Chelsea won the Cup, Hiddink has returned to Russia, Manchester United can go on their holiday’s celebrating a treble – domestic season done and dusted. Well, not quite.

There remains the question surrounding Jose Bosingwa’s boots worn during the FA Cup final victory over Everton.

The Portuguese international has worn adidas competitively all season although there has been the odd occasion where he’s been pictured in training wearing the Umbro Speciali.

As the build up to the final intensified, Bosingwa wore his adiPure II’s as recently as last Wednesday but by Friday, he was once again in the Speciali, the boot he ultimately decided to wear in the big game, as did his team mate John Terry though he had a fully customised version.

Additionally, Bosingwa looked to have removed or blacked out the Umbro logos from the boots, though the imprinted logo on the sole was clearly visible throughout the match.

Bosingwa in action in adidas earlier this season

Footy Boots asked both adidas and Umbro for reaction to Bosingwa’s actions and adidas have been in touch with the following quote:

bosingwa adidas umbro boots fa cup final Jose Bosingwa is not sponsored by adidas but chose to wear adiPure boots during a successful season for Chelsea FC.

So there you have it. Mystery explained.

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  1. says: Fenboy

    Have to say this is a weird one.,

    If his adidas contract has expired, then why was he wearing adipures in training on Wednesday and why also the need to try and hide the Umbro logos on Saturday?

    I wonder if he’s been a naughty boy?

  2. says: Jed

    I bet he is trying to push for a new contract as his Adi contract is due up.

    Will be interesting to see if Adi or Umbro comment and let us know.

  3. says: mp

    Wonder if his adidas weren’t doing the job on the much-maligned Wembly pitch, so he borrowed some Umbros from a teammate.

  4. says: Scot

    The adi pures will have been produced via chelsea’s kit sponsor adidas.
    My two younger brothers one of which is signed with Newcastle which he has been provided with countless pairs of adi pures this season.
    My other brother is Contracted to Boro who as of next season will be sponsored by Adidas and they have all had pre-ordered adi pures as boot of choice through the club.
    This may explain why he continues to wear the adidas boot from time to time.
    The umbro boot will more than likely come from player to boot satisfaction. I.e his mood on the day or even the varied difference between the sole plates on the Adidas boots to the Umbro.

    1. says: fenboy

      Sorry martincillo, I disagree.

      A bloke wears one boot for the entire season and then, in the biggest game of his season (CL apart) he changes to a boot he’s worn twice in training.

      That, to me, is strange.

      Just think if he’d done a Keiron Gibbs, fallen over and presented the opposition with a goal he’d have been mullered.

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