We’ve been keeping an eye on the whole Wayne Rooney Sponsor debacle  pretty closely here on, and it seems that one of Rooney’s biggest sponsors has taken action against the Manchester United star.

As we reported last week, Coca-Cola UK were doing their best to convince the head honchos in the US that the fiasco surrounding the England striker will blow over, and it’s worth keeping hold of Rooney rather than see him fall into the hands of another brand, such as Pepsi, Lucozade, or my personal pre-match favourite; Panda Pops.

It seems now that a compromise has been reached as Coca-Cola US have dropped a campaign that would have seen Rooney on the side of billions of Coke cans from now until 2011.

A spokesperson for Coke confirmed; ˜Last month we amended our ­marketing plans on Coke Zero. Given the situation at that time we did not feel it was appropriate to run an on-pack promotion ­featuring Wayne Rooney.

˜Our relationship with Wayne Rooney is ongoing. We are currently working with Wayne on Coke Zero Street Striker “ an award-winning programme which, over the past three years, has encouraged thousands of young people to get involved in football.™

When asked if Coca-Cola planned to ditch Rooney™s sponsorship deal completely, the spokesman said: ˜We are working on our marketing plans for 2011 and have no announcements to make at this time.™

The good news for Rooney is that his brand in the UK seem to be sticking with him albeit in a reduced role, confirming that the Coke Zero Street Striker series will resume filming and launch a third series before too long.

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  1. says: DaveM

    Shame that Rooney threw away his reputation. After all, he only needed to stay clean cut for another 10 years and he could have become a David Beckham – an icon of the game.

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