Designed to slip over boots and shoes used in sports like football, rugby, baseball, American Football and golf, this clever accessory eliminates the need to change your footwear after training or a match.

cleatskin premier black

Cleatskins shells are made from SKINTEK rubber, a formulation of compression molded rubber, and come in two designs – pull-over and slip-on.

Footy-Boots was supplied with a pair of the Cleatskins Premier, designed to to serve as a time-saving, practical solution for active families by protecting studs from wear and tear and extending the life of cleats on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The machine washable shell also forms a sealed barrier around dirty cleats to help keep dirt and grass out of your home and car.

cleatskins premier green


While the Cleatskins‘ may have a practical purpose, they aren’t exactly a must have fashion accessory. It seems to me that the Cleatskins are very similar to the abhorrent “Crocs” looks wise but with a more purposeful design. Because of their appearance, I have my doubts that you’ll be spotting your mates wearing the Cleatskins and their boots around town, but I can see the product becoming very popular with families and younger grassroots players.

In my opinion the idea of just slipping the product on after a game versus taking off your boots will take some getting used to. But in saying that, the practical solutions offered by the product are hard to ignore both for younger and older age groups.

cleatskins premier

If we look at football, the Cleatskins are perfect for avoiding having to laboriously tip-toe across concrete surfaces going after the ball that was meant to have gone “top-corner” from 30 yards out. They are extremely easy to slip on and off, and could potentially add months to your boots lifespan.

I’ve loved having mine on hand, simply for that purpose. There is nothing worse than having to walk through an alleyway, across a concrete playground or a stone pathway before or after your match, knowing the fact that you’re damaging your boots. The Cleatskins save you that worry and additionally are actually quite comfortable. Being made of rubber, they are extremely durable as well.

cleatskins premier red

The rubber shells come in a wide range of colors – Jet Black, Blue Ribbon, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Lemon Chrome, Orange and Formula One Red to name just a few.

In the US, the Cleatskins range starts off from $19.95 up to $29.95 and if you want to buy direct, international shipping is available via UPS. The product is beginning to make an impact in Europe, though it looks as if golfers have taken to wearing it quicker than footballers.

Following our review of the Cleatskins Premier, Richard Kay who holds the patent on the product, got in touch with us with some comments which we though you ought to see. He also included a couple of images which show branded Cleatskins matched to particular boots.

Richard said:

richard kay cleatskins Thank you for posting about Cleatskins!'  We love feedback, particularly from players like you who help to make our product better.'  Please keep it coming.

We completely understand comments regarding the look but ask that you take a look at Cleatskins which match your cleats.'  Adult athletes generally prefer that, unless they’re making a definite “team” statement.'  As you can see with the photos of Cleatskins produced for Liverpool, it’s a nicer blend.

cleatskins black liverpool

We’ve worked very hard to ensure that Cleatskins provide a great fit and feel fantastic, while protecting studs, providing traction and eliminating the need to carry a second pair of shoes.

cleatskins white liverpool

You can find out more from the Cleatskins website by clicking here.

**The Cleatskins offer previously mentioned in this post is now closed**

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  1. says: Meji

    Boots and socks off. Slippers on. I saw these a long time ago…..and then I laughed.

    Grown men = no.

    Soccer moms = yes.

    I see what they’re getting at but it’s not for me.

  2. says: Fenboy

    I don’t think they look particularly attractive but I can see the value to schoolkids who have to walk across playgrounds etc to get to and from pitches.

  3. says: Theo

    the socks look really sick- are they the federation socks?

    also, in terms of appearence, they look like scuba shoes!

    but it looks promising. and actually comfy.

  4. says: Luca

    Agreed they are a good idea for anyone needing to travel over any surface other than grass. Where can you buy them in England though, I don’t see them on footy boots?

  5. says: Duberry

    Yeah, these things look a little weird, but when I was at school, we used to have to walk about 1/2 a mile on the pavement with our boots on to play football and rugby. The result was that the studs got filed down and it was hard to keep balance when the path was uneven. These little beauties would certainly have been useful for me.

