What were the three most important things to happen in Sheffield at the weekend?

webber-concaveIn no particular order, the Footy Boots picks are:

1) Girls Aloud performed at the Sheffield Arena.

2)The City council’s allotment ranger was on hand for a Q and A at the Eccelsall Woods Sawmill. And, this is the big one really,

3) Concave PT+ football boots were used in a UK professional game for the first time.

Sheffield United’s Danny Webber used the kangaroo leather Concave PT+ when he came on as a 75th minute substitute in the Blades’ home game against Swansea City.

Concave PT+ Danny Webber

And while, with 2 massive Champions League semi finals this week, the news might not have an enormous impact, due to Sheffield United’s current league position, it could be significant.

United currently sit in 3rd place in the Championship, and a win in their final league game at the weekend could be good enough to see them promoted to the Premier League.

Indeed, should the Yorkshire club, who are away to Crystal Palace, get a better result than Birmingham City who visit Reading, then United, Webber and Concave will be top flight bound. If not, then they’ll get another chance via the play-off’s.

Concave PT+ football boots

Danny Webber Concave PT+ football boots

Following on from the first design, the PT1, the PT+ football boot has the following modifications:

  • A fully integrated concave upper element, which comprises one streamlined piece with a slightly lower profile and softer ridgelines than the original design.
  • The trademarked Concave upper element has been modified by replacing the TPU with a memory foam-like material that is sufficiently dense to serve its design purpose yet more flexible for improved performance and comfort.
  • Weight reduction, achieved primarily through a change of material in the Concave upper element.
  • Comfort improvements, particularly to relieve pressure on toe joints.

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  1. says: Fenboy

    Good to see. Whatever you think about Concave, at least they continue to move forward.

    Might not be big news yet but these things must take time (as well as cash).

  2. says: kevin

    A very good looking boot.I wouldn’t mind taking a break from my vapors and give these a try. 50 quid r u crazy. You need to be willing to give a bit more then that.

  3. says: Connor

    i was playing at the easter football tournemt in preston england over well easter and in a u16 match i saw a centre midfielder wearin gthe balck and red concaves

  4. says: ill-d

    i like the look of these much more than the previous red/gray/black ones.

    also, it seems that the company has taken into consideration all the gripes people have had with them for the initial model:

    people were saying the upper shoelace cover/protector element was too rigid and bulky, this one has a lower profile and a different, more flexible material.

    i also heard people complain about pressure on the toes, and apparently from the description above that has been addressed.

    ive read complaints about the weight, again, it seems to be addressed.

    no matter what you think about this boot and the concave company, at least they have listened to people’s opinions and tried to redesign the boot to accommodate those opinions…and any competition it might create for the bigger companies only means those companies have more reason to step up their game.

    i personally find these boots very classy looking….i dont care much about the size of the cleat because i never really use soft ground cleats.

    does anyone know where to purchase the PT+ in the states? I can only find the original red/gray/black model on…..

  5. says: will sturgis

    I got a pair of these cleats. I like them a lot. I play on a premiere team and everyone has them, but I an the only one who has the white ones. I had the other ones and these might be more money but they are lighter and increase your power more

  6. says: ricardo

    how can i order this shoes the concaves PT+ i really want to get this shoes but i dont know how much they cost and where in the U.S.A do they sell them or how can i order them.

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