We love a good community spot here at Footy-Boots, so waking up this morning to an email from fellow football boots fan Johan was exactly what we needed to get that Friday feeling!

Johan came across a video of AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic giving an interview for Nike’s Inside the Pro series on the set of the photoshoot for the Nike Pro Combat Range (that we featured yesterday!) and was sharp-eyed enough to notice the big Swedish striker was wearing a bold blue and silver pair of Nike Mercurial football boots.

Based on previous Nike colourways, we can only guess that these might be Orion Blue/Metallic Silver/Obsidian, but what we know for sure is that these boots haven’t hit the shelves yet.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in unreleased Blue Superfly II's

There are a couple of unique attributes to these football boots that we picked up on, upon closer inspection. Firstly these boots have blue studs, the same colour as the upper – which is a feature that is yet to grace any of this generations top end Mercurial cleats, as both the Mercurial Vapor VI and the Nike Superfly II have Orange FG studs regardless of colourway.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Blue Nike Superfly II

Check out the Barcelona socks! That must mean this video was filmed ages ago!

The lack of a lace-cover and coloured studs implies that these mystery football boots might be a take-down model like the Mercurial Victory, but the high-res (and greyscale) promotional image shows the studs looking more like the Superfly II we know and love.

This could mean one of three things:

We can expect new Superfly II’s to have colour-coordinated studs

Nike Photoshopped the final image to make them look more like their top-end football boots

Or, these were a one-off pair that were designed to look good when converted into black and white for the promo-images.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II football boots

The finished Product with the boots toned-down to grey-scale.

We don’t know that – but our head hurts from all this speculating!

What do you think? Chip in using the comments below!

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  1. says: MisterBroom12

    Frnk, just going to take a shot in the dark and say you’ve never owned the Superfly since you’re saying it isn’t a good boot.

    As for the Superfly in the video, it seems they just took the Voltage Cherry and Photoshopped it with the same color blue that made up the rest of Zlatan’s outfit. The silver instep and black swoosh are the same as the colorway out now.

  2. says: mugen

    maybe these are blue as well as everything he is wearing because it makers it easier for post production to add effects to that colour the same is done with movies that have CGI added to real environments and objects

    but who knows at beginning of the vid he is also wearing the blue ctr’s and the new white orange lasers

  3. says: Rasheed

    When Nike has photoshopped boots in their ads, they’ve usually been reflective of upcoming releases.

    When the print ads for Arsenal’s new home and away kits came out last summer, the boots were photoshopped to reflect upcoming releases – the bright cactus Superfly II and the black/retro CTR 360s. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Superfly II colourway was blue, although I’ve seen some other images floating around the internet of Superfly IIs with white on the outside, silver on the inside pattern and a black swoosh.

  4. says: kuuku

    I have to say his english is excellent! I imagined since he was in sweden then holland then italy and spain that he wouldn’t have needed english like big ronaldo never learned english.

  5. says: shiv

    he is a wuss! he is like 6 ft 4 and ducks/dodges a ronaldo free kick…i doubt those superfly iis will be released…ive given up on them anyway..too expensive and for me personally, kill my feet.

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