Due to launch in the UK in just a few days time, the new Concave football boots have been causing quite a stir. We thought we’d catch up with the guys behind the scenes and get some answers to the most asked questions we’ve seen.

It’s very unusual for a new football boot to create some much discussion before it has been released, but there is something about the Concave football boots that seems to have struck a chord with those in the know. With limited information around about the football boot in advance of the release (the Concave football boot launches on August 1), we thought we’d send our roving reporter out to visit Concave’s ‘tech department’ and see what they have to say. Armed with the most asked questions in our email and comments box, off we ran… well cantered.

concave football boots

Footy Boots So what’s so different about these Concave boots compared to other football boots?

ConcaveConcave football boots have a unique concave shaped element along the natural ridge line of the instep of the foot (where the laces normally are).'  This concave shape made of a patented 3 density TPU compound (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) acts to cup the ball, providing a shaped platform which gives greater interface for kicking the ball, which leads to greater accuracy, power and control of a ball. The concave element also provides greater protection for the metatarsal bones in the foot.

Concave boots are designed to enable more accuracy, control and power on a far more consistent basis than with a regular football boot. This means better results on the pitch.

Footy Boots Tell us more about this now ‘infamous’ Concave sweet spot?

Concave – Most mis-kicks or inaccurate kicks occur when the ball does not strike the “sweet spot” of a football boot. The “sweet spot” on a Concave boot is approximately four times larger than that on a standard football boot, which allows for a far greater chance of accuracy, power and control; and reduced chance of a mis-kick.

The concept is similar to that of tennis racquets with oversized heads which provide a greater “sweet spot” surface area for optimum contact with the ball.

Footy Boots – Has this actually been tested though?

Concave – Yes. In a series of tests, Concave football boots were found to improve accuracy by up to 40 per cent, and increase speed and power by between 10 and 15 per cent. Testing has proven that the design and material used in the football boot can significantly increase the performance of the traditional football boot in the critical areas of velocity, power and control.

Specifically, machine testing and human testing undertaken by Australia’s largest technology consulting firm, Invetech Pty Ltd. and Monash University’s Rehab-Tech Department, found that accuracy improved by up to 40 per cent, while speed and power increased by between 10 and 15 per cent due predominantly to the four times larger sweet spot.

concave football

Footy Boots We’ve had questions about concerns with kicking with the side of the foot, what do you make of that?

Concave – Well, independent player testing demonstrated that the integration of the concave element into the boot instep allows for flexibility of kicking on and off the concave element.

Footy Boots Well it’s good to hear that they have been tested. Back to the kicking and the Concave element as this is interesting. What if I kick a ball on a part of the football boot other than the Concave element?

Concave – If the ball strikes the sweet spot of the concave element, it will travel with greater accuracy and power by utilising the design of the football boot. However if the intention is to kick with another part of the boot the user will not notice any difference from another pair of football boots.

Footy Boots Does the unique external design of the football boot affect the overall comfort of Concave boots?

Concave – Great care has been taken to select the finest materials for construction and adding ergonomically correct cushioning in the heel and areas of the forefoot and above the stud configurations. In addition to the revolutionary design of the top of the football boot, the outsole, the foot bed, and the sockliner have each been crafted by an industry leading football'  footwear designer to work in concert with the top of the shoe to provide a complete state-of-the-art football boot which provides exceptional comfort and performance, but of course like with all new football boots, the Concave boots need to be broken in.

Footy Boots Do you have any evidence to back Concave’s claims that their football boots can actually improve performance?

Concave – Yes.

Footy Boots And finally, a national crisis happens every time England prepare for a major tournament, its know as ‘the metatarsal injury’ does the Concave football boot offer the same foot protection as other leading brands?

Concave – For sure. Concave’s upper design, specifically the concave element, offers increased protection against the occurrence of metatarsal impact injuries, as the concave element provides an additional layer, a patented 3 density TPU compound, (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with lightweight foam which covers the entire metatarsal area and better absorbs shock from striking the ball.

concave football boot

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  1. says: delphi

    about time a serious product hit the football world!!!!now we have an option of reall technology!!! not just fancy clours and designs wich we have been forced to buy due to the lack of anything new from the big guns!thank god for choice!!! p.s. the boot also looks awsome!!!

  2. says: Kylius


    I appreciate what you’re saying, but if everyone took your stance on the situation then they’ll never get the money to put together a new colourway – let alone a new version!

    I was on my merry way to buy a pair of T90Laser II’s tomorrow BUT I’d love to support these guys, I like their attitude and I’d like to see them go places. All it would take would be a few big names wearing the boot and we’d really see their business take off!

  3. says: Sammy

    I am with the Geeks on this one, (CONCAVE).
    They have been the first unbious real market testers of the Concave and have convinced me that the positives about this boot are the real deal!
    I am sure Concave proves itself to the wider public before too long, because their genuine efforts in technology and evolutionary concept is very clear.

  4. says: Hugh

    I was sent a pair from concave. They are very comfy and surprisingly the technology does work. However the best bit for me is the protection, as a striker I am not scared to run with the ball against big dangerous defenders because you know there is good protection on the boot however they are not as light as I would like but they are not supposed to be. Very snug fit but order size higher. They sent me size 8 which fit me perfectly with a small amount of growing room even though I am normally a size 7.
    Great boots though and I will definitely buy the new colourange ones.

  5. says: Paul Barrett

    Can you please help me? My name is Paul Barrett.
    Two weeks ago I was at a football tournament at Butlins Holiday camp Minehead. I was invited to attend this event as a football referee with a group of young footballers from Gloucestershire.

    During our stay we were made aware of football kicking competition being held by some young men promoting the Evolution football boot.
    The competition was open to a varied age group, with boy’s and girls being informed by the promoters that one person in each age group who kicked the highest mark on the electronic counter would receive a pair of Evolution boots. The team I was with decided to participate giving my email address as the contact point, one young man (13 years old) was told that he had achieved the highest score at the end of the day. I am now very aware that after nearly two weeks I have received no correspondence. I am more disappointed for the young man who has set his heart on a new pair of football boots. Please how can I find out who it was that won this competion in the 13 – 14 age bracket, and what the score mark was.

    Thank you for your time

    Paul Barrett

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