A couple of weeks ago we chatted with Manchester City star -'  Adam Johnson at the opening of the Manchester Football Store.

Whilst talking with the England international, he designed a completely unique pair of football boots using Nike iD. We’re now going to give them away to one lucky reader!

We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to reader Boothby who’s bagged himself a phenomenal Christmas Present in the form of these custom football boots designed by Manchester City & England’s Adam Johnson!

His suggestion of a two-footed casting process and perfect sole-plate selection is definitely our idea of the professional treatment!

Congratulations to Boothby – but for anyone else that still fancies come custom football boots, head on over to Nike iD where you can create custom cleats ’til your heart’s content!

We’ll be having plenty more competitions over the coming months, so stay tuned to and we’ll be giving out some great swag in 2011!


The great news is that Nike were able to expedite the boot’s design and, after landing in the HQ this week, the time has come to give away these unique cleats!

Coloured in Lyon Blue/Solar Red (Blue and Pink to you and me!), these Nike Mercurial Vapor VI‘s are created to the exact specifications of Adam Johnson – including no lace cover, personalised iD on the heels, an SG soleplate and a colourscheme that is described by the man himself as ‘Sick’!

Win Adam Johnson's Custom Nike iD Football Boots- Mercurial Vapor

The lucky winner and Johnson himself will be the only two players in the world to share these identical football boots, making them an absolute collectors item for any England or Manchester City fan – or a real way to stand out from the crowd for any Vapor wearer.

These football boots are a Size 9 UK, so if you’re planning on wearing them make sure this is your shoe size!

Win Adam Johnson's Custom Nike iD Football Boots- Mercurial Vapor

For you to receive this unique Christmas present, you need to be worthy of such a creative pair of football boots:

We want to know:

If Nike iD could create any unique football boot service, what would it be?

We’re looking for the most imaginative answer. Your answer may be something real, like being able to choose how many studs, or truly fictitious like adding wings on the football boots!

Win Adam Johnson's Custom Nike iD Football Boots- Mercurial Vapor

Leave your answer in the comments, and be sure to make sure you have the correct email address in the email field as this is how you will be contacted!

The contest will run for one week, closing at Midnight December 10th and the winner will be announced on the following Monday, December 13th

Full T&C’s available here and Good Luck to all that enter!

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  1. says: P Martin

    I would like to be able to have an ability switch. for players like myself who have the amazing ability to beat anyone on the pitch but who don’t really fancy the attention and bright lights of the premier league. so I can flick the switch to turn bad when I see a man utd scout lurking in the bushes on a sunday morning…

  2. says: John Henry

    I think what would be perfect is an elasticated rim to the top of the boot so it fits to your ankle real snug.

    The elasticated rim could be interchangeable to have different colourways to match to your sock/ankle guards!

  3. says: Kamali Webson

    i would like the ability to change the from leather to synthetic with out changing boots. just peel off the leather and you have synthetic, or just slap back on the k leather and go play

  4. says: adam

    i would really like to see Nike id introduce an upper that is covered in a photograph/ photographs of your choice, eg like a picture of you and Rooney on a pair of total 90 lasers. or you and Fabregas on some ctr360. also it would enable limitless colourays as the photo would be the whole upper of the boot so you would be able to increase the scale and cover the upper of the boot. This could be also applied to a clear sole plate with pictures underneath. I think this would be a fantastic idea to have, and mean your boots are 100% one offs and wont ever get mixed up. This would also be a realistic idea as I am sure the image could be printed on the upper before the boot construction, this is just my choice thanks

  5. says: Rio

    I would make NikeID put a television on your football boot so when your team is playing and your on the bench or at home and your teams not on tv you can watch them play.
    The tv also acts like a shooting pod that knuckles and dips your shots!

  6. says: Johnny

    As people have own preferences on Shoes and the position of the laces. I would suggest Nike Id can provide this kind of service. In addition, the Nike personalized hybrid stud should be inserted in the service and the length of the stud should be able to be personalized. Thanks

  7. says: Hussein

    Simple be able to customise your boot exactly the way you want it ( Carbonfibre sole, leather upper vast amount of colours avaliable ect.)and most importantly the inclusion of the mixed sole plate like the one CR7 has would be great.

  8. says: BiyiAdetunji

    between the upper and the sole (around the chassis area) there should be a heater, they would be sensors and once the sensors feel the players foot temperature go below a certain level, the heaters would activate. there would be a charging port in the lower heel of the boot which would be capped when playing football or not in use 🙂

  9. says: AliAdams

    They should introduce a FULLY customisable boot, i.e,
    1) Choice of Leather or Synthetic (or hybrid) upper
    2) Choice of Assymetrical lacing (and length of lacing)
    3) Choice of position (and type/length (including a max/min length)) of studs/blades
    4) Choice of insole
    5) Choice of placement of nike swoosh and graphics
    6) Type of heel counter (internal/external)

    and of course the current features of personalisation, including more country flags

  10. says: gokuhns

    I think you should be able to either send in a molding of your feet or go to Nike and have your feet scanned so that the boots you make truly are customized for you, in the fact that it’s made for your feet. Also this would make the boots even more comfortable from the start

  11. says: Mike

    I would love to see a boot manufacturer design a boot whereby the soleplate could be customised using self made slot in pictures or designs. Supplied with a template so you can make different designs whilst sat on your home computer. This would mean you could change the look of your boots match by match and also keep a momento of the special moments (get it signed by your mates etc.) Similar to the Umbro speciali competition, designing JT and the likes soleplates for big games, but this time do it yourself and have TRUE customisation of your boots.

  12. says: Niccolo

    Nike should think about making NikeID a much more complete system. I know it might sound a little strange, but I think you should be able to take elements from any boot they’ve made in the past.

