Results are now in, to see the surprising winner, got to this article:


There’s a story going round, probably not true to be honest, about a bloke who was asked this question.


What is the best football poll of all time? After a deep intake of breath and not a little thinking time, he answered “Graham.”

The correct answer, as everyone knows, is of course the Footy Boots Football Boot Awards, voting for which in 2008 gets underway on Monday 21st July.

To get you in the mood however, Footy Boots has decided to conduct a survey as to the best trick ever performed on a football pitch.

These are our favourites, so please don’t email us to say you saw Fred Boggins do something better in an FA Cup 1st round replay at Mansfield in 1973. We won’t believe you anyway.

1) Cruyff Turn. A fantastic trick, brilliantly executed by Johann Cruyff at the World Cup in 1974. Defender Gunnar Olsson of Sweden is probably still running in the wrong direction.

2) Ronaldinho Flik Flak. He’s definitely overdone it on the burgers over the past few months, but when fit and on song, the Brazilian can bamboozle anyone with this piece of skill.

3) Maradona Keepy Uppys. The Argentinian star was a master at this and could use almost anything, even a golf ball. He also used to entertain football crowds at half-time with the Maradona 7, a juggling skill using just the right foot, then left foot, then right and left thighs, then shoulders, and finally just the head.

4) Cristiano Ronaldo Step Overs. Rather than being labelled a one trick pony, Ronaldo has been often accused of using his party piece too often. But his skills served to him to great affect last season as he bagged 41 goals for Manchester United.

5) Lee Trundle Showboat. He may have perfected his skills in the lower leagues but Trundle has a myriad of tricks that have outwitted many a defender. His efforts can be seen regularly on Sky Sports Soccer AM. In fact, he sends a lot of the clips in himself.

6) Rene Higuita Scorpion Kick. The venue was Wembley, the game England v Colombia in 1995. Jamie Redknapp dinks in a cross cum shot and the Colombian keeper dives forward, under the ball and clears with the backs of his heels. Commentator Alan Parry: “Goodness me have you ever seen anything like that in your life from a goalkeeper? Er, no as it happens.

7) Kerlon Seal Dribble. It’s hard enough beating defenders with the ball at your feet. Going past opponents whilst bouncing the ball on your head is just taking the micky. Probably explains why he gets flattened quite a lot.

Results are now in, to see the surprising winner, got to this article:


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  1. says: niamor

    Gotta be the scorps kick classic. he was on the goal line OMG!!! how does ronaldinho trick manage get in here. what about Quaresma’s Trivela and Zidane’s roulette?!?!?!?!?!

    1. says: Fenboy

      As it says in the text Ladies and Gents, these just happen to be our faves. There are of course plenty more we could have included. In fact I was planning to put 15 in, then a repeat of The Professionals popped up on the tele so I stopped at 7. Sorry!

  2. says: Mauricio

    Higuita’s scorpion kick. He was one of the greatest soccer entertainers of all time. I miss watching him playing.

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