Challenge Footy Boots

premier league predictions

In the final week of the Premier League, there are always strange scorelines. For predictors, it sorts the men from the boys.


1 Point – for getting the result right, for example picking the correct winner, or selecting a draw.

3 Points – for getting the scoreline right, for example 2-0.

Footy Boots scored 5 points, but the clear winner by a distance of 5 points was KTS, well done! Runner up this week was newcomer Zain with a respectable 7.

Come back soon for more Challenge Footy Boots at Euro 2008.

Final Weeks Results

FixtureFB PredictionKTSActual result
M’boro V Man City1-10-18-1
Birmingham V Blackburn
Chelsea V Bolton
Derby V Reading1-20-20-4
Spurs V Liverpool
West Ham V Aston Villa
Wigan V Man Utd0-10-20-2
Everton V Newcastle1-11-23-1
Portsmouth V Fulham1-10-10-1
Sunderland VArsenal1-31-20-1