    So because I’m a fan of the CTR 360, I’d probably take the control pods on my upper, but I’d prefer the upper of the Nike Tiempo Legends for total touch and control. Then I’d use a Superfly II outsole for better traction and speed.

    And as you’re doing it, Nike should be able to provide you with the weight of the boot. That way I can see, if I add this element, I’ll get an increase of this much in weight, allowing me to make conscious decisions on what features I put in.

    And finally, wouldn’t it be wicked if instead of just choosing colors, you could also choose pictures? It’d be tough to do for Nike, but if they pulled it off right, it would be amazing in my opinion.

    Awesome competition!

  13. says: Jacob

    Nike ID should allow for mixed sole plate studs setups. A hex colour system so the user can select any colour they want in any shade. And Nike ID should make a “Pro Set-up” where the user is allowed to see how all the pros have there boots tailored to them, and then be allowed to to order those.

  14. says: ben

    well, i think they should allow us to specify our own prints and colours! not just pick from a provided set..

    look at Ronaldo, he got his Safari print! let us have ours too!

  15. says: callum

    I would like to be able to customise a pair of boots that incorporates parts from the whole nike boots series into one boot. For example, the adaptive stud in the superfly, Power part of the lasers, control part of the ctr’s and the soft k-leather of the tiempos, All with an elite soleplate and fly-wire technology.

  16. says: Ago C

    NIke id should allow the user to be able to create their own color pallet. For example, say I wanted a boot in a fuchsia-esque color, nike should give the user an option to either mix the colors online until they find one they like, or a send in option.

    Also, giving the patron the option of using the sole-plate of one type of cleat on another would be nice, like a Ctr360 with a Superfly sole plate.

  17. says: VB

    For the Nike iD to make it truly a personalized services, they need to make every aspect of the boot customizable. And they have most of it covered. However, for whatever reason they haven’t thought of everything!

    There has been a countless times where I’ve seen a pro athlete wearing a different soleplate on the bottom of what appear to be the newest models of a specific boot. What I think we should be able to do as consumers, is we should be able to put any upper on any soleplate! Think of the possibilities…
    1) Carbon plate on any Nike Model or any Umbro model!
    2) Any type of studs on any models!
    2) Any adidas soleplate (PoweSwerve, PowerSpine) on any of their model boots (example Beck’s Predator_X)!

    I believe this is a huge part that’s missing in customization.

  18. says: mj

    i would like boots that can fly if u cant reach a cross or a clearance u can reach the ball by just wear these and i wish that u could get boots that have the abilty to beat anyone who is better than you or for poor footballers

  19. says: Vinh

    Simple and easy
    just make a choice of upper especially for superfly/vapor
    where you can choose between the synthetic or k-leather/kangalite (without flywire if they are not able to do that)

  20. says: tom jehu

    i would wish i could design my own sole, for my football boots, by this i mean put the picture you want on the bottom of the sole and personalisation your name and number and even choose what colour studs you want on the sole of the boot!! that would be sickeningly sick!!

  21. says: Matt

    I would like Nike to let us chose what upper we want. Adidas can give you a leather or synthetic upper, which ever your preference, so why can’t nike? Also, you should be allowed to add a special type of print on your boot like a red safari print or maybe add some designs like the ones on the basketball shoes. Maybe customizable lacing would help also by deciding if you want a nice tight fit or a looser fit.

  22. says: Billy Read

    Be able to add key features from the whole nike boot range.
    (CTR360, Mercurial, T90, Tiempo)
    Make it so you can decide on what material you want
    and the type of studs you have such as a mixture (e.g. FG at the front and two SG studs at the back)
    Also alow your own custom stud placement.
    And whether you want a glass fiber sole or carbon fiber.
    And use what ever colours and not just selected colours.
    And of course a lower price 😉

  23. says: Chuan Hao

    i would nike id to allow us to make a pair of boots that has all four elements, speed, control, accuracy and touch, all these elements in a pair of boots. So this allows we, boot buyers, to save money when buying boots.

  24. says: Charlie

    Nike ID should truly let you customize every aspect of your boot. Instead of picking from simply a set line ( ex: vapor or ctr360) the user should be able to start with a completely blank boot and customize every single aspect. There first step should be to choose an upper material ranging from K-leather, to kangalite, to microfiber and any other material. They should then choose their sole plate with customized stud alignment and actually be able to choose a carbon fiber plate if they wish . Next they would add different features to their boot which could range from fly wire to the shot pads on the t90s. Each and every feature of the nike football range should be available to put on the cleat as long as they do not overlap. Next the actually design of the boot including color and patterns should be available, followed by and letter customization as well. Then based on the features chosen in the boot customization Nike should generate a unique price and calculate the weight of your boot based on the features chosen.

  25. says: Craig

    nike id should make it that you should be able to upload a picture or a colour of your choice and put it onto the boot like aston martin used to do with db9

  26. says: Alex

    i think nike should let you choose any color so you can get the exact color you want and you would not be restricted to the only colors that nike allows you to choose from, you also should be able to send a mold of you foot to nike so you can get a perfect fit

  27. says: nathan

    i think nike ID should make it so that you can choose what studs you want and where, so you have a fully customised stud setup.

  28. says: Ryan Daniel

    Please let me win, I’m only twelve and these would be a dream Christmas present for me and I would cherish it for the rest of my life 🙁

  29. says: E@zy

    I think NiKEiD should go back to their very first models, add the popular colours of each version e.g. for vapor I, add every stud config of the top end boots of course, add their shape of each boot, have wide fit, cover or no cover.

    So for example you can a Mercurial Vapor Superfly, with Vapor 3 studs and A tiempo colour in the shape of a maestri. 😀

  30. says: Woksauce

    On NikeID, you should be able to create your own pattern or design to put on the boot! That would make each pair truly unique.

  31. says: kuuku

    I don’t want these boots though they are perfectly my size. However I have been inspired by these suggestions. The simple thing Nike-ID could do to instantly bankrupt all the other companies is to change Nike-ID into Nike U-D.

