Young Bojan Krkic is a player at the centre of a lot of interest at the moment, with clubs like Tottenham and Liverpool apparently setting their sights on the Barcelona star – but there’s one thing we’re more interested in – and that’s his football boots!

Bojan - Football Boots - CTR360 II

The Barcelona youngster has been a long-time associate of Nike, and in the past has been a key figure for advertising the Mercurial Vapor, recently however, the Linyola-native has been playing the powerful T90 Laser III – opting for the comfort and accuracy that these football boots provide.

So, imagine our surprise when we saw snaps of the Spain U-21 international in a pair of CTR360 II‘s!

Bojan - Football Boots - CTR360 II

Clearly taking football boots tips from team-mate Andres Iniesta, Bojan has opted for Nike’s newest cleats, designed for passing accuracy and control.

As far as we know, this makes Bojan one of the only players ever to make his way through 3 boot silos this season – we can’t help but wonder if he knows he’s only the Tiempo Legend off scoring a full house!

Bojan - Football Boots - CTR360 II

One thing we can’t help but notice, is that Bojan seems to be switching to more comfortable boots each time (In our opinion the Lasers are more comfortable and cushioned than the Vapor, and the CTR360 II has more room in the toes than the Laser) – so perhaps he’s carrying an injury and is looking for more support and cushioning from his football boots.
On a completely different note, this photo marks the first time we’ve seen the ‘Qatar Foundation’ logo on a piece of Barcelona kit – how do you think it looks?

Hopefully it’s just a placeholder as – let’s be honest – it’s mind-numbingly dull for an institution that can afford to spend £125m on a shirt deal and then not hire a decent graphic designer to make them a swish logo!

Huge thanks to David D – our boot-spotter in chief for letting us know about this one!

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  1. says: Emil

    He has gone through almost every single model of the nike boots hasn’t he! It’s interesting to see is he’s doing it for proper physical/comfort issues, or for a bit of luck, because this season hasn’t been his most productive one… getting almost no playing time, and not doing much whenever he has some… I hope it really shines up for him with the new boot choice…

    and regarding the logo, come on… it’s a training shirt, no one really cares if it’s ugly, you use it for training… you sweat in it for a good 2 hours of training and then you throw it in the wash… it’s not even for sale. Hopefully if the QF logo will be on the new season shirt, they’ll try to achieve a good logo or something.

  2. says: kyle

    @diko – that’s amazing! Great spot – I’ll update the article later on to show he’s gone through all four boots!

  3. says: Splinter09

    Mes que un club! Barça’s shirt will always look nice!

    As for Bojan, make your mind up kid on what football boots you want to wear!

    P.S: Sorry Liverpool and Spurs’ fnas, I doubt it he’ll leave Barça!

  4. says: Nicoacademia

    Font looks like something in Adobe.
    But I guess they’re already so showy with the money – it would be wise to just try to fly things under the radar a little bit – and give a professional look.

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