The all new Concave football boots will be on the shelves for sale in the UK on 22nd August. The planned launch, which was to have taken place this week, has been pushed back so that Concave representatives can complete training for JJB sales staff. JJB has the exclusive store rights to Concave in the UK.

So, with a few extra days to play with and with all of the recent hype and interest in the football boot market revolving around the debut of the Concave football boots, us Geeks here at the Footy-Boots lab decided to give them a run out ourselves.

Concave soccer

Aesthetics- 8/10

We now know Concave have a competent design team with an artistic side that created a unique look for the brand. The logo embodies what the brand is about through the concave surface with the football. The eye-catching, yet not too flashy, Black/Red/Silver colour combination will surely turn some heads on and off the football pitch. With some new colourways soon to be released, you can expect a breath of fresh air from Concave.

Value- 9/10

The football boot market these days is filled with over the top priced boots from a range of brands. The Concave PT-1’s retail price is £99.99 and could seem a bit steep, but when compared to the top of the line football boots from some other brands, the boots seem to be well priced for their quality.

Comfort- 9/10

The Concave PT-1’s are very snug and comfortable. The innovative new lacing system is fastened to the Concave sweetspot along with elastic that keeps the upper snug to your foot. The insole is removable and features a gel insert in the heel. During the stint of time we tested the football boots, no pressure was felt from the studs on the foot and the insole provided spring and cushioning. The football boots aren’t heavy, weighing about as much as the Nike Air Legend II’s.

Performance- 9/10

To test the function of the Concave football boots in a training situation, we performed many of the same tests that Perry Groves performed for us in his series of football boot tests. Running, juggling, dribbling, passing, shooting, and volleying were what we focused on. The lace-cover is great to wear, does exactly as intended and protects very well. When the ball is struck purely with these football boots on, you won’t find a more accurate and powerful shot produced by any other boot. Despite all of the questioning about whether the Concave element would inhibit a players dribbling and juggling ability, our testing showed quite the contrary. The area at the top of the football boot near the toe and directly to the sides provided sufficient room for the two skills. The Concave lace cover did not hamper the ability to hit the ball with the instep or outstep in order to produce spin on the ball either.

concave boots

Durability- 10/10

For a newcomer in the football boot market, Concave seem to have it down when it comes to quality manufacturing. From our initial inspection, it was evident that the football boots were assembled well with all of the proper techniques. We have yet to see the boots after a long period of use, but expect that they will hold up well.

Technology- 10/10

Here at Footy-Boots, we don’t believe you could find a boot on the market with as much effort put into the technological side of the boots. The Research & Development department at Concave’s headquarters must have had their hands full designing the Concave sweetspot. With all of the tests scores showing high statistics, the Concave sweetspot might yet make a fool of some of some other brands gimmicks claiming to increase power and accuracy with its realistic and simple approach to the matter. The sweetspot provided exactly the technology that we were promised. That is, unparalleled protection of the metatarsal from the MetaGuard and a much bigger strikezone, to many keepers dismay. The Shank Balance Stabiliser provides support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area to help control balance between the front and rear of the foot.

Overall- 9.15 / 10

Overall the Concave PT-1 checked all of the boxes necessary to be ranked as a fantastic boot. With the right exposure and marketing, we see no reason why the Concave PT-1 won’t be competing against the big boys in next years Football Boots Awards.

Recommended For

These boots may not be exactly what you flamboyant tricksters are looking for, but for you strikers wanting that extra edge to your shot, playmakers wanting that extra bit of accuracy, or defenders in need of more protection you may want to consider Concave next time you are buying your boots. According to Concave’s Official Website there’s no doubt goalkeepers should be most worried about Concave technology. After all, their jobs have gotten a lot harder, now they’ll be facing faster, more accurate shots on goal. However there is good news. Concave boots provide additional distance (up to 10% extra) on your current goal kick with increased precision. In addition to that, the boots were worn by goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos of the A-League side, Melbourne Victory as official tester and guinea pig for the past two years.

Room For Improvement

With Concave being the new boy on the block in the football boot market, it looks like they’re in with a chance. This product didn’t come without any hard work mind you, it has been eight years in the making. Despite all of the research put into the boot, there are still some minor flaws as expected with every pair of football boots, no matter what the brand name. Us Geeks felt that the Concave sweetspot could have been moulded a little bit shorter in length and that a little weight taken off here and there wouldn’t hurt. We are anticipating great things from Concave now and in the future. We expect to see Concave gunning with the big boys.


Click HERE to sign up to pre-order the Concave PT-1’s released August 22, 2008.

Price: £99
Availability: August 22, 2008
Colour: Black/Red/Silver
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