Caring For Synthetic Leather Football Boots

Synthetic leather football boots are becoming more and more popular. Nike have the Mercurial Vapor’s, Puma the V1.06 and Adidas +F50 TUNiT.

In fact, nearly all of the major football boot manufacturers now have a synthetic upper football boot, but how do you clean these boots which are not made from leather?

Follow the instructions from the first series, Caring for your Football Boots. However, you do not want to use any abrasive brush or cloth on the football boot upper.

Also, do not use any oil, Dubbin or nourishment on your synthetic leather football boots. Synthetic leather football boots can be damaged if you use a detergent or a polish.

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  • my nike mercurials were great until i realized that the material (the upper) is slowly coming apart from my studs. I havent even finished a full season with them.
    got any tips on what to use to adhere the boots back together, i have tried super glue but it doesnt work.
    I need help bad, i have provincials soon.

    • With mercurials they are very delicate and they get separated very easily. I myself have a pair of vapour 8 and they don’t last long. Return them with the 6 month warranty get some hypervenoms 🙂

  • I have black marks on my vapors aswell. Ive had them 4 days and played about an hour in that. After striking the ball several times i have the dark marks the size as a fiftey pence peace. How do you get them off? Anybody know.

  • to get the marks off u have to go to a shop and ask for some nice leather boots. then get some polish the same colour from a shop and use this after every game.

    no marks on boots job done!

  • here is a better idea take nail polish remover and a ear bud  put the nail polish remover on the ear and wipe it off

  • I bought a pair t90 laser iv’s and iv worn them, slightly kicked a ball about in the garden and I have a slight black mark on one already. I’m worried about playing in them now with all these coments about the marks :/
    maybe there’s a away to prevent it from happening but not a way of getting rid of those already there.
    These are £140 worth so I’m confused why this would happen already with such a price.

  • Help please I have Adidas x 16.2 red limit pack colour way and I was playing football on AstroTurf and now I got black marks and I can’t get them off, I tried to scrub them off but ended up making my studs have a dent, please help me

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