As the countdown to Christmas continues and thoughts turn to having to entertain your in-laws, putting together race tracks for your kids or nephews using instructions in Chinese and consoling the chef after the Yorkshire puddings don’t rise, it’s probably best to try and think about something else.

So today on Footy Boots, we take a look at the top 5 mid-priced football boots that you might want to find in your stocking and later, on your feet.

Umbro Speciali – White/Gold

Cheap football boots - Umbro football boots

When you’re stepping out onto a muddy pitch on a miserable January morning, it’s nice to know that your football boots are full-grain K-Leather and there’s 6 studs keeping you stable on such unforgiving terrain.

Fair enough, the White and Gold Colourscheme might not be the best for muddy conditions, but the first game you stride out onto the pitch in these babies, you’re going to look something special! And at £44.99, it’s hardly a price befitting of a boot with such pedigree.

Shop Umbro Speciali Range here

Nike Mercurial Miracle

Cheap football boots - nike football boots

Nike have taken a lot of flack this year over their speed boots, so it’s nice to see their third-tier Mercurial Miracle at a price that everyone can love.

For your £54.99, you’re getting a two piece, glass-fibre outsole based on the technology of the Mercurial Vapor VI and the laceless last of the Superfly II. The low profile design of the soleplate also makes them great on Firm and Artificial ground!

Shop Nike Mercurial Range here

Puma v1.10

Cheap football boots - Puma football boots

Make no bones about it, these at the real deal – the proper v1.10 in a much-sought SG soleplate for half the RRP at £59.99

You know the story with this flagship boot, Carbon Fibre soleplate, Micro-canvas & synthetic leather upper – whilst some players have switched out to the PowerCat 1.10 or the v1.10SL, there are still plenty of players who ply their trade in the v1.10

Shop Puma vSeries Range here

Puma PowerCat 1.10

Cheap football boots - Puma football boots

Another great statement boot that has suffered a big ol’ price cut in the run up to the Christmas sales is the PowerCat 1.10, which is down to £69.99

There’s plenty to love about this pair of football boots, from the 3D Power Shooting Technology to the robust heel counter – but what love most about the PowerCat is that it uses the best leather Puma has ever used on a football boot. Smooth

Shop Puma PowerCat Range here

Nike CTR360 Maestri

Cheap football boots - nike football boots

The last of our mid price football boots is the mighty Nike CTR360, winner of our Panel Football Boot of the Year Award and yours for a 40% reduction to £69.99.

We’ve got a real love of the CTR360 range here at Footy-Boots and we know plenty of you guys too – whilst £70 is scraping the roof of our definition of ‘mid-range’, it’s definitely worth including them as they’re a great buy.

Shop Nike CTR360 Range here

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  1. says: fifinho

    hahaha you forgot to mention Lotto’s patented revolutionary Twist’n’go stud on the Diablo yet there was still so much to say about it.

    top notch article as always footy-boots. too bad i’ve already got too many boots…

  2. says: Kurve

    Good article, just a bit misleading.

    The reviews should have been about Nike Mercurial Talaria/Steam, Adidas Predator Absolion X, Nike T90 Strike II, Nike CTR Trequartista, Adidas F30i, Adidas adiCore II, Nike Tiempo Mystic III, Puma V3.10, Puma V-Kon III etc.

    As these are the true mid-range boots, not last seasons top-of-the-range at mid-range prices (in theory you should get more bang for your buck with these top-of-the-range bargins but last seasons mid-range boots would be cheaper still).

    Also what would be nice is an article or two on astroturf/indoor shoes as a lot of us have to train on these surfaces also.

    Food for thought.

  3. says: Editor

    Thanks for your thoughts Kurve. Originally, this was going to be about mid range but having seen what prices the featured boots were now being sold at, we felt this offered better info re value for money v performance.

    Like the idea of the astroturf / indoor shoes – if we can squeeze one in before Xmas, I’m sure we will.

  4. says: martincillo

    yoho maybe the junior models hahaha

    where is the puma v konstruckt III( the pro model ), the older colors are cheap, and the older color of the v1.08

    i saw in a web page the new red adipures in 100 us dollars, thats cheap,

    in other point, that reebok valde look good for hard kickin

  5. says: Karl

    Great article – and don’t think the title is misleading at all…

    It says “Mid Priced Top 5”, so yup, definitely is what it says!!

    Oh and Kyle, I’ve finally gotten the PowerC1.10 boots after waiting a year – the missus bought me some for my birthday 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing them in the post tomorrow!

  6. says: Sean Jerick

    Definitely the ctr would do you the best! An all-arounder boot, good for either defenders, mid-fields and even strikers. Hands down the best value boot among the five!

  7. says: iPodkiller

    Nike isnt that as 4 years ago, i remember that Vapors and Talaria’s where the only vapors from Nike and they where so expensive!. Nowdays you can convince everyone that you wear expensive vapors at the first look. Same with the Adizero’s on the Shoe’s for example: F10 got a huge F50 logo on the shoe you can’t almost see if it is fake or a real F50 (only a good eye will see the sole is different). So Merry Christmas!

  8. says: kuuku

    Awesome stuff mates, I got specialis from kitbag for about $40 shipped.

    That’s about 70% off! $40 for a 9 oz k-leather boot? Incroyable!

  9. says: Nicoacademia

    good bargain hunting guys!
    now wonder if ** will ever discount Adizero leathers in uk11…

    there’s one on discount for uk13. LOL

  10. says: zc

    My top 5 mid priced boots of 2010 are:
    5.Mercurial Miracle
    4.Concave Pt+
    3. Predator X Absolion
    2.F50i (sorry everyone, just love the f50i!)
    1.Puma v1.10 & Powercat 1.10

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