had football turned into these days…..

  12. says: Charlie

    The best Vapors are the Citron/Charcoal, they stand out, easy to control the ball with….these vapors there motto is speed, but wot they do is they mentally make a person who wares them to think that he is fast just because he has them on, they make this kind off mental opinion towards you, but in actuel fact its you showing speed than you usally would

  13. says: natxovsky 2

    there are amzing
    i will have to buy it now !!!

    oh no the last week i bought the old mercurial 🙁

    I wait one week moore and i buy this!!!
    i will buy this on the next year !!!

  14. says: chouaib

    bonjour sa va j’aime c ronaldo il joue bien il marque des but bon il ses bien jouer et il va réunir le coup 2009 et bay si tu as reçcu message donne moi ton tenu et bay mon frere …. est donne moi ton nike..

  15. says: GRIFK

    i have got 2 pairs of nike mercurial vapor superfly:) They fit perfect and they are the lightest boots in the world so buy them. Buy them and you will see that I’m right

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