Iker Casillas will be carrying more than the hopes and dreams of millions of Madridistas when he takes to the pitch in the UEFA Champions League tonight, as his new Reebok Goalkeeper gloves will also bare the logo of his charity.

Iker Casillas Reebok Goalkeeper Gloves

Having previously worn the Valde series of Reebok Goalkeeper gloves, the World Cup winner will be between the sticks tonight in a brand new pair of Reebok gloves.

The new Reebok Casillas Zigtech Goalkeeper Gloves feature the same ZigTech foam from the adidas-owned brand’s popular ZigTech trainers, across the back of the gloves for re-enforcement.

The rest of the glove is cut from 4 mm thick latex on both the front and the back, for maximum comfort and absorption when catching and punching.

The latex sits on a unique reinforced mesh body, that’s designed to move with Casillas’ hands, as well as keep them cool during the match.

The palms themselves are made of a graphite latex that’s an additional 2mm thick, for optimum adhesion with the ball as well as lightness and flexibility.

New Iker Casillas Reebok Goalkeeper Gloves

Most interestingly, the wrist-strap of Casillas’ new goalkeeper gloves now features the logo of his charity; the ‘Iker Casillas Foundation’. Casillas uses his charity for various means including; humanitarian work, donations to needy children, gender equality – you name it!

Casillas will be the only goalkeeper in the world to wear these gloves, and is confirmed to wear them for the two Champions League matches against Barcelona.

After that, we’d have to guess that it’ll be a case of if Madrid win and progress to the final, Casillas will wear them for the rest of the year! Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (8 votes, average: 8.50 out of 10)


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    1. says: Matt

      That is because the wrist strap on the official Casillas replica gloves available for sale in the shops and those worn by Casillas himself are different, with the strap on the official replica glove a far more experimental design. It is constructed from a long piece of fabric, stitched to the lower backhand of the glove and cutting diagonally across it, wrapping all the way round the wrist of the palm side of the glove, coming round the backhand again and fastening on the palm side. But Casillas himself has his gloves tailored, opting for a much simpler and traditional plain white wrist strap with his name on instead

      1. says: Filip

        Matt, that’s maybe right.

        But there are 2 more things:
        The glove on the upper pic doesn’t seen to have finger save and the palm is different.

  1. says: elias

    these are definitely not the same gloves at all. casillas wears a negative cut glove, does not have finger protection, and has an ols-school uhlsport double-closure on it (as you can see in the picture of him at the top), and casillas’ gloves dont have indented foam. so basically its only the backhand design and the casillas name that reebok are selling. look at the pictures and research it more, they are totally different

  2. says: Chris B

    There a number of things different between the two pairs, and this is because Casillas has requested Reebok to make them to the specifications he wants.

    One of the main thing is the fingers on the glove. Casillas’ left glove only has a thumb and 3 finger gussets instead of 4. This is because he suffered a hand injury, and has his 3rd and 4th fingers in one single larger gusset, so he can strap them together. His gloves do not contain fingersave, so I’m guessing that this is Reebok improvising another form of finger protection, as perhaps not many of the public would want a glove with only 3 finger gussets and have to strap their fingers.

    The wrist strap on Casillas’ gloves will also have been tailored to his demands, so Reebok has given the public something different, as again, maybe the public would not want the same design.

  3. says: Wicky

    I am a Casillas fan and tried out a pair of Reebok gloves because of it. They are a similar style to the ones that are for sale here. I would like having Casillas’s modifications especially the closure system with the extra grip on the wrist. His style put into these gloves would make me want to buy them much more. I think reebok should take a chance on his personal preferences because his name is how this glove will sell anyway.

  4. says: yasaman

    hi every body. who ever had seen iker(my love) ? i miss him so much and i wana see him .i never care about what peopel say caus say some …. things . u see what i mean so i want just tell u i love iker and no body can be like him and im from iran:d

  5. says: Unknown

    It seems like your not allowed to have finger stocks in official fifa because as i watch soccer alot i don’t think i have ever seen a keeper wear gloves with finger stocks and They would not retail the same bloody gloves as the keeper the one shown in the picture is most probably trying if you think about it if the best goalkeeper in the world is using them they must sell

    P.s i just remembered thats cassilas’s old gloves in the top picture and new one in the bottom

    If anyone has found those gloves could they possibly tell me the price by posting to this document or if you buy it online show me where please

    p.s.s I made a mistake they’re allowed to wear finger stocks but most dont because they think they’l look like panzies

    Many Thanks

  6. says: marina

    hola iker eres guapisimo y aparte buena persona seguro que como padre serias el que mas a!! y soy del barsa pero no importa porque para mi eres el mejor y eso no hay equipo que lo cambie no sabes como me gustaria conocerte seria como un sueño hecho realidad t.k.m

  7. says: abdulla

    casillas is the best goalkeeper ever i’am casillas’s biggest fan i like hes gloves and boots and shirt and i like hes face
    i cant see casillas lose.

  8. says: diego lillo

    Why js it that casillas glove on his left had the 2 middle fingers are joined for 1 glove whole hasn’t any one noticed instaed or 4 diffrent finger hole the the right hand is normL ? :s

  9. says: diego lillo

    abha some one answer my question bout his left glove it middle fingers are joins for 1 hole why !?!?!? And gongrats I live in barac but real Madrid all the way 🙂

  10. says: samantha

    what is the actual name of the cloves he’s waering and in the photo coz ive been trying to buy some. look super comfy nd cool

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