    In the box are three things. The first is a boot, nothing special, looks generic and boring, mAtErIaL doesn’t look exciting, soleplate is totally flat and untextured.

    However the other things in the box makes this boot the greatest invention since sliced bread. One of them is the U-D controller. A little tablet that contains all the options. It allows you to select the exact texture, density and thickness of your upper, allows you to set the lace orientation, your option of heel counter and toe-box elevation. It also allows you to set the stud shape and length for each individual stud, upon which they extend from the incongruous soleplate to your exact specification in a the pattern you dictate. You can even create stud schemes for on-the-fly switching.

    On-the-fly switching…..this brings me to the final thing in the box: the u-cap. This is a fifa approved headgear (like a skullcap) that cybernetically links to your thought patterns. Why? This is the best part. No longer is this boot confined to control or power or speed categories. Depending on what you are thinking about it adapts to help you. When you are normally controlling the ball it adapts to a softer and more supple mAtErIaL. Time to strike the ball? It picks up the intent from your brain and hardens at the impact point, might even gain little texturized spikes if you want to have some curl and spin. Time to blaze down the wing? mAtErIaL hugs your foot even tighter to give you the bare foot feeling while studs curve slightly to help you dig in perfectly like track spikes.

    Nice idea right? Not perfect and never going to happen (can’t release new versions and colourways so companies will make a loss) but pretty interesting. VERY consumer oriented design. And the best part? It’s possible. Yes you heard me, the technology exists for reactive mAtErIaL……

  32. says: elliot

    I think they should have football boots that light up! Give it an underglow on the sole plate, make the Nike swoosh light up (maybe allow it to change colors, something like fiber optics, or even patterns like twinkling stars) and make the laces able to change colors with every kick.

  33. says: MisterBroom12

    A new and unique boot service that NIKEiD could provide for its customers would be the ability to customize each boot individually if desired, as well as the ability to customize more individual parts on each boot. For example, a customer could change the pod color on the Laser III or use two different colors for the Nike swoosh, one on the inside and one on the outside of the boot, on the Mercurial Vapor VI.

  34. says: LR

    If Nike could allow you to take a picture of your foot and upload it to their site so they could make a boot exactly shaped and molded to your foot like the pros that would be awesome!

  35. says: Stefan

    NIke id could have a color chart so you could pick any color you like for the boots

    they could let you upload a design or crest for the boots so they could be properly customized

    they should also let you choose what upper you want, leather or synthetic

    you should be allowed to choose more options like carbon fiber or plastic sole and the boot could be cheaper or dearer depending on your choice

  36. says: Quaresma

    They should provide a customization where you could switch between different studs with the push of a button. If the pitch seems to get more and more treacherous as the game goes on, you could press the button and shazam! You switch to your SG soleplate. And same thing when you decide to play on astroturf, where you switch to HG soleplate.

  37. says: Taylor

    These boots would be exactly my size which would be nice. But what Nike ID should do is bring back the cleats that have been in years past to customize now. Like Vapor I’s or Laser I’s. Just for the opportunity to have those one cleats that you have missed for so many years. To regain the love that you once had, and have yet to find in a new pair of boots.

  38. says: Jon Hill

    the ability to combine parts of some bootss to make a super pair of boots. Like the weight of the superflys, with the touch of the tiempos, and the power of the total 90s.

  39. says: ben D

    ADAM JOHNSON IS RIGHT, THESE CLEATS ARE ‘WICKED’!!! (I’d love to win them)

    I think being the guy who makes the whole nike id soccer program would be the most awesome job in the world.

    The main thing i’d like to see more of in NIKE ID is the ability to ‘tweak’ boots like professionals can. the way i see it, the more of this aspect that Nike can incorporate into their nikeid service, the more valuable the service is.

    I realize the process of ‘tweaking’ would have to remain fairly mechanized due to the amount of consumers who would place orders. For this reason, I would have a drop down box of common ‘tweaks’.

    Here is a list of possible tweaks:
    1. ” + or – 1 cm in height on the heel counter
    (this is something commonly done by pros to give them either more stability or more manouverability in the ankle)

    2. custom color mixer.
    this would be sort of like in microsoft paint, where you have a color pallet with the full spectrum of colors and you select a color by clicking on a point in the spectrum. This would give users full freedom in their ability to customize the colors of their boots

    3. “select a stud” this feature would allow users to create their own stud configuration. A graphic of the bottom of the boots would appear, and users would be able to click and drag different studs onto the bottom of the boot. in addition, players could specify in detail the lengths of these studs, (2cm,4cm,6cm etc)

    4. width, nike really need to do this. miadidas already has it.

    5. leather vs. synthetic. for boots like the laser, nikeid could even let you have different sections be different materials, ie kleather instep and synthetic everywhere else.

    6. the ability to take out technology, maybe you dont want the foam cushions on the laser, nike could let you take that out.

    7. “vintage” nike could let you nikeid old models of boots, maybe you want the foam heel cup from the mviii’s they should let you put that in. maybe even the upper of the mv3 but with a carbon fiber soleplate (if they were to let you have carbon fiber soleplates in nike id.

    that’s lucky number seven, so I’ll stop. I think the creation of a “tweaking” section of the customization process would be great, as it would allow consumers to get as close to the customization experience afforded to real pros as is possible. if expense is an issue for any of these ‘tweaks’, nike could put surcharges on some of them if needed.

    Fingers crossed,


  40. says: Nicoacademia

    Offer team boot colour customisation.
    Nike iD is open to all the lads coming down to customising each one’s size, width, materials, studs, soleplates.
    Team emblem and intitals for each person and same boot colour for all.
    And best of all, group discount of 15% off!
    Minimum 15 orders at a go!

