Just when you think that all the new football boots that could possibly come out have started to hit the shelves, Concave pull one last summer surprise out of the bag!

New Concave PT+ Classic Football Boots for Summer 2010

Dubbed the Concave PT+ Classic, these new Concave football boots aim to marry the traditional craft and principals behind more old-school football boots, with the technology that Concave have become renowned for developing in recent years.

Designed around the tagline “A New Tradition in the Making” the Concave PT+ Classic uses super-soft leather in the construction of the upper, which blends seamlessly into Concave’s now-customary sweet-spot panel on the top of the foot.

In terms of outsoles, the Concave PT+ Classic will come in three varieties: Soft Ground, Firm Ground and Rounded Mould. The Rounded Mould model excites us the most, the classic ‘mouldies’ style seems to be a subtle nod to the Concave design’s origin – based off an old Copa Mundial!

New Concave PT+ Classic Football Boots for Summer 2010
Doing away with the futuristic lines and dots of previous designs, we think this might be the most handsome football boot that the guys at Concave have produced to date – and we think they agree with us! As of it’s launch the Concave PT+ Classic will sit at the very top of the Concave tree – the most expensive boot in their line at £115.

Concave’s Press Release on the Concave PT+ Classic says:

Concave˘ PT+ Classic is the latest advancement in football technology that combines innovation with subtle styling and has been dubbed a ”new tradition in the making.”

The boot, which will sit at the top of Concave˘ extensive range, has been designed using the world˘ finest materials and combines potent performance with enduring appeal.

Patented innovations on PT+ Classic include a distinctive sweet spot four times larger than any competitor on the market today. Its unique shape gives players 15 per cent more power and 30 per cent more accuracy, while protecting them against foot injuries.

New Concave PT+ Classic Football Boots for Summer 2010

The sole plate comes in a 7 stud screw-in configuration system for soft ground, firm ground blades and a rounded mould configuration. The outsole is comprised of lightweight two-part injected TPU, boasting a minimal external heel counter which contributes to additional stability and comfort.

Its Shank Balance Stabiliser provides further support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area and prevents an over-extension of the middle of the foot that can lead to metatarsal bone damage.

The upper is made of premium K-leather for maximum durability and comfort in a minimum weight package that is aided by the boot˘ unique concealed lace system.

New Concave PT+ Classic Football Boots

What do you think of the new Concave PT+ Classic?

A good move for Concave, or did you like the futuristic styling of their older models?

Let us know!

CONCAVE PT+ CLASSIC, 8.5 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

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  1. says: wendal

    wow! every model concave bring out seems to get more and more streamlined. glove like fit with the concave technology. awesome . i wonder how the pro players will react to this model?

  2. says: Delmin

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these plus finally the new pt+ colourways. Any info on when they’re going to be released (i know Concave are a bit slack in the information / deadlines department

    Lol Dank – works for me

  3. says: steve

    this boot looks remarkably like the adi copa mundial. if the concave technology is everything they claim to, more power and accuracy then this boot will definitely cause interest in the market place. ive heard quite a bit about the validity of the technology and it makes sense in theory however i would love to read a review which is totally impartial from a very well respected footballer either past or present. maybe footy-boots could provide this vehicle and testemonial and put to bed whether the technology is real or just another gimmick by the boot companies.

  4. says: jim

    Just got my hands on the new “classics”. They just came out in Dicks Sporting. Got them in the black, but for the first time I seriously thought about going with a white boot. They looked so good. However, still an old school footballer so I stuck with the black. I actually had the previous model PT+ last season. Loved those because of the technology. The really did work, more power on my shot and absolutely helped with accuracy. Went an updated to the Kangaroo, because for me that is the best material in a boot…like I say old schooler. Once you get used to playing with these boots you don’t want to go back. I was a pred lad for years, but these take it to a new level. Fit is brilliant, comfort is amazing, and when you add the improved performance and protection it is a no brainer. I play in the middle and earn my stripe on winning the ball and making the plays. Even caught a sweet volley last game. Been a couple of years since I was brave enough to take a poke at one of those versus taking it down before shooting…..keep going Concave, want to see what you come up with next.

  5. says: John

    I manged to buy a pair from the USA, these boots are unbelivable, they are everything and more, man best kept secret as far as im concernd, only little issue that i had initially was that it was hard to enter into the boot, but i can asure you once you try them on a few times there good to go.

    The biggest thing that i noticed when striking the ball is the less effort used , you can definetly notice the power.
    Cant wait to see next generation


  6. says: Gavin

    After Falling in love with the PT+ when I heard ‘Concave’ was coming out with a Classic style boot I knew I had to get a pair.

    I normally wear black boots but left Dicks with a pair of white Classics they are hand down the most comfy boots I’ve ever worn. Concave keep getting better and better and i look forward to else they produce.

    Its nice have boots which do what the claim plus look and feel great… They get my Vote

  7. says: yohan

    myth or legend ? i agree with steve. it is about time get an independent assessment of the concave technology. if it is a winner and is going to make a profound impact on the game we should imbrace it likewise if it is just a gimmick as we have seen so many times in the past should not give it any more hype. i think it is cross road time ! the average player probably doesnt have the ability to know the difference however an alan shearer or the like will be able shed light on the truth.

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