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We’ve responded to hundreds of email enquiries from folks eager to hear what’s next with Concave.'  Here’s a quick glimpse.

Concave PT 1 football bootFollowing its limited introduction in the UK last August, the revolutionary Concave football boot became another of those legendary “overnight” successes that have been years in the making.

By limited introduction we mean one model boot (PT 1), in one colourway (black, red, silver), through one exclusive retailer (JJB Sports).

It was kind of like a premier gourmet chef staging a private sampling to showcase his most delectable culinary creation. But the limited rollout did herald the dawn of what many believe will be a new era for football – with higher performance standards universally and who-knows-how-many fewer metatarsal cripplings.

Concave Sports 2009

Now there’s plenty new to look forward to in ’09. First, in the spring, a transition period from the single PT 1 calf leather model:

  • Introduction of the PT + kangaroo leather model
  • Addition of mid-range and entry level models
  • Addition of round moulded cleat outsole (to complement screw-in studs and blades)
  • New colourways, including black & white combinations


Concave 2009 football boots

These football boots will be stocked by an expanding number of retail outlets in the UK, Ireland and North America, elsewhere as mentioned below, and also in several online stores.

Later in the year, around the end of summer, Concave will release a full range of boots, adding indoor flats and junior and kids sizes (10-5) to the adult line-up. Some key features of the newer line will include:

  • A fully integrated concave upper element, which comprises one streamlined piece with a slightly lower profile and softer ridgelines than the original design
  • The trademarked Concave upper element has been modified by replacing the TPU with a memory foam-like material that is sufficiently dense to serve its design purpose yet more flexible for improved performance and comfort
  • Weight reduction, achieved primarily through a change of material in the Concave upper element
  • Comfort improvements, particularly to relieve pressure on toe joints


Concave 2009 football boots

One thing that does not and will not change is the boot’s functionality. Extreme care is taken to maintain the integrity of the “four pillars” of Concave performance: improved accuracy, power, protection and control derived from a sweet spot that is four times larger than standard football boots.

There was, however, one pesky design feature that had to be corrected. It didn’t reveal itself during extensive wear tests but shortly after rollout we learned that the plastic eyelets in the lacing system were occasionally snapping off. The few customers who experienced this failure received replacement boots. Plus the eyelets have been converted to standard lace holes, thus eliminating the problem.

Meanwhile, Concave is moving ahead aggressively to expand its market presence so the boots will be more readily obtainable in line with demand.'  In addition to expanding the'  distribution within the UK and North America, distributors are currently establishing channels in Germany, Austria, several Eastern European countries, Greece, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

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  1. says: Kyle

    White?! Leather?! They look fantastic! I’ll definitley be looking forward to the launch. It’s massively encouraging to see there’s a market for companies just starting out in this industry.

  2. says: ill-d

    i think they look very classy…
    sort of a mix between traditional classic style and the futuristic/modern look of boots coming out today.

    the lace cover is quite interesting too…too bad i already bought replacement copa mundials or i would have given these a try…

  3. says: M

    These boots are shocking, they have poorly attempted to re-create a pred. What is that block of cheese on the front all about?? awful.
    They look cheap and nasty, and something you’d expect to see in one of those discount shoe stores.
    Staying well away.

  4. says: VB

    Just like M, I’m not sold on the big block of rubber on the top that’s supposed to help with accuracy. I believe the foot itself is flat enough and if you kick the ball straight on it will go straight. What happens if you try to bend the ball (outside and inside of foot)? It’s anybody’s guess where it will go… I have worn nothing but Preds for the last 10 years and I am not about to change. Concaves are priced the same as Preds (actually now they are on sale for about 40% off) so no way I’d pay the same price to “test” a brand new design and a company. Lower the price, you might get some sales. 2 thumbs down.

    1. says: dion

      mate i have worn the preds for years as well!!! but read reviews and saw the video on soccer AM and gave the concaves a go!!!!!! if you think the preds are good these boots are in a different league all together!!!! they actually deliver everything they claim!!! KICK ARSE BOOTS- full stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says: Alan

    when do the indoors/trainers get released?

    i love the white and red pair they look amazing!!!

    btw concave are the best feeling and best improving cleats ive ever bought! i use to have a lot of power and no accuracy but these have helped so much with that!!!

  6. says: brent

    For all the negative comments posted out here; if you are truly an athlete and football player and these can improve your game.
    Why not give them a go? You have nothing to lose but alot to gain, as ANY improvement in performance & control to your game from a boot is huge.

    I didnt beleive it either,until I tried a pair. Amazing! Plus, the concept makes perfect sense.

  7. says: Adam Warner

    Tried a pair of these boots when my Puma Kings became tired looking – and didn’t expect much. Amazing! Very comfortable, soft, and really did feel that I played with extra power and accuracy. Definitely worth the money and I will certainly be chosing another pair when these wear out

  8. says: Adam Warner

    Decided to try out these boots after my Puma Kings became worn and tired looking. Was rather sceptical. However, i was AMAZED. They were soft and comfortable, and I DID feel that they gave me a more accurate and powerful shot. For all those sceptics out there – don’t be frightened to try something new. Will certainly be sticking with these right now.

  9. says: Delmin

    I just spoke to customer services at JJB and they said they stopped selling these months ago!

    Quite annoying that these are getting good promotion yet they don’t seem to sell them anywhere.

    I wanted to buy sdome.

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