  6. says: useless product

    how lazy can you get…using this might take 20 seconds less than taking off the boots and put on slippers. good idea business-wise though.

  7. says: Kyle

    Interesting, I’ve got to walk 200-250 metres across the way to my usual pitch, 2-3 times a week.

    I could seriously consider a pair of these just for that.

    Normally I just walk in bare feet; but with winter coming up these could save me a bit of aggro. We’ll see if they set up proper UK distribution first.

    Matt – would you safely say these would work with any pair of boots on the market?

  8. says: George

    That’s a pretty good point – do the type of studs, or the width or length of the boot matter?

    I probably wouldn’t get them, but I’m a little interested in the ways I could use them

  9. says: Derek

    this just seems like an expanded version of “skate guards” to keep your skate blades from dulling or getting wrecked as you walk to the ice. It’s actually a pretty good idea, though I admit I don’t put my boots on until I’m already at the pitch.

  10. says: ill-d

    ive always wanted to turn my boots into futuristic clogs! now i can, sweet.

    LOL but seriously, i can see the merit in these, but moreso do i see the ridiculousness. Is it REALLY that hard to change from your boots to shoes or sandals after a game??? and why would anyone walk half a mile in boots??? wear shoes! change to your boots when you get there! OMG carrying boots are sooooo heavy!! oh wait, how bout bringing a backpack!

    personally, im just getting these so i can start wearing all my boots as street shoes. i think it will look AWWWWESOME! now i can wear my preds to the clubs! oonce oonce oonce oonce (techno music, me break dancing in my new predator clogs)

  11. says: MisterBroom12

    Matt, would these fit securely enough to your boots to use them as an indoor/futsal type shoe? Surely if this was the case it would be cheaper than buying a separate pair of shoes for that.

  12. says: Snolly

    it’s the kind of thing parents would want their kids to wear (to save on having to buy new cleats all the time). i can’t tell you how many little kids i see walking down the street in their cleats. (why kids don’t just change their shoes? i don’t know.)

    at the same time, i think your kid would be teased mercilessly (possibly beaten up) if s/he was caught wearing them.

    what next? pocket protectors?

  13. says: Matt

    Hi guys, thanks for the comments!

    Theo- Yeah the socks I have on are the Nike Federation club socks, I love them!

    Kyle & George- The CleatSkins work with all the pairs of firm/hard ground boots I’ve worn, but won’t work with a soft ground configuration. Apparently CleatSkins are working on a SG mold though.

    MisterBroom12- They do fit very snugly and allow you to run freely in them, but I don’t think they would make for a very good pair of indoors unfortunately because of quick turns when playing.

  14. says: fizz

    haha ill-d that just made my life.

    well, these do look extremely unattractive, which is not a problem if extending the life of your boot is a big priority.

    i personally think this is genious.

  15. says: jenks7

    i think these are a good idea i play 5 a side 3 times a week,when i finish end up walkin to my car then havin to change my boots to drive home cause studs slip of the peddles with them could just stick em on and drive home.

  16. says: gemma

    i think these will sell and are a great idea especialy for grass roots players who have 2 walk over all kinds of ground. i will b getn a pair

  17. says: channo

    me and my teammates had this “tradition” to take off our shoes together while chatting, laughing, and having all the locker-room-talks…

    and just like Splinter09 have said, the best thing after a game is to take off my boots and let my feet breathe after 90 minutes of hard work they’ve done.

    oh, and i never put my boots on until i’m really at the sideline of the pitch (we never really use the locker rooms).

    those cleatskins doesn’t looked that bad though -actually, they looked quite nice. but i just couldn’t picture myself wearing my flashy white-gold preds walking around town :p (but who knows if in the future whole pro players in premiership wears it?)

    anyway, ill-d’s comment just make my day LOL

  18. says: zc

    I love the Idea. I always forget to bring a pair of shoes to wear if I have to go some where after the game. Even walking over to where the cars parked would often damage my boots and studs.

    1. says: D Gmail

       Hi you can get them at this place. They dont have the football ones but it says the store can order them for you, just email them size and what you want. www sportstechlab com/category-s/1842.htm

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