The Football Boot Awards are still racking up votes by the hundreds every day, which means it’s time for another weekly awards!

The Last weekly award for ‘Football of the Year’ was a huge success – with thousands of you voting for your favourite ball of the last 12 months!

adidas will be pleased as punch to hear that the Jabulani came out on top in the battle of the balls, with the T90 Tracer a very, very close second!

Up next is our award for Best Limited Edition Boot. Some football boots are too special to be on the shelves for long, and thus deserve their very own award!

We want you to pick from the 6 contenders and vote at the bottom of the page. Boots from Under Armour, Reebok and Umbro mean this a real chance for the underdogs to roll with the big boys from Nike & Puma- but will your votes give them a chance?

On to the Nominees!

Limited Edition Football Boot of the Year

Limited Edition Football Boot of the Year

Limited Edition Football Boot of the Year

Limited Edition Football Boot of the Year

Limited Edition Football Boot of the Year [poll id=”42″]

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  1. says: Splinter09

    My vote goes to the Puma Kin Unity XL even though I’m a big fan of the Nike Tiempo 94. Why 94 is it something to do with the USA world cup?

  2. says: Ben

    My vote has to go to the Puma Kings. I agree with Splinter09. Yeah, it is designed after the model of Tiempo’s they used in the 94 World Cup (Paolo Maldini…).

  3. says: BT

    What about the Asics Lethal Testimonials in the Indigenous style colours? They have been one of my favourite boots so far!! They are Limited Edition as well!!!!

  4. says: one21

    @footy-boots the voting system is a bit flawed – I checked whether it was possible to make more than one vote on the same boot, so I refreshed the page multiple times and voted, and they all got counted?! That can’t be fair! No wonder the Jubilani won the Football Of The Year vote!!
    Sort it out please!

  5. says: illdthedj

    so glad i swooped on a pair of the tiempo 94s when i did 🙂

    by far my favorite of all of them really.
    i also have all the nike euro boots too ^_^

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