  41. says: harry

    it needs the same material used for the under armour to keep feet and toes warm during this cold snap. a material that won’t affect the weight of the boot by that much.besides that why spoil the vapours. if you are from a hot nation the small round vents on the inside of the boot to keep your feet cool. punching in the small vents would then weigh less by a bit, but with these boots less is more

  42. says: Andrew Gouveia

    If Nike ID had any unique football service, I believe it should be able to supply their customers (young and old) with the complete service and ability of having a blank boot and it being the consumers canvas. No color restrictions. No material restrictions (being able to choose synthetic, leather, teijin, and Kanga LIte). The consumer can draw on the boot as they were painting and creating their own design from flames to wings, from traditional lettering to graffiti, from the club and city they represent to having your whole boot be designed similiar your nations flag.

  43. says: Thomas

    First, I think NikeID would be greatly improved if they allowed for more customization options and areas, ie. the CTR pass pad. This would give you a little more creative direction in crafting a boot the colors you would like it to be.

    Second, don’t offer something at NikeTown that you refuse to offer online. Not everyone has access to NikeTown’s in their area so they shouldn’t have to suffer. Offer SF II ID’s online and maybe start to add the higher-end indoor/turf shoes to the mix.

    Third, offer the Mixed-stud SG plate on more(if not all) boots. Currently, it’s just on the Laser III. I would be all over the CTR’s in a mixed-plate option.

    Fourth, and probably the simplest, allow name personalization/logo/badges on non-ID boots for a fee. You already have the ability, why not cash in? If I wanted the Sapphire Blue fade to Black CTR’s with an Arsenal logo on the heel and my name on the side, why not give me that option?

    Just a side note, I think they should give you a T-shirt with your boots, just a regular NikeID t-shirt to try advertising more about the service. It’s shocking how few people actually know about it.

  44. says: cuda17

    Nike id should just ask us how much we can afford! it seems like every id boot costs more than the average wearer can realistically afford

  45. says: Paul

    I think Nike should allow the changes to soleplates, such as how many studs, hybid plate (as ronaldo wears) and the configuration of the plate. I think the material of the boots should be able to be changed, such as have K- leather, and have the price according. The “Elite” boots should be available to customise online, as some like myself are unable to go into a store. More colourways should be available, and also be able to change certain parts of the boots colour – such as make a pattern as on the WC editions and stud colours. As an instore option, be able to mould your foot and have a boot especially made to your foot. have more boot tounge options, as for some, like the old predator covers so it covers the laces however gives you the ability of loosening the boots more.

  46. says: gabberhasher

    Tv’s? Boosters?

    If Nike allowed us to change our cleats like that, I would be a little upset.
    First, if you made your ctr/superfly/tiempo hybrid, how do you know you’d enjoy it on your feet? You could receive it and dislike it greatly. We can’t do these things because it’s a pro thing. They are allowed to do this because they deserve it. They spend countless hours designing them and working the boots to their favorite mix. If this was allowed, the boots spotting sections would be pointless and boring. Footy-boots would (essentially) fade away. Nike does this because it keeps our attention. It seems impossible to have for us mere mortals, and only the soccer gods are allowed to wear them!

    Nike, we llove vapors
    Just because cr7 wears them doesn’t make me want leopard feet.

    Black vapor/superfly (with white)
    Would sell wildly.

  47. says: Simon

    They should make football boots that light up! Put an underglow on the soleplate, make the Nike swoosh able to light up in different colors or patterns like twinkling stars, and even have the laces change color with every kick.

  48. says: Steven

    I saw this article on the home page and thought the shoes looked REALLY cool. Then as I read on, it said you could win a pair designed to Adam Johnson’s standards, as I am a huge Manchester fan, my face began to light up. Then at the bottom of the page it said UK 9, and I jumped out of my chair. I hope I can win. It would mean way too much to me. I’ve never been able to get a pair of vapors in my life. They have been to expensive. To have these boots in time for christmas would be a dream come true

  49. says: John Cena

    they should allow us to like customize the whole boot like create our own kind of boot and take aspects of the different series eg.( vapor 360 ) you know then in the sense lets us create the whole boot itself where we want to place the studs and what kind of soleplate we want like. A really cool thing is that we could create our own material the boot is using they could call this system like NIKE ID CREATE cool huh

  50. says: Mark Montgomery

    I would like to be able to fit together your own personal boots from scratch. Like putting a different sole plate, upper, strike zone and so on. If you could then choose these to your own size and shape of feet thus making these boots truly unique and adpted to your game.

  51. says: channo

    i’ll go with real answers…

    first, i noticed myself sometimes got quite frustrated when designing at nikeID and the colors combination doesn’t worked out well.
    from what i see, the color choices in nikeID mostly comes from previous standard colorways. so we’re actually just “mix n’ matching” different parts from various previous colorways instead of really “creating” our special boots. not so special afterall huh?
    are u as frustated as me when T90 III only have black pods? while the official colorways have red pods, yellow, gold, blue, etc. this proves that nike actually have the ability to make the pods in many colors, they just didn’t let us to have them out way.
    so the first thing i want for christmas is for nikeID to expand the color choices, and for EVERY part of the boots.

    second, like my man adam when he designed this boots, i often got confused by the whole sizing thing.
    okay, maybe i’m a 9 UK on T90s, but hey aren’t vapors known for its narrow fitting?? should a take 9.5 UK instead?? or 10?? or maybe this is the first time i buy nike, i’m a 9.5 adidas and 8.5 mizuno, what would my nike size be?? frustrating… especially when it costs such a fortune this whole nikeID thingie…
    so, i’d love nikeID to have a precision measurement system. i don’t know how, maybe draw our feet on a piece of paper and scan them, or something… physical store like the one u have in Manchester should have special booth and crew dedicated for measuring.

    i guess that’s it.
    cheers 😀

  52. says: Khai

    Nike could go out and collaborate with other boot brands to come up with really exclusive designs. For example a Mukaiten panel on a pair of Vapors would be interesting, or integrating the PowerSpine into the Laser to give it a real knockout punch. Nike could even strike a deal with the other brands so that the price of this boot would no be so extravagant.

