Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has added his voice to the long list of shot-stoppers who are unhappy with many of the football’s used in today’s top competitions.

In particular, Casillas was critical of the Champions League ball, the adidas Finale 9, which he described as having an untrue flight which made life extremely difficult for goalkeepers.

casillas unhappy with finale 9

In an interview with the Spanish sports daily AS, Casillas said:

casillas unhappy with adidas balls I am sorry but it has got to the stage where it just can’t be allowed to continue.

How they make the balls makes things difficult these days, particularly the one for the Champions League. The flight is terrible, you saw that at the Confederations Cup and the European Championship.

The ball used in the league is a bit better, it can do strange things but not many. The other one is a complete disaster.

Responding the goalkeeper’s criticism, adidas issue Footy Boots with an exclusive quote which said:

adidas rebuff casillas claims adidas have provided match balls for the world’s three premium football competitions in the Champions League, Europa League and the World Cup since 1970, which stands them in good stead to produce balls which meet the very high demands of modern football.

' adidas, together with Uefa, have designed the official match ball for this seasons Champions League competition – the Finale 9. The ball features PSC-texture technology that increases control but also increases grip for outfield players and goalkeepers.

All match balls are put through rigorous testing from Fifa and have to meet strict guidelines before they are approved for usage.

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  1. says: Alex

    AS a player, i think the adidas teamgeist balls are fantastic. They’re very easy to hit and swerve like crazy.Im sure they cause nightmares for goalkeepers though.

  2. says: ivan7mexico

    Yah that’s tru right there im on casillas side ;;;;
    Since im a gollie to 😉
    These new balls are addinq to much effect to the ball & not givinq a tru shot so it trips out the golies;;;;
    But im middfielder to & in that part its an advantage cus free kicks are gettinq way to easy to score cus u could bend the ball & put it on the target u want;;;;;;
    But it could allways be the shooter who is puttinq the effect in tha shot 😉

  3. says: fifinho

    it’s not so much that they don’t fly TRUE (i don’t really think that’s the right word) but they’re more likely to swerve and easier to curve which would make it a nightmare for goalkeepers i can understand

  4. says: Splinter09

    @Armando I’m with you all the way. But I think Adidas and other football manufacturers don’t need to invest money in creating balls that have more control and grip, that is up to the player’s skills making life easier for guys that millions and millions each year doesn’t sound right to me. in fact they should make balls that are harder to control and to grip.

  5. says: kevin

    I agree with casillas. Im a midfielder and now a days I barely strike a ball and it happens to curve. You dnt need to much skill to curve a ball now a days..=\

    its taking a lot of beauty out of soccer.

  6. says: Yen

    well nowadays people seem to market football as ”boots can make u do soooo much better”. When it can’t. so i guess its only slightly natural for the football producers to make balls which do make a player perform better. But that takes away a slice of technique needed to take a free kick or just any set pieces.

  7. says: fizz

    the adidas $130 balls are very light, and have excellent grip in wet weather. and yes they fly far and somewhat unpredictably.

    football fans want to see goals, and with this ball they will see more. its pure marketing on adidas’s part.

  8. says: Bil

    Yes it is unfair to goalies that the brands make balls that are meant to help the players. What really needs to happen is consistancy. If EPL, La Liga, etc would use the same balls that were to be played in Champions League, World Cup, and Euro then the players would have nothing to complain about because they’d be used to playing with them…

  9. says: bigtrainpete

    Let’s get back to the Adidas Tango balls for European matches and International competition…and the Mitre Delta (Red in England, Blue in Scotland) for the domestic games!

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