We often hear about some pairs of football boots being ‘The lightest’, ‘the fastest’ or ‘the most powerful’ – but which football boots really do the business where it counts?


Thanks to our friends at Kitbag.com, we’ve been able to compile a list of the top-selling football boots for the 2010-2011 season from their website! Want to know which sells more on Kitbag.com? The F50 or the Superfly? The T90 Laser or the Predator_X? Read on to find out!


10. Umbro Stealth football boots

Umbro Stealth Pro II

The Umbro Stealth range has enjoyed a huge boost in profile over the last 12 months; not only is the new Stealth Pro II one of the best looking football boots that Umbro have produced; but the players that choose to wear the Stealth range have been enjoying break-out seasons.

The likes of Gary Cahill, Leighton Baines and Kyle Walker have broken into the England senior squad, and Jonas Guitierrez and Yoshito Endo gave the Stealth a lasting presence at the 2010 World Cup.
9. Umbro GT football boots

Umbro GT Pro Football Boots

Despite not having a presence on Premier League pitches at the moment, the Umbro GT Pro has squeezed it’s way into the Top 10 selling football boots for the season!

One factor that will have certainly contributed to it’s high amount of sales will certainly be it’s smart costing from Umbro; with an £80 RRP, the Umbro GT range is a great alternative to some costlier football boots, and at 235g per boot it’s lighter than many other cleats too.

8. adidas F50 adiZero
football boots

Custom adiZero Football Boots Belonging to Lionel Messi, to be worn in the 2011 Copa Del Rey Final between Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona

Now here’s a surprise; one of the most impressive and well-represented football boots silos in the world appearing so low down the table.

We couldn’t begin to guess why the boots of choice for the likes of Lionel Messi, David Villa, Gareth Bale and Samir Nasri aren’t higher up the list, though we’d speculate that it’s something to do with the ‘sibling’ boots in F50 the range not being as desirable as the likes of the adiNova, Mercurial Miracle or Predator Absolion.

7. Umbro Speciali football boots

Umbro Speciali R Football Boots

One of the most historic football boots to make the top 10 list, we’d have to put die-hard Speciali fans and large, cost-effective range down as the reason for the Speciali’s high ranking.

Even though goal-grabbers like Darren Bent and Andy Carroll give the boots a strong presence in the Premier League, the fact that Umbro’s signature boot offers a full K-Leather upper and a legendary fit for as little as £40 is probably the main reason why it’s such a strong seller.

6. adidas adiPure football boots

adiNova IV

One of our favourite ranges this season, the adiPure line is much like a good top-flight football team; there’s strength in it’s depth.

Even if some players aren’t willing to stretch to the adiPure IV‘s new £120 price-tag; the adiCore & adiNova offer leather uppers, various stud-configurations and the same sumptuous comfort the adiPure line is famed for; at prices for every budget.


5. adidas Predator football boots


A true mainstay of the football boots world, the adidas Predator is one of the top selling series of all time – let alone this year!

Sitting neatly at half-way through the list is the Predator_X – one of the few boots in the list to have gone the full season without a ‘revamp’, the Predator_X has been available in it’s current form since December 2009 – which might explain it’s lower-than-expected sales for the ’10-’11 season.

We’ll be watching very closely to see how the new adidas Predator adiPower performs when it’s released in May!


4. Nike CTR360 football boots

Nike CTR360 II Maestri football boots in Gold/White/Black

Definitely a surprise for the team here at Footy-Boots.com was that the CTR360 wasn’t at least in the top 3!

After a high-profile 2010, the CTR360 enjoyed being one of the most visible boots of the last 12 months, having been on the feet of Andres Iniesta when he scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final, enjoyed a stunning new makeover with the CTR360 II and is also seen by many as the best all-around pair of football boots that Nike produce.
3. Nike T90 Laser football boots

Nike T90 Laser III Football boots in White/Black/Cyan

Another silo like the Predator_X, despite not to undergo a revamp this season the Nike T90 series still manages to be one of top 3 selling football boots of the year!

A steady stream of exciting colourways, the option of a K-Leather upper and a great range of sibling boots are just some of the reasons we can think of behind the T90’s success. Well, that and endorsements from the likes of Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres couldn’t hurt, either. Actually, maybe in Fernando’s case…

2. Nike Tiempo football boots

Nike Tiempo Legend III Football Boots in Team Red/Metallic Platinum/Deep Burgundy

Definitely one of the most pleasantly surprising findings of this list was how popular the Tiempo Legend has remained!

Despite the Tiempo Legend III having been out for Donkey’s years, we’re pretty impressed that so many of the boot-buying public still choose it! We imagine that the Tiempo Legend III’s placing as the cheapest of the 4 Nike Elite Series football boots can’t have done it any harm, and any price-drops usually bring the Legend III and Legend III Elite well into the budget of most players.

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Nike Superfly III football boots

It’s easy to see why the Vapor are the best selling series of football boots this term. Not only does it have the biggest range of boots, available in more soleplates than you can count, the Mercurial range has had a massively high-profile 12 months.

As well as being one of the most visible football boots to see on the pitch with a huge range of high-vis colourways, the likes of the Cristiano Ronaldo-approved Nike CR Safari range and the new Plum Red Superfly III will have put a pair of Mercurials high on the top of many a ‘Must Have’ list.

So, that’s how football boots stacked up against each other in terms of sales in 2010-11; were there any surprises for you? Or was everything ‘as expected’.

Let us know in the comments!


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  1. says: Yudayana

    lmao steven what are you doing here? I tot ya only stick on SB xD

    It’s a surprise Umbro SP2 sold alot. what an underated boots

  2. says: harry


  3. says: harry


  4. says: Ben

    A big reason why Umbro may be so high up on the list is the KitBag is predominantly UK (correct me if I’m wrong here FB), and as an American, I know Umbro isn’t too popular over here, but from what players wear to what I’ve heard, Umbro have always been and will continue to be a mainstay in the UK market. Just my opinion.

  5. says: wingmaster

    well if it would be all shops around the world i bet the f50 and ctr would fight for the first place and then predator/vapor on the third place

  6. says: SkilletBoi

    i think the table’s like this becaus eof kitbalg’s deals, theyve got CTR360 Maestri’s on the for ÂŁ50 in all sizes, and T90 Laser ELITES for under ÂŁ100! so the deals theve put on the umbro items must make them reall appealing, infact i completly ignored the umbro, imma go see what deals i can find

  7. says: FSCMAN

    no one knows this but, the nike mercurial line is done in the summer of 2012, nike is making a new speed boot line. Thats all I know, you can either believe me or not but its true.

  8. says: Deo

    Actually, Kitbag doesn’t sell a wide variety of the adizero range. At the moment, no take down models of adizeros are being sold on kitbag. The reason Umbro may be up there is because Umbro boots were on extreme discount at Kitbag for a while (30 pounds and the like for top models)

  9. says: gtmufc

    Wheres the copa mundial??? I bet global sales for that eclipses all these ‘made in a far east country’ load of rubbish!

  10. says: Gdfggsd

    We all know, who buys the boots from kitbag, so it is not really representative to cite only one shop. It reminds on English “we are still better in cricket” after the Germany 1:4 clash. Nike tries to show us, they are the best by citing just one shop “we are still better on kitbag.com”. But we all and pros (who dont have individual boot contracts) know, which boots are the best. Common Nike, be honest, your commercials are fantastic, but your cleats are crap!

  11. says: Paul

    Copa Mundials in my opinion are the best boots ever made, I’m sure almost anyone thats owned a pair would agree with me, it’s a shame fancy coloured boots grab peoples attention more than heritage & proven long lasting ones.

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