    We all have different opinions on all types of boots, but what if we could take a part of each boot we love and put it together?

    Hmmm 🙂

  53. says: Julian

    Out of all of the comments posted, not one person has mentioned about the player’s proformance with a pair of NikeID football boots. The rules clearly state that the feature may be “something real ” or “truly fictitious” so I thought why not the player’s proformance improve as well as the boot. My idea was for the player to customize his boots to the exact position on the field, the player’s playing style, and what his/her major strenghths and weaknesses are.
    I know that all of you are probably thinking that this sounds too fimiliar to what NikeID is already about, but hear comes the interesting part. This new type of football boot will meet your EXACT demands as a player: fit, primary materials, colorway, playing style, field position, and weaknesses. NikeID will make a perfect match that satifies the customer.
    The most impresive feature on the boot will be the PPE(player proformance enhancer) found in the chasis. This kind of tecnology allows the player to eliminatate their weaknesses entirely so that they become the most complete, well rounded football player ever.
    In recent times professional football players have complained a lot about their outsoles. So to prevent this from happening any more along with your football boots from NikeID they will come equiped with four pairs of outsoles and several variations of studs including the always popular: FG, SG,and HG studs. The players will have unlimitied access to customization. All you have to do to exchange the outsoles is to take it off from the boot and replace it with another one. It’s just like Legos except for the fact that the outsole will never split apart from the base while playing football.
    This is a boots that would totally revolutionize football worldwide and make famous Swoosh the greatest ever brand throught this universe.
    Now if only Nike would come up with a reasonable price for the boot… That would be amazing!!!

  54. says: chris Moulangou

    I would just like to have a boot that can sense when a tackle is coming from the defender allowing you to evade it. hence less chance of damaging the boot and it’ll last longer.

  55. says: Arni

    What i would like nikeID to be like the windows program paint when choosing colours (whatever colour you like where ever you want it) you should be abel to upload your own images ( you can only choose from few flags and club badges now, there should be more choices).

    Another thing i would like to see is that you could take a measuring tape and measure your feet (Length,width etc) put in the numbers and then the size of the boots would be made from these measurements. You would have a custom fit to your own feet. And it would eliminate the confusion of trying to make out your size because they really differ between makes and models.

    Ps being able to customize your goalkeeper gloves colour, cut (negative, roll cut, normal cut…) ,the colour of the latex palm and the length and type of the wrist strap. That would be awesome.

  56. says: Jeremy

    Firstly , I would like Nike iD to have a section where users can create football boots from scratch , not based on the T90 etc. If a particular design is appealing , the person who designed it can choose to have a real boot made from the design and have world class players like Johnson test them. There should also be a conversation section where the users can discuss the design of a boot they are working on and maybe even an area where they can collabarate to built a certain boot. Users can also create new technologies (eg : something to make a boot lighter 9think fly wire) This can also enable Nike to know what type of boots the end-user likes and mass produce such boots.

  57. says: MVelosofan

    It would be great to have an unlimited choice of colors with Nike ID, also have the mixed sole plate for the mercurials like the one available with the T90.

    An other interesting option would be to have an exact replica of your favorite player’s boot with all the customizations the bring to them

  58. says: Boothby

    you should be able to buy a casting kit, take a cast of both of your feet, then send it in, and they create the boot around each one of your feet, that way you could have boots that fit perfectly. also ill go with the ability to choose the sole plate from previous models like the vapor SL sole plate or the original superfly one (online as you can actually do this @ NIKETOWN) cheers footy boots

  59. says: gregthegoalie

    i would want a service that could put glue etc to my boots
    also the ability to adapt boots to suit the customer’s needs i.e a vapour made of leather

  60. says: jamie millar

    My idea is a fairly practical, I would love the ability to have boots that you can remove the sole plate/ studs to reveal an astro/ trainer sole.

    For instance if i was driving to training i would only need the one pair of boots. I could drive with my astro sole then once i get there i could snap the soleplate into place and im ready to play on grass.

    I feel it would save the need for 2 pairs of shoes and I believe the big boot brands could develope this idea i.e its not too far fetched.

  61. says: Ivan

    How sick would it be if we wouldn’t wear football boots? I mean like if nike could mame some sort of service where the studs can stick right out of the plant of your foot. Kinda like worlvorine but with cleats instead. Furthermore, the studs can be changed to whatever color you want, even blinking lights. Also if somehow, Nike could do this thing where the rest of your foot could change color. Any color. Or maybe wear a sock instead, a color changing sock. With the team logo and everything. That would be the coolest thing ever, a mutant-like ability to pull out comepletely customizable studs fromt the bottom of our feet.

  62. says: Ivan

    As another fake answers, how about incorporating programmable matter into football cleats? Check out this video

    This is seriously real, programmable matter that is molecules that change its shape and color at will. This is actually real and not fake and it will make anything about football boots costumizelable, like color schemes and shape size, with this, any player can have things like the cast system some guy above talked about, but without sending out the cast. Any player could potentially have any football boot, any color, with any shape and size, not need to buy any kind of shoe sizes as it will be one size fits all. PLEASE check out the video to know what I mean.

  63. says: Charles

    Personally as an avid FIFA 11 player i would love it if my football cleats could be programed so that i could control myself using my xbox controller. That way when im playing i dont have to do anything but use an xbox controller. I would be able to make amazing runs and take pin point accurate shots. The only problem would be the awkwardness of holding an xbox 360 controller whilst running on the pitch.

