Concave invited Footy Boots behind the scenes to watch the filming of their new grassroots video. With a chance to see the Concave football boots in a natural environment, we took them up on their offer.

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Concave chose a local football team to feature in their video, a club called Riseley Sports, who play in the Bedfordshire Premier League, UK.

We arrived on location to be welcomed with grey sky and drizzle, typical!

True to their word, Concave had not arranged any special conditions, this video was being filmed on a village playing field and the players were a selection of lads from Riseley’s squad.

The film crew were well prepared by the time we arrived as they wanted to record the lads turning up at the playing field, which they duly did.

concave football videoThe players had a quick knock up in their existing gear before their coach handed out the new Concave football boots. It was obvious that the players had not seen them before and they were all interested in the unique upper component.

Once the lads had the football boots on, it seemed like they wanted to take some anger out on the ball. Many of the players were smacking the ball as hard as they could, something the Concave boys explained always happens when a player first gets in a Concave. Once they settled down and stopped trying to send the football into Orbit, the players started to enjoy themselves, at the goalkeepers expense.

concave boots videoConcave wanted the lads to test the Power and Accuracy of the football boots. Remember, Concave independent tests say that accuracy is improved by 30% and power by 15%.

For the lads to feel the power of the football boots, footballs were placed at various lengths away from the goal and the players shot at goal repeatedly. They were raining shots at the goal and we could only feel sorry for the keeper who was trying to keep the ball out of the net.

For the accuracy test, Concave attached an accuracy net to the top right hand corner of the goal. From a distance around 5 yards outside of the penalty area, the players were asked to hit the ball into the net. We were surprised by the results.

To see how the Riseley Sports players got on, watch the video…..

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  1. says: Sion

    Love the video! I just can’t believe that a pair of boots will really be able to make you more powerful or more accurate. Only time will tell I guess…..

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