With Christmas fast approaching (you can tell its Xmas as the Easter eggs are in the shops) its time to look at the Footy Boots picks for the best presents you can buy.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight our top 5 medium and entry level boots, but we start off today with our selections from the elite level. We’ve come up with one boot per brand – boots that we know can do a job and will offer value for money.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

xmas top five number 1This new line from has exploded on the scene and Nike must be purring in head office after getting Cesc Fabregas to be their lead ambassador.

The Spanish international has hardly put a foot wrong since he started wearing the CTR and his performances must be going a long way to persuade players that this is the boot for them.

Dampening pods on the outside of the forefoot provide a softer first touch when receiving the ball, whilst an asymmetrical lacing system greatly expands the ball control area.

The instep utilizes a harder material to provide extra pace on the pass – the forefront and the instep work together for a lighter more controlled take but quicker delivery, minimising time on the ball.

xmas top 5 ctr360

Nike has developed the revolutionary KANGA-LITE synthetic leather that mimics the supreme feel of kangaroo leather, while maintaining its performance in all conditions and allows for a snug fit.

When a player strikes the ball, a well planted foot is just as important as the striking boot. Nike has integrated dual-density forefoot studs that not only reduce the stud weight but help grip the ball better without compromising traction or stability.

The heel studs are built to be strong and stable to create a sure footing while controlling the ball with the other foot.

ctr360 xmas top 5

Shape correcting memory foam delivers uniform contact with the ball for greater precision. An injected pass-pad on the combines with the memory foam to deliver the ball at optimum pace.

In addition to receiving, controlling and distributing, in developing the boot, Nike not only looked at increasing control, but maximising comfort. Therefore, a sock liner with an additional comfort layer sits within the boot, reducing stress on the foot and minimising friction.

Ad Unit ctr360

adidas Predator_X

xmas top five number 2Walk down Oxford Street in London, look at the display in the adidas shop and then say you aren’t impressed by the latest in the Predator line. We’d venture that you’d find it a difficult task to undertake.

A brand new ‘Powerspine’ has been inspired by the revolutionary ‘fingersave’ technology that now exists within adidas goalkeeper gloves.

Positioned in the inner sole of the boot, the ‘Powerspine’ minimises the energy lost when players strike a football through a reduction in the “kicking flex” in the forefoot area.

xmas top 5 adias predator x

This additional energy is transferred into the ball and away from the fragile ligaments and bones that exist at the top of the foot.

Through vigorous testing the Predator_X is proven to have on average 7% more kicking power than the most recent Predator football boot.

The ability for players to swerve the ball has always been the stand-out technical innovation of the Predator football boot and a new material has been used on the Predator_X to further enhance this.

predator x xmas top 5

Positioned on the kicking zone of the boot, the Predator element is a mix of rubber and silicon meaning it is lightweight but impactful.

The positioning of the Predator element has been slightly altered to maximise the swerve players are able to achieve. These changes result in an increase in swerve and a proven consistency no matter what the weather conditions.

To enhance control, it is the belief of adidas that the space between a player’s foot and the top of the boot must be minimal. Optifit technology brings the upper materials in all areas as close as possible to the top of the foot.

Thermoform technology has been incorporated on the side of the boot which acts as memory foam to enable a perfect fit time and time again.

The football boot is constructed from Taurus leather which combines a weather and abrasion proof material with lightweight features. The inclusion of the medial split and mono-tongue provide stability and support.


Umbro Speciali

xmas top five number 3The England captain wears them and that’s good enough for us. When a player of John Terry’s class and ability believes in a boot, then who are we to say any different.

Umbro has designed a boot that builds upon Speciali’s traditional values with incredible comfort, improved control, increased accuracy and additional power.

The boot’s famous premium soft leather creates outstanding fit, delivering supreme touch, accuracy and control.

The eye catching A-Frame design has become a central functional component for the new Speciali, cradling the mid-foot and securing the heel.

umbro speciali xmas top 5

The high density memory foam in the tongue and collar maintains its shape and there are fast flex grooves in the outsole for greater flexibility. The lightweight precision studs are engineered with aircraft grade aluminium and its the lightest Speciali Umbro have ever made.

Ad Speciali

Lotto StadioFuoriclasse

xmas top five number 4If you want minimalist styling with a classic look, excellent detailing and a trim to die for then Italy is the place to go.

