Brand Beckham Brings in the Bucks

David Beckham Starts Repaying His Massive Fee to Los Angeles Galaxy

The week ends with better news for Adidas sponsored David Beckham, following his real or fake photos. His bosses at LA Galaxy are already starting to see the effects of Brand Beckham, which was so strong at Manchester United and Real Madrid. The club has already sold 7,000 new season tickets, found new sponsors and seen a healthy increase in its merchandise sales.

In total, analysts estimate he has bought in $13.3million in revenue so far, even before kicking a ball for Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham’s basic salary of $5.5 million dollars a year been covered in what now looks like an astute move by the LA moneymen. Beckham also gets a cut of the merchandise and promotions, so he will be smiling under his quiff today as well.

Galaxy have lined up friendlies with Chelsea and Rangers in a bid to become a global football club in the space of a few months, a feat which has taken Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona decades. But with constant talk of fellow Adidas favourite Zinedine Zindane showing up in his Adidas Predator Gold at Galaxy, will the Americans be able to do in a few months what the Europeans have taken generations to and build a global football team, all without having won a competition, league or even a game? That’s unlikely, unless Galaxy start playing like the galácticos they emulate.

Like him or loathe him, the truth remains that wherever he goes, Beckham sells!

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