In recent times, Mizuno have begun to make great strides from cult status towards commercial success in the western football boots industry. Their recent releases Ĺ› the Supersonic Wave and, particularly, the Wave Ignitus Ĺ› have demonstrated outstanding technical innovation and ambition to compete with the big hitters.

Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

The Morelia, however, is distinctly lacking in the ‹Ĺ›Mukaiten˘€žË˜ and ‹Ĺ›Feather Touch˘€žË˜ departments. Featuring a full k-leather upper and a large classically-styled fold over tongue, the Morelia is Mizuno˘ Copa Mundial: it has been around for 25+ years without undergoing major changes, and it remains enduringly popular with football boot purists.

Intriguingly, the classic Morelia has a double existence. There is the ‹Ĺ›mass produced˘€žË˜ Morelia, widely available in the UK, which is made in China or Indonesia. But there is also the handcrafted Morelia, which is made in Japan to the strongest standards of quality control, and is much more difficult to find. The Japan-made Morelia sold to the Asian market is known as the Morelia II, while the European market version is the Morelia Pro Japan.

Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of Japan-made Morelias with an astro turf outsole Ĺ› the Morelia AS. Unusually for an astro boot, the Morelia AS features exactly the same upper specifications as its firm and soft ground siblings; thus, we have the rare luxury of a full k-leather astro boot.

Small disclaimer – I’m not a fan of the a big tongue on any pair of football boots, so all reviewing on these Morelia Pro Japans was carried out after I removed the tongue!


Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

I make no apologies for talking in great detail about comfort and fit, because: 1) they are, in my opinion, the most important criteria for a pair of football boots and 2) they are the areas in which the Japan-made Morelia AS really excels!

As we˘€žË˜ve come to expect from Mizuno, the boots feels perfectly comfortable straight out of the box. That is, until you wear them in slightly and discover a level of comfort above perfect! No exaggeration, the Japan-made Morelias are without doubt the most comfortable pair of football boots I have ever worn. This is largely down to the wonderfully soft and supple k-leather upper, which is fairly thin and exceptionally breathable, making the Morelia a fantastic choice for hot days.

The Morelia has a narrow fit throughout; initially it may feel a bit tight, though not at all painful. After two or three outings though, it feels incredible. The tight double stitch lines over the forefoot ensure that the k-leather does not overstretch, but rather moulds to the lateral shape of the foot for a perfectly snug fit. Thus, the foot is secured inside the boot, and friction is minimised. Such fantastic construction means that the wearer does not have to worry about downsizing.

The Morelia also has a variable width lacing system which extends a long way down the length of the boot. This is a great feature because it allows for a fully adjustable and enhanced fit.

The thick and sturdy support under the heel ensures that the cushioning on the Morelia AS is first class. The insoles I had were the basic glued on flat kind, though the latest Morelias made for the Asian market have removable contoured insoles.


Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

As previously mentioned, the Morelia holds its shape superbly thanks to the high grade k-leather, tight double stitching and generous foam padding which runs all the way down the tongue. Furthermore, the k-leather is treated with water-repellent Scotchgard to prevent water seeping into the boot Ĺ› a common annoyance for natural leather boot lovers.

Having played a 5-a-side match with the Morelia AS in the pouring rain, I can confirm that Mizuno are on to a winner; my feet remained almost completely dry inside the boots. The snug fit probably helps in this regard.

The Morelia˘ heel counter is extremely firm and supportive, more so than on any other heritage boot I have tried. The outsole is also stitched and glued to the upper, which increases the lifespan of these football boots.

One concern I have about the durability of the Morelia AS is that while the rubber studs provide excellent grip, they are starting to wear down quite considerably after
around 10 hours of use. This is happening on both boots, particularly around the edge and towards the front and back of the outsole.

However, I have been playing on the old-style sand-based astro turf, which is nothing short of brutal; maybe the rubber studs would hold up better on modern 3g turf.


Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

The key concept behind the first Morelia 25 years ago was to create a ‹Ĺ›barefoot˘€žË˜ sensation, so as to meet the needs of skilful South American footballers who had grown up playing street football without shoes.

The modern Morelia still adheres closely to this philosophy. At 250g, it is very light for a full k-leather boot. The sole is also extremely flexible, making it easy to spring, change direction and accelerate away.

The snug fit, soft k-leather upper and sponge padding under the forefoot ensure a lovely close feel for the ball. This makes first time control, tight dribbling and quick passing a joy to execute Ĺ› in true South American style.

Somewhat surprisingly, I was also able to generate a great deal of power with the Morelia. There is no need for power gimmicks, because the smooth surface and snug fit across the forefoot provide an especially true contact when striking the ball.


Review of the Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan AS

Located firmly in the heritage category, the Japan-made Morelia has no distinctive features for extra power, swerve, or speed. Instead, the focus is on quality materials, quality construction, and attention to detail. These fundamentals are all too commonly lacking in some modern football boots. Mizuno have asked themselves ‹Ĺ›what does a player really need in order to play to the best of his ability?˘€žË˜

The answer is straight up comfort, excellent fit, and great touch. In this, the Japan-made Morelia delivers in spades.

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    mizuno should be more well known, im waiting for the price of the black or white ignitus to go down so i can take them on my footy trip to valencia in october 🙂

  2. says: channo

    i’ve had enough of people who have tried the morelias, and swear on their ancestor’s grave, their parent’s grave, even on their own grave! -that those are the most comfortable boots they’ve ever wear in their entire life.

    i mean, the only mizuno i’ve ever in love with are the wave ignitus, and i already swearing on my own grave that it’s the most comfortable power boots i’ve ever wear!! (they’re so good, i ended up buying 4 pairs of them: FG, SG, AS, and even IN!)

    enough is enough… that’s it… i’m buying one of those morelias.

  3. says: rory

    good boots, i had a pair 20 yrs ago or more, they had a stand up tounge, like the old puma spa kings, and and sole that was yellow and black, like addidas world cups, cant remem name tho’, hard to find in sports shops tho’, good mizuno that is, really not that big in england, shame really.

  4. says: PrutZ

    I only can agree with this review, I got them a few months ago and they are the most comfortable i ‘ve ever owned. I only play them on the new generation turf and I would like to say that there is no problem with durability with my cleats. Just too bad they ‘re so difficult to find. The quality of those ‘made in Japan’ is just from an other planet.

    nice review mister.

  5. says: Paul

    Supersonic Waves are also of classic design, incredibly comfortable and have a great fit but with a little extra technology to aid on the control department; highly recommended.

  6. says: guests

    Morelias are the best boots ever, I’ve tried them all, believe me. The fit, support, comfort, quality, touch, striking ability, price. End of.

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