CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13

Nike have never exactly been shy when it comes to picking colourways for star-man Crisitiano Ronaldo to wear as signature models – but the Summer ’13 edition of the CR Mercurial Vapor IX is the boldest yet!

A continuation of the ‘Love to Win, Hate to Lose’ theme that defined the CR Vapor VIII, the CR Mercurial Vapor IX not only builds it’s design around Ronaldo’s desire for victory, but chooses a colourway inspired by his love of explosive speed.

CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13 - Upper

Not only is Ronaldo lightning with and without the ball, he’s also found inspiration in speed from other players in the game and in other sports – and it’s that love of all things fast that is at the heart of the CR Mercurial Vapor IX and the accompanying apparel collection.

Designed to give the impression of motion blur, white, neon orange and yellow clash with an indigo stripe through the middle of the boot that fades towards the rear.

CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13 from Nike Football

The Nike safari print also makes its return to the boot, filling out the Swooshes on the instep and medial sides of the boot. Nike say the CR Mercurial Vapor IX‘s safari colours of yellow and orange were inspired by the Superfly II from 2010 – and we don’t think it’s a co-incidence those were the two ‘pop’ colours on the first Ronaldo-signature colourways.

CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13 - Heel Detail

From a technical point of view, the CR Mercurial Vapor IX boasts a leather-like upper – something we know Ronaldo prefers – as well as the celebrated All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Now used on all Nike boots, ACC ensures a consistent touch whether playing in wet or dry conditions weather.

CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13 - Profile

Horizontal black and neon yellow lines link the shoe to the collection’s overarching inspiration of speed. The “love to win, hate to lose” logo on the heel is a nod to Ronaldo’s inspiration as he explodes past how opponents on his way towards goal.

CR Mercurial Vapor IX - Summer 13 - Soleplate

Launching on April 11, the CR Mercurial Vapor IX comes as part of a larger Nike/CR7 collection, which we’ll be taking a look at after the weekend.

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  1. says: ranguard

    That colorway is really nice I think.

    Nevertheless, I miss a very clean “back-to-the-old-days” theme. Maybe something black/white. The Nike Mercurial EC08 were stunning!

    I like Nike’s new Speed Control texture (aka “golf ball damage”), which is missing in this case. 😉

  2. says: treemendous

    April 1st release….

    Sounds about right. Horrible, horrible colourway, expensive tat. The other MV9 releases are much more aesthetically pleasing than this. I know they’re kind of trying to reflect that CR himself polarizes opinions but it’s clear Nike are milking it a bit too much with this.

  3. says: Amnesia

    no wonder my mv9s came a week early. im even thinking how many kids are going to be on their parents cases after their parents most probably bought them a pair recently. too many colours coming out 1 after another. in 6 months, this is ronnys 3rd signature boot and although his 2nd pair were exclusive, i think nike, adidas and etc are exploiting us, the people. its worse than buying a replica kit every season or 2

  4. says: the truth

    adidas isnt ahead of nike…..mostly all the futball players wear nike and not adidas only messi and some other unknown players wear nike but non the less i like these boots

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