adidas Samba Pack

Phew. What a couple of weeks it has been for the Three Stripes. After a batch of teasers and the eventual reveal of the Enlightened Pack, adidas then went on to launch the incredible F50 Yamamoto' a boot that’s sure to be one of the most talked-about this year.

Now, it looks like adidas have something else planned for this month with an all-new teaser campaign hitting Youtube today.

Currently two videos titled ‘Game On’ and ‘Full On or Be Gone’ respectively, there’s no shortage of clues in the fleeting moments that each video lasts for as to what adidas have up their sleeve.

A healthy dose of typically Brazilian imagery, along with the presence of Oscar and Dani Alves and the official World Cup branding set to an auto-tuned, electro-samba beat signifies that adidas are looking to capture the spirit of the country hosting this summer’s World Cup in an exciting and innovative way.

adidas have teased a new collection of footwear ‘Built for Brazil’ on their US retail website, and we could hardly be more excited.

As well as bold and dyanamic colourways, there should be a couple of entirely new models for some of adidas’ most-acclaimed football boots’ too.

adidas Samba Pack - Built for Brazil - Teaser

However, the teasers all point to a 06/11/2013 reveal date, so we’ve still got a couple of days to enjoy the teasers and look forward to the big showcase.

Speaking of teasers, we’ll be uploading the third – ‘Make the Play or Make Way’ later this afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hunt or be Hunted:

Fly or Die:

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