A report announced by the Liberal Democrats found that Premier League clubs charge too much for a pint of beer.

CHELSEA CHARGE £4 A PINTDuring the current economic climate, many people will be looking at ways to cut back and save a few pennies, Chelsea supporters may not need to look much further than their half time pint to cut back.

In a report announced by the Liberal Democrat party, Premier League clubs have been researched to see how much they charge their supporters for a pint of beer and Chelsea, unsurprisingly sit top of the table;

The Premier League Price of a Pint

Chelsea – £4
Arsenal – £3.50
Manchester City – £3.50
West Ham – £3.50
Fulham – £.3.50
Tottenham Hotspur – £3.30
Sunderland -£3.20
West Bromwich – £3.20
Newcastle – £3.20
Aston Villa – £3.20
Everton – £3.20
Manchester United – £3.00
Liverpool – £3.00
Stoke – £3.00
Hull – £3.00
Blackburn – £3.00
Portsmouth – £3.00
Bolton – £2.90
Middlesbrough – £2.80
Wigan – £2.70

Don Foster, the Lib Dem spokesman for culture, media & sport;

As if extortionate ticket prices weren’t bad enough, top flight football clubs are charging over the odds for a pint. This blatant profiteering should not continue to go unnoticed.

When will Premier League football clubs learn to stop taking their loyalty for granted?

The national average for a pint is £2.76, with only Wigan charging less than that, whilst Chelsea are charging £1.24 above the country’s average.

Is this another case of football clubs exploiting their fans, or should fans pay more for a pint during a game?

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  1. says: Mike

    4 pounds for a pint isn’t that bad. At baseball game here in the USA they charge $8 (5.5 pounds) for a beer (less than 3/4 of a pint). You guys are lucky.

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