  64. says: chris mcgachy

    i would love a smokescreen option on the boots and a small compartment for a drink because u gt thirsty durin the course of a game i would also like to be able to put a motto or inspiring quote in the inside or soleplate of the boot, also a soulplate that can change and adapt to the surface like a hybrid type idea. these would be sick

  65. says: Joe

    how about laughing gas, you can just release it and your opponent will laugh so hard, you can just dribble into the goal? and lets add a bottle opener to the boot, not that youll need it, but you can say you have one. and tubes of helium, oh and i can forget, jetpacks too.

  66. says: Richard Tymon

    Make the control pads (as on the ctr) of the uppers from the rubber that used to be in golf balls so when you kick the ball, it goes further. Also use Velcro instead of laces so you have a bigger surface area on top of the boot.

  67. says: Theo

    Cheers footy-boots for the competition; my answer is more on the realistic side.

    If NikeID could provide a certain “unique” “new” service on top of what they already offer, I would say add the “Indoor boot sole plate option” on every model.

    Although indoor or futbal boots/shoes do not require top level technology or materials used in them, many wish they had more premium level indoor boots like the exact specifications we wear it on the pitch.

    For example, the first T90 Laser line had this option (available online and niketowns across the world) but not upto the full level- only upto T90 Laser Strike quality.

    I know Flywire applied Indoor boots sounds a bit extravagant, but one of the great things about indoor shoes is that they are also great looking casual shoes. To give another example, I know for a fact Indoor CTR360 lines (Librettos) are worn night and day, in and out of the indoor courts by consumers (including myself).

    So dear Nike and Footy-Boots, this is a serious proposal, and also an entry to the competition, but I really think this could work.

  68. says: Tom French

    The simplest option to make NikeID perfect would be to allow customers to select the old “Intertract” soleplate used on the older versions of the Total 90s. Still used by so many pro’s and so many consumers would love to have it available again.

  69. says: j millar

    My idea is a fairly practical, I would love the ability to have boots that you can remove the sole plate/ studs to reveal an astro/ trainer sole.

    For instance if i was driving to training i would only need the one pair of boots. I could drive with my astro sole then once i get there i could snap the soleplate into place and im ready to play on grass.

    I feel it would save the need for 2 pairs of shoes and I believe the big boot brands could develope this idea i.e its not too far fetched.

  70. says: Gabi

    You people are dreaming up an ideal boot,tailor made for you by Nike.That’s not the way it goes.
    You can;t get the all-round boot because that means less profit for Nike.This way if you want touch,you get a pair of Tiempos and if you want speed and looks you get a pair of Vapors.
    One ideal boot to suit your needs would half their profit,or even take it down to a third because today’s boots are mass produced and these would we a one off.
    As nice at it sounds,no company works against it’s self.

  71. says: carl

    I think it would be really cool if you could make air float under the boots so you could float on air and it would be cool if you could crystilasied the boots with diamonds or gold.

  72. says: Josh

    i think it would be neat for nike ID to add “custom power-ups” for people’s boots. EX. You could have say a power shot which you could use in open space from long distance. Also another example is like fast dribbles for when trying to beat a defender. People could choose from lists of power-ups depending on there position, what boots, and what kind of player they are

  73. says: Tom Derry

    Nike ID should make a football boot out of 100% recyclable materials, this sustainable boot would spark a new generation of environmentally friendly football boots, meeting the needs of today, without harming the needs of tomorrow.

  74. says: Matt

    When they say ID it sould be universal and apply to all boots. Nike shouldnt limit you to chosing from only the boots currently on the market now. Say your not a fan of the new Laser but liked the t90 supremacy. You should be able to choose that as your starting boot. But, what if you want some of the modern technology in your cleat. The CTR360 Maestri have those two dampening pods on the cleat, so why can’t youy? Then, what if you are not a fan of the cleat configuration. You will be able to choose a different configuration. You slap on the fg studs that are on the superfly ii. But, wait, you don’t like positioning of the heel studs because you like the heel of it like Puma does it. You should be able to add studs on and to adjust their length. Don’t stop there, you dont like the lacing on the supremacys. Maybe you like the Tiempo Legend i’s lacing. You should be able to be allowed to incorporate this into your boot to create an ultimate boot experience.

  75. says: Matt wolbert

    When they say ID it sould be universal and apply to all boots. Nike shouldnt limit you to chosing from only the boots currently on the market now. Say your not a fan of the new Laser but liked the t90 supremacy. You should be able to choose that as your starting boot. But, what if you want some of the modern technology in your cleat. The CTR360 Maestri have those two dampening pods on the cleat, so why can’t youy? Then, what if you are not a fan of the cleat configuration. You will be able to choose a different configuration. You slap on the fg studs that are on the superfly ii. But, wait, you don’t like positioning of the heel studs because you like the heel of it like Puma does it. You should be able to add studs on and to adjust their length. Don’t stop there, you dont like the lacing on the supremacys. Maybe you like the Tiempo Legend i’s lacing. You should be able to be allowed to incorporate this into your boot to create an ultimate boot experience.

  76. says: James

    Have the choice to customise the boot weight and also, I know it isn’t an idea for a service but have some sort of material that attracts the ball so when dribbling the ball literally will stick to your feet, however when shooting the power put into creates some sort of anti-force (like when you put two ‘S’s together on magnet) creating more power and unpredictable swerve. Another idea, which is more based on appearance, is to use this new one atom wide, really strong,(the invisible stuff) material for studs, although this would cost a fortune now, in the future it might be more common and used in things like football boots. Maybe not?

  77. says: McGill

    Repair system for those boots that make you play awesome and that you would never want to play without. This gives you the joy of the boots you love consistently for longer but also with a feeling of them being revived with life again.

  78. says: Brandon

    I think it would be very wise of Nike to create a pair of SG soles that – following a goal of beauty – would excrete paint. With that, your celebratory two-step (or tango) would now leave a simple and classy dance step diagram on your opponent’s pitch. Lovely.

    Yes, I’ve always wanted this feature.

