ChelseaThe ever so crafty and well prepared Petr Cech has revealed why he will be wearing his dazzling orange goalkeepers shirt in Moscow tonight.

Cech Orange ShirtAs Manchester United and Chelsea make their last minute preparations for the all English Champions League final in the Russian capital, the Blues keeper has explained why he will be walking out of the tunnel in a shirt, the colour of which resembles a satsuma after one too many sunbed sessions.

First worn during Chelsea’s final Premier League game of the season, the all orange Adidas kit puzzled many with its garishly bright appearance. However, rather like Baldrick in Blackadder, Cech has a cunning plan and no, it’s not because he’s now being sponsored by Tango (Super, Ralph).

Petr Cech talking to The Times:

Petr Cech Orange It’s been scientifically proven that you shoot at targets when you see one.

Even when a player wants to shoot into the bottom corner, they see the orange shirt and they can’t ignore the colour because it’s attractive to their eyes. It happens quickly and subconsciously, but eyes cannot ignore such a bright colour.

The studies say the colour is like an alarm or alert which spreads and is very difficult to avoid. I found this out from a Russian guy working at Sparta Prague when I was there four years ago. He showed me all his studies and I was very impressed.

Ah, now we see. So Wembley must have been using orange corner flags when Geoff Thomas went for goal against France in 1992? Or, maybe not.

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