Concave VOLT+ | Midnight Range pack


Combining the lightweight needs of the fast, modern day football with stunning design visuals, Concave football release the dark Concave VOLT+ from the Midnight Pack. 

The VOLT+ is beauty to look at, with its dark flare design, its definitely one of favourite Concave releases.

The first thing you’ll notice is the striking Red details to the logo and upper, standing out against the all black upper and soleplate. The microfibre upper holds a unique design which hold the VOLT name perfectly. It may look like Concave have added tiny rigid textures to the upper, to improve touch and control, but its not what it seems.

The rigid textures are in fact tiny lightning bolts which cover the entire boot, giving them such a unique style. The design is simple, clean and works so well.  Straight out the box, you can feel the quality of the materials, with Concave adding a host of performance tech to create a solid product. The introduction of Fusion lining maintains the boot construction, whilst a removable shock absorbing cushioning in the sock liner boosting comfort.

The soleplate features a larger lightning bolt graphic in white, just below the Concave logo. The small lightning print graphic is visible thanks to the clear print TPU injection material used by Concave.

Colourway: Black / Red

Retail Price: £139.99

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