  79. says: MW

    New Organic LED (OLED) tech has allowed for completely flexible, customizable lighting and display functions. So boot uppers and/or sole plates could be built using OLED panels, which could then display, well anything. They could play video’s, display messages/advertising, whatever. So, for example, a pro could have his twitter feed active on his boots during a match, receiving messages he could take a look at during breaks in play. They are extremely thin and durable as well, so no worries about wear and tear or touch. Possibilities are endless.

  80. says: R.Oakley

    my football boots would have rockets on the back to allow ultimate speed. also all around the edge i would have a movement sensor so i would know where people are around me. I would have the boots fitted with a device that would pick a pass and do it for me and every shot is inch perfect. inside every stud, i would have springs to make me win every header.

  81. says: Cole

    My idea would be for NikeID to allow you to choose “Special” studs. Such as studs with a spring system in them to allow you to have better reaction time and speed. These little springs would be just like the things that push you off at the start of the 100m dash in track.

  82. says: Cole

    Another idea would be for you to have a menu bar at the bottom filled with different studs. on the screen it would have a picture of your sole plate. then you could drag the studs from the bottom on the menu bar onto the sole plate in any combination you want. You would also be allowed to change to color of each individual stud. Studs available would be the spring studs i listed above (a soft ground and firm ground version of them) regular firm ground studs. soft grounds studs. and then you would be allowed to choose the length of each idividual stud. That way you could make your foot higher elevated in the back like a running shoe.

  83. says: Edi Vlas

    I would like for Nike ID to have a wider range of colours available, to be able to pick more places where you want to place your personalisation and it would be cool to be able to use a carbon fibre sole plate on all the boots.

  84. says: David Hasselhoff

    It would be totally awesome to be able to get a pic of Pamela Anderson on the lace cover of my soccer cleats! It would also be great if the cleats had a chip and speakers in them that made my cleats talk and tell me what I’m doing wrong during the match like KITT would help me out in Knight Rider…but I am so skilled at soccer that the only thing I’d be doing wrong would be staring at my Pamela Anderson lace cover…I love Pamela…oh and extremely sharpened studs would be great if Borat ever went near Pamela again!!!

  85. says: matthew

    A radar on the top of your boot of all the players on the park and their positions, the radar would be on the top of the toe but integrated into the material as not to disadvantage the players shot.

  86. says: Charles Liu

    I would like to have the ability to choose the different kind of soleplates that you want from Vapors over the years. For example, I really enjoyed the soleplate from the Vapor III and it would be great if you have the choice to choose that soleplate. Also, it would be really great if we get the choice either choose the upper of the superfly or the upper of the vapor because some people might want the cheaper upper of the vapor and some may want the flywire technology offered form the superfly.

  87. says: Tim

    A la carte menu to create your custom boot. Piece together the Vapor SL soleplate with the CTR 360 Upper, or the Tiempo soleplate with a T90 Laser III upper.

    Option to have your boot handmade and fitted to your feet.

  88. says: Aden Neo

    AJ’s custom boots are awesome =)

    Nike iD could create any unique football boot service, what would it be?

    Firstly, what I think is the most important to a player is comfort. Comfort is what allows players to perform at his/her highest level whenever and wherever. I suggest custom shoe size. Not just the length of the foot but measurements of feet itself. Example, having custom insole the match the feet, custom length of the heel collar and the heel counter, the arch of the feet and the toe cap of the shoe.

    Secondly, the performance of the boots. Nike has researched on specific motions, actions a players does in a game and how to enhance it and they have done a remarkable job. (The stud of the superfly was researched from the paw of a leopard is brilliant. ) What would be better is if a player can take bits and pieces of each boots and throw it together to make his own boots. Like a fusion of Flywire technology light weight together with Leather surface.

    Thirdly. The Nike ID provided a custom color scheme for a player to chose. There should be a wider variety of colors for one to chose. The portion of the boots where you designate the color is very rigid, they should have a more flexible color allocation would be nice. Like having two colors on the swosh/tick of the shoe not just one.

    This might sound a little too much but it is just an idea.

    I hope this can also help Nike ID improve on its customization. All the best for those in the competition. Thank you. =)

  89. says: Daniel Hargreaves

    I Believe they should simply have a strip of grass/turf inside their shops allowing customers the chance to actually try out their boots before you customise.

    i mean on average ÂŁ200 For a pair of boots is a little steep especially when some players may not know which ones they would like to customise.

    Lets face it we all would like to control and distribute the ball like Fabregas (ctrl360) but then, fly down the wind doing stepovers like Ronaldo (superfly’s) and to finish we’d like the amazing power of Rooney to finish once we’ve beat our defender (total 90).

    but to pay ÂŁ200 a pair to then decide which you’d prefer to get in your design is a little costly 🙂

  90. says: Aidan Oakley

    I dont think that nike can make any improvements to there boots because they already the ultimate boot unlike rival compamies which are far below par.

  91. says: Keil

    The ability to purchase a day at a nike factory, to fully design your boot to your exact specification with no limits. I know it would be costly, but I would imagine them to make an absolute fortune with doing this with them been the biggest sports manufacturer in the world. Thus allowing sunday players through to professionals to have that feeling of exclusivity.

  92. says: Charlie

    Let us design our boots the way professional’s do!
    E.g. Black-outs, a wider variety of colors, synthetic and leather, mixed sole plates, carbon fibre etc etc! Allow us the options that professionals are given =D

  93. says: Gabriel

    As an attacker, my ideal boot would include an upper with an excellent grip for all weather. This upper would include small perforations comparable to adidas’ climacool f50i, this would be for a breathable boot. The upper would he uniform almost all around the boot, including the heel. The purpose of the upper would be to give the wearer complete cOmplete contr

  94. says: Duncan

    I think that nike should have a totally customizable boot creating experience. You would have a consultant to talk to and design your boot with. They could send you a kit with all of the different types of studs, upper materials, sockliner materials, chassis materials, shoe lace types, heel counters, shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and the standard non-customized boots to compare against. Then, you could either have a box that uses lasers to measure every groove and take note of how your foot moves when you walk. Then you could send the kit back with all of the options you want, and anything else you would like customized, and nike could send it out to you. This could make your boot experience completely better since it would be your specifications and the boot could account for changes in your foot as you move and walk.

