After some of the wonder goals from previous rounds and the high drama of the semi-finals, the Champions League final may not have delivered edge-of-your-seat, 90 minute excitement but what it did give us was a truly dominant performance by Barcelona, the new kings of Europe.

In what was described as the dream final, they proved far too strong for Premier League champions Manchester United and deservedly ran out winners by 2 goals to nil.

Footy Boots looks back at the game and charts the Football Boots timeline.

Early chance

Two minutes in and Manchester United are applying the pressure. The English side win a free kick and Ronaldo’s effort is fumbled by Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Ji-Sung Park looks favourite to get to the rebound first but former United defender Gerard Pique intervenes and scrambles the ball away to safety.

CL final - cristiano ronaldo nike superfly

Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly


United are still the team looking the most dangerous but their spell of domination is ended by Barcelona’s first real attack of the final with 10 minutes gone. Andres Iniesta injects some pace through midfield and releases Samuel Eto’o in to the United box. The Cameroon international is allowed to turn inside by Nemanja Vidic and with his new Puma v1.08’s, he fires the ball past Van der Sar. 1 – 0.

CL final Andres Iniesta T90 Laser ii

Andres Iniesta – Nike Total 90 Laser II


Iniesta may have been an injury doubt before this game but it looks like no-one told the player himself! Along with Xavi, he’s running midfield and already United are chasing the game. Then a mesmerising bit of skill from Lionel Messi as Carrick, Rooney and Vidic are all given the run around.

CL final Xavi Adidas Predator Rome

Xavi – adidas Predator Rome

Woodwork time

United have brought on Carlos Tevez for the second half but it’s not making much difference. Barcelona are still the dominat force and nearly double their advantage when Xavi hits the post. His curling effort beats Van der Sar but smacks the upright and rebounds away to safety.


Twenty minutes are left as United fail to clear and the ball falls to Xavi. He strolls forward and sends his cross towards Messi who has split the United centre backs. For a moment it looks as if the pass is too high, but the diminutive genius seems to hang in the air and expertly sends his header in to the corner of the net. 2 – 0.

CL final - Lionel Messi F50i

Lionel Messi – adidas F30i /F50i


United try and mount a response but Ronaldo’s effort is blocked by Valdes and once again, it’s the Spanish side who look the more dangerous. Even their defenders are getting in on the act as Carlos Puyul, the expected weak link at right back, plants a firm header goalwards but too close to the United keeper.

CL final - Carlos Puyol Nike Tiempo II

Carlos Puyol – Nike Air Legend II

Full time

It’s all over and Barcelona are the champions. The phrase reverberating around Rome and Manchester is: “We were beaten by a better team.” No doubt about it. They were.

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  1. says: Jo

    Messi’s F50i’s were mint! The other F50s are no where near as good (though I thought the black and white F50+ were sick)

  2. says: harvz

    messi wasnt wearing the F50i in training, look at the blades they’re white and if you look in the game, he is wearing the proper f50i

  3. says: VB

    I believe he wears the F50i but with the blades. They’re some kind of a hybrid between the F50i and F30. Must think that the bladed studs are better than the circular ones. I agree with him.

  4. says: harvz

    nah, its not a hybrid, look at all pictures of him in the onld f30’s there exactly the same as you would find in any shop, prob true about the blades though they are much better than circular ones.

  5. says: Hugh

    yeah they are the same material and everything but he does’nt like the manouevrable parts. Adidas shud really make a boot that Messi will endorse that is top of their range!

  6. says: kevin

    Etos pumas were the nicest looking boots and definately had a great match scoring in the 10th minute.

    Messi’s f50i really looked impressive. Officially a real competitor to the vapor line of nike. Great match for messi as well.

    Giggs made a decent debut for the rebokk instante. Hope they make for a good boot.

    Btw GO BARCA!!!

  7. says: bob

    I think United just had a bad game. Barcelonas first goal was unexpected and just poor defending. Messi’s goal also could have easily been prevented. You knowm Chelsea has lost to tier 3 sides but whos the better team in reality? Chelsea. It does matter who wins in the end however. United should have stuck to a 4-4-2, put scholes in, had fletcher, etc. Ronaldo missing like 6 shots and park mising his 2 chances was just ridiculous. I personally belive united is the better team. The idiot who said F50 can compete with nike vapor…is an idiot (?) Vapors are supposed to be light (even though they are getting heavier?) and all of the f50s ive seen weigh around 11.5 + ounces. So they arent really speed boots. I recoommend puma v1.08s. Toe cap didnt affect me and they are lighter then the vapor 4s and 5s and have a great touch- not to mention durable.

  8. says: Tom

    Please…outside of the first few minutes, Barca dominated the entire game. Aside from a few sparks from Ronaldo, and admittedly missing a couple of sitters, they produced nothing. Barca ran them ragged with their slick passing and possession. Yeah, United missed a couple chances, but so did Barca. How about Xavi’s free kick hitting the post? He had Van der Sar beat. Closer than any or Ronaldo’s efforts. And since when is Fletcher an indispensable player? Barca had a completely makeshift back four, missing Abidal, Alves, and Marquez, and they kept a clean sheet against a full-strength United side. Barca simply intimidated United by scoring early and took advantage of it. And Chelsea better than Barca? You’re havin’ a laugh! Chelsea payed the price for being overly defensive in the first leg. They gambled on their ability to keep out what is arguably the most potent attacking team in football and lost. Serves ’em right for such a cynical strategy.

  9. says: keagan devoe

    hey Lionel Messi i love your new boots.Don’t listen to those other people saying that wore the f30’ are so better than C.Ronaldo.That was a great game you played U did you know that i play soccer too.I am the best on my team even my coach says so.I have you jersey and it has the embossed on it.when i grow up i want to be just like you. i play for NWC Alliance.Well i hope you win a lot of your soccer games.and one more thing can you come to the USA so i can see you in real life and maybe we could play soccer together see you later
    your biggest fan Keagan Devoe

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