Thank UEFA for the Champions League! Just when weeknights were looking inexorably dull, here comes an avalanche of the World’s best clubs and their players to liven up our Tuesday and Wednesday – and to top it off, some of them were wearing some very eye-catching football boots!

Andrey Arshavin – Arsenal

Champions League Football Boots Spots

Diminuative Russian Arshavin provided one of the most interesting spots of the night, wearing his player-issue blackout- Superfly II.

We’re not sure what made the forward change his football boots to this understated colourway, but perhaps we’ll be seeing more of them as he was on great form last night; which would be no bad thing as we know how many of you love this monochrome colourscheme!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – AC Milan

Champions League Football Boots Spots

Zlatan once again creeps into our magic boot-spotting binoculars; last time we let you in on the secret that the big Swede was training in the Nike Tiempo Premier, and last night he started AC Milan’s match in them, before switching back to his Cactus Superfly II

Out only guess would be that it was a decision based on comfort, perhaps Ibra has a niggling foot injury that he’s nursing at the moment and wanted to see how it felt after 45 mins? If we find out, we’ll let you know!

Daniel Alves – Barcelona

Champions League Football Boots SpotsChampions League Football Boots Spots

After flirting with the adidas F50 adiZero for a couple of training sessions, it seems that Alves is back in Nike, albeit very discreetly.

The Barca man is sporting a blacked-out Superfly I, with a bold pair of yellow laces – which might become a good-luck charm for the Brazilian after scoring a great goal against Panathanikos.

Luis Antonio Valencia – Manchester United

Champions League Football Boots Spots

A horrible double-fracture of the left leg for Valencia punctuated a disappointing clash between Manchester United and Rangers on Tuesday night.

Valencia was wearing a custom pair of football boots, which feature the Predator_X‘s upper with a PowerSwerve soleplate, which has also been spotted on the likes of Robin Van Persie, Xavi and David Beckham.

Paulo Cesar – FC Sporting Braga – Big Thanks to Raul7Goal!!

Champions League Football Boots Spots

Braga might have been put to the sword by Arsenal this week, but at least Paulo Cesar looked good doing it!

Cesar was sporting the new Mizuno Supersonic Waves whilst spearheading Braga’s attack, which we reckon makes him the first player in the Champions League to do so!

Florent Malouda – Chelsea

FLorent Malouda of Chelsea in Nike Football Boots

The only boot-spotting triple we’ve ever seen happened last night, thanks to everyone’s favourite boot-swapper Florent Malouda.

FLorent Malouda of Chelsea in Nike Football BootsFLorent Malouda of Chelsea in Nike Football Boots

Malouda was clocked in the warm-up wearing black-out CTR360 Maestri‘s, before starting the match in Challenge Red T90 Laser III, and then seeing the game out in the CTR360 Meastri Elite!

Any that we missed?

Leave us a comment below with your best spots from this week!

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  1. says: Sionaldinho


    Aiden McGeady was wearing F50 chameleon f50 Adizeros, that makes another player that Puma (v1.10 wearer before) have lost to the adizeros.

  2. says: perrygroves

    Like Alves, Yossi Benayoun and Zhirkov were also still sporting Superfly 1’s. Is it me or are the Superfly 2’s still struggling to make an impact? Players who do wear them are not even going for that adaptive stud technology either. I will say this as though, I think the Cactus Superflys are finally raising its profile a bit. Players like Walcott, Chamakh (yes I know he plays in Vapors), Johnson have been giving it a good run out in the EPL. Not many players adopted the original Violet colourway at the launch time and many stuck with the Superfly 1 (e.g. Drogba) and some still are as I have highlighted. Maybe its just a colourway issue. Dont forget there is a nasty pink berry colourway out soon too so everyone apart from Nikolas Bendtner will be looking forward to that!

    As for the Adizero, still dominating things. Even the girly white/pink versions are getting a run out now e.g. Samir Nasri and Gareth Bale.

  3. says: else

    nike should forget about gimmicky technologies like the adaptive studs and stick with the soleplates and stud configurations that work (merc vapor sl), it’s not a coincidence that almost every elite player asks for the plates on the superfly II’s to be changed, or just doesn’t wear them at all, and instead wears older versions

  4. says: mizuno loves my feet

    is there no any other picture of valencia’s boots? i mean of all pictures show us THAT picture?? man, i hate seeing broken feet..i struggle avoiding those kind of pictures’s everywhere..i guess i have to off the internet!! huhu

    nice boot spoting though..

  5. says: Delmin

    Peter Crouch was wearing his WC boots

    A Zilinia player was wearing WC adidas’s (which is rare – and they are a blinding colourway imo)

    Sturridge was wearind Pred DBXs in the warm-up for CFC on Weds

  6. says: Fifinho


    @Francesc: no they’re not a new colourway, just not that many pros have opted to wear them that’s all 🙂

  7. says: luuk

    i hope zlatan keeps playin on the Superfly’s cause for me he is the best striker ever and he needs to play on blingbling shoes en not on the oldskool nikies. and is adizero so good selling i have F50.8 rave green and i keep the blisters coming so i bought the 100 euro version of the preds and bye blisters hello Good shoes il like F50 and Vapors but i need good shoes dat fits me cause i wanna play not have blisters by goodlooking shoes
    greetzz from the netherlans,

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