  95. says: Alisha

    I think the next feature should be a rear-view camera. That way you’d have eyes in the back of your boots and we’d see some sick tricks and goals.

  96. says: Ryan

    Simply NikeID should have every colour available, not just what colour releases are out at the current time. Also the option of mixed sole-plate such as what Ronaldo etc wear, and the idea of putting any soleplate onto a Nike boot. I.e: the old Supremacy soleplate or the SL plate onto a SF.

  97. says: Khairul Hazeem Noorsham

    i think that nike should have some unique football boot service like we can change the type of appearance of the boots like someone else want’s a unique boots like not visible the nike swoosh like creatin other parts of the boots to put the swoosh on , like at the sole and the tongue and others , or change the whole colour of the boots like all white to make it more unique and more unique colours . andd nike id fonts could be more cool , example like italian fonts and speed like words . nike should also put the boots with same colour of lace with the same colour as the boots lastly , maybe the pattern of the boots just like nike cr safari , customers can change them into polka dot style and other design . i hope my answers can help nike to be more advanced in id-ing the unique boots service because nowadays only nike who open a site like nike iD , lovee youu nike 🙂 , swoosh out !

  98. says: Steve V

    We should be able to create our own pair of boots from scratch. This would mean taking the soleplate from a wide variety of nike boots (like Donovan) then adding them to an upper of our choice. However the uppers would also be customisable to a degree. So i could choose the Tiempo upper, with no tongue, but have the pass pad like the CTR. Alternatively i can have the superflys but have a strike zone on them like the T90’s etc.
    Obviously a wide range of colours and fabrics would be great too, so i could have leather superflys or kangalite tiempos.
    Then of course you would get the perfect ”Custom”
    Mine would be:
    The elite soleplate from the Tiempo.
    The CTR upper, without the front passpads.
    Kangaroo Leather Upper
    T90 heel counter
    T90 shot shield
    All white
    with deep red and black details.

  99. says: Chaz

    First of all i just want to say how awesome these cleats really are, Adam Johnson did a great job.

    Basically i think that a wider range of customization would completely benefit Nike id. For example i know that a lot of people have been complaining because they cannot get a carbon fiber sole plate. Personally i think having that as an option is a must for Nike. Another problem has been the debate over leather or synthetic. Each cleat range should allow you to pick any nike material that you want for your cleat. Sizing has also been a problem in the past, some times wide fit is offered but many times it is not. Having wide fit as a standard option needs to be a standard on Nike ID. Another cool thing regarding sizing would be if they would allow you to pick 1/4 sizes instead of 1/2, allowing people to have more exact and snug fits. If you are like myself( i have wide feet), you often find yourself ordering a size that is slightly too long, but the lower size is too narrow. By using wide sizing and 1/4 sizing would finally get the best possible. Next i will address the design aspect, as i think that Nike ID should let you import different logos from the internet to use on your cleats. Finally, and this is a bit of a stretch, i think that NIke should allow people to customize a top class cleat and give it an indoor sole plate. For example some one could have a mercurial indoor with fly wire, because its seems to me that the indoor versions of cleats are always made with much cheaper and less comfortable material.

  100. says: James

    Put 2 NOS slots in each boot for chasing the ball and make lasers on the boots for precision shooting. 😉
    Also helpful would be the introduction of 1/4 sizes for a closer, tighter fit and more varied soleplate choices

  101. says: Sanket

    I would preferably like Nike ID to introduce where to put our personalization on the boot . Also laser guided passing dosent sound bad 😛

  102. says: Ikram

    If Nike ID could create any unique football boot service it would be the ability to incorporate parts from past models in the boot. One example is how Drogba likes the soleplate from the Vapor 1’s rather than his superfly NikeSense ones, so he has that put on all of his boots. Personally, I would love to have the vapor 5’s superfly upper, with the flywire and reduced weight, but with the soleplate of the vapor 3 because it makes you keep your weight on your toes. I think having this option would win over a lot of players and fans because I think all true boot fanatics can pick out what they’re favorite parts are from different boots, and now they’d have the opportunity to make that dream come true. It would also make you feel like even more of a celebrity, because that is an option only available to them right now. Plus, no other company has anything like that, putting Nike ahead again!

  103. says: Michael

    They should have a “professional treatment” option.

    Where people from Nike come out watch you play and design a boot just for your needs.

    ….. either that or they could make a boot that has a force field

  104. says: Harsenal

    what would be really cool would be if your football boot could automatically sense the type of ground your playing or stepping on and modifiy itself for those particular differences
    Whether its soft ground,hard,ground,firm ground, turf or just walking in the streets!!

  105. says: boothby

    Hi MO i am selling them, they’ll be on ebay saturday evening once the cup final has been decided, so keep your eyes peeled

    same goes to you

  106. says: Anonymous

    first of all i think you should be able to use any colour at all not just from a select few as sometimes colours you cant use would look better than the ones you can.
    secondly i think you should be able to pick how big the nike tick (swoosh) is and where abouts this should be posiioned on the boots.
    you should also be able to pick what sort of insole you would like.
    you should also be able to pick moulded stoods where theres loads of studs like on the legends.
    you should be able to make the boots in leather and vapour material
    the last thing is i think the garentee should last a little longer as long as the boot is in good condition as my old vapours snapped on one of the soles and i hadnt useed them too much but had them over a year. then theses boots will be unbelievable better than now if that possible.

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