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The Concave brand had its ‘ups and downs’ when it first launched its unique ‘sweet spot’ technology way back in 2008 , but this year the Aussie firm looks to have upped their game and have a trio of boots in their stable now; Halo, Quantum and Volt. The latter is their lightweight offering, we take a look…..


Concave describe the Volt + as:

A boot with a purpose to cause relentless danger for the opposition.

The Volt + is built with a very soft, pliable synthetic upper aboard a lightweight, flexible upper. The aggressive soleplate is designed for speed with moulded studs shaped to help you move fast.

Concave Volt + lime Black

All of which is impressive, but for newbies to the brand the stand out feature is without doubt the Volt’s Concave Component which is located on the upper part of the laces. Its purpose is to improve your striking ability, by providing a larger sweet spot to achieve improved contact on the ball. More on this in a moment.

In terms of comfort and fit, we were impressed considering this is a lightweight boot designed for speedsters.

The lacing on the Concave Volt takes a bit of work, but once you’ve familiarised yourself with it, it’s no biggie. Concave call the lacing F3, which stands for Football Form Fit. To explain, from the toe end of your foot the lacing is regular, but then it switches beneath the Concave Component. This allows you to get a snug fit.

To get the boot on you need to really loosen the laces, slip your foot in and then start tightening up until the component sits centrally and tight. Its not uncomfortable wearing the Concave Component and once you start playing you forget about it, kind of.

Kind of, because the thing about Concave boots is the component that helps you strike the ball, so how can you not think about it?

Playing in the Volt + is pleasing. The soleplate is great and offers great traction, the thin upper begins moulding to your foot relatively quickly and feels good on contact too.

Concave Volt + lime Black soleplate

But we haven’t forgotten the Concave Component. As its there, you want to use it, but the reality is that you don’t hit the ball very often where the tech is located on your foot. Which is why when testing the boot we can’t forget about it. Its on your mind that you want to use it, but you don’t get the opportunity very often. But when you do, when you get that perfect opportunity to strike the ball plum on the top of your foot, it goes! The only comparison that comes to mind when you hit the Concave Component bang on, is like when you hit a tennis ball with the centre of your racquet. It gives you an extra boost of power that you only get when you hit the ball perfectly.

Concave Volt + lime Black football boot


All in all the Volt + is a capable lightweight boot that offers good levels of comfort for its category. Its got an excellent soleplate for firm to mildly soft ground and if you catch the ball on the volley with its Concave Component, it’s worth every penny!

Colourway: Lime / Black

Retail Price: £140 / On Sale now at £85

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