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Bikkembergs Football Boots – Bix

bikkembergs.gif football bootsHe may be better known for his fashion designs, but Dirk Bikkembergs is actually the man behind a new football boot.

Although it is not a main stream brand in the UK for football boots, the Bikkembergs brand is strong in the fashion world. The football brand has a strong following in Belgium, Italy, Holland and Germany and is likely to gain strength in other areas of Europe too.

It is perhaps in fashion where many will have seen the unique “pupino” logo that is often adorned by celebrities and football players alike. David Beckham has been known to wear the brand and more recently Michael Ballack was wearing the T-Shirt as he strutted around Stamford Bridge at the start of this football season.

Bix Football Boots

Footy Boots will be providing a full review on the football boots over the coming days. They are currently being worn by Barcelona striker Ludovic Guily and the entire FC Fossombrone team from Italy, more on that to come too.

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  1. says: Jeison Iyasu

    Alan, we have to clue where these boots are sold. Not on or even his site is: … you can check it out Alan; for its retailers.

  2. says: Jeison Iyasu

    I’ve checked, seemed like these boots will never be in USA markets. Strictly in Europe, since I could not find anything about retailers. Also, all sizes are in UK measurement, lol confused.

  3. Hi Jeison, I have talked with Bikkembergs directly about their football boots.

    If you ask me, Bikkembergs are not serious about getting their football boots into the hands of the general public.

    Whilst they were very happy to talk with me whilst I was promoting their football boots, they have since ignored my last two emails.

    1. says: Charles

      I play with the shoes.
      Currently I have a contract so I get them as promo-player.
      Good leather.
      High heel.good balance.
      long lasting.
      But could be improved.
      currently they work on a newer model.

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