We just adore the look of the Stadio Fuoriclasse and while it doesn’t get anywhere near the exposire of the boots as mentioned as above, perhaps if you all buy it for Xmas, it might do so soon.

As you’d expect from an Italian boot, the Stadio Fuoriclasse has a certain amount of flair and whilst it’s available in the Lotto staple colourways of White / Black and Black / White, it also comes in a striking Black / Neon Green version.

stadio fuoriclasse xmas top 5

It’s fairly brimming with interesting features starting off with it’s water-repellent kangaroo upper for an extraordinarily comfortable fit.

The removable anatomic insole maximises comfort for the entire sole of the foot and the new outsole with the conical studs is sewn onto the upper to ensure durability.

The boot is completed by the Puntoflex technology, inserted in the metatarsal zone of the outsole, ensuring the correct flexing of the forefoot.

ad unit stadio fuoriclasse

Concave PT+

xmas top five number 5A strange choice perhaps but we were keen to include a boot from an up and coming brand and since they signed John O’Shea on a two-year contract, Concave certainly comes in to that category.

O’Shea is the company’s first major signing and he’ll doutbless be providing a great shop window for them playing week in, week out for Manchester United.

Patented technology on the top of the boot gives players 30% better control and 15% more power, according to an accredited university study. Concave is unique in that respect.

concave pt+ xmas top 5

Those performance improvements are derived primarily from the most effective ‘sweet spot’ ever introduced — rated at four times larger than traditional football boots.' '  The benefit is an upper that conforms to the convex shape of the ball – essentially “hugging” the ball.

The Shank Balance Stabilizer or SBS provides support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area to help control balance between the front and rear of the foot. The SBS protects from an over extension of the middle of the boot – too much flexibility can lead to metatarsal bone damage.

xmas top 5 concave pt+

MetaGuard is an extra layer of protection built into the boot. It’s a unique upper design featuring a flexible layer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers) and reinforced cushioning foam composite offering increased protection against the occurrence of metatarsal injuries by adding a protective layer to the top of the foot.

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  1. says: Hugh

    Dont agree with Concave being there if I am honest, Puma V1.10 for the flash, too many classical looking boots
    1: Pred X (tech)
    2: CTR 360 (innovative)
    3: Speciali (classical, comfort)
    4: Lotto (classical, comfort)
    5: Puma V1.10 (cool, speed)

  2. says: kuuku

    Excellent list! All the boots look amazing and I was particularly interested to see the lhotto boot which I had not seen before.

    I have one gripe about the concave boot though. It’s obviously quite good and amazing but the sweet spot is placed where you have to think about using it. The CTR 360 and predator sweet spots are naturally placed and will be used often. Fabregas even used his pass pad naturally when scoring for spain yesterday against austria. But for the concave I don’t see how often you would be using that strike zone except for a clearance or a shot. So for normal play it isn’t useful at all unlike the other strike zones on other boots.

    And I heard if you don’t hit the ball right with the zone it doesn’t help with power or accuracy at all. John O’Shea against france; if he was wearing the concaves he proved that very well with a mis-kick when totally free at the far post. Had he got the strike on with that nice concave zone maybe the ball was going powerfully and accurately into the net. He didn’t get it perfectly and so it went into the sky……

  3. says: ill-d

    i have a feeling concave still have a few kinks to iron out. but still, i think they are onto something and applaud their effort to stand up to the bigwig boot companies. im sure they’ll get better with each new release, seeing as though they really took into consideration all the gripes people had with the first incarnation of the concave boot for this current release.

    how bout the under armor dominate? i hear it is incredibly comfortable…

  4. says: murat

    jolly… but whats the deal about lottos and concave over puma? and, even tho predator x is new and every1s excited about it, id prefer an adipure 2 but u write the articles, u make the decisions.

  5. says: hunter

    1 i agree with the statements that concavehas room to improvve. but if they do improve and get some new boots out there i MIGHT consider buying them even though im a HUGE mercuial vapor fan i think they are amazing but u have to have the right foot for them soo i agree with footy-boots choice of the ctr 360

  6. says: Paul

    Copa about to become synthetic? Evidence? Link? I’ve never heard of this. It wouldn’t make sense one bit, if this is just forum rumours, I really can’t see it happening.

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