The Best Football Boots for Wide Feet

wide feet football boots

If there’s any type of player who has it tough; it’s the ones with wide feet. Always having to worry about their choice in boots, they constantly need to know: 

“Will these cleats be good for wide feet?”

With new releases regularly hitting the market, I’ve compiled an updated list of the best boot options for wide-footed players. 

The Best Football Boots For Wide Feet

First of all, just to familiarise anyone who isn’t schooled on football boots:

– Upper: The Material the top of the boot is made of; typically leather, synthetic leather, synthetic microfibre or mesh.

– Soleplate: The traction plate on the bottom of the boot, Soft Ground (SG) Studs, or Firm Ground (FG) blades or conical studs, with Artificial and Turf options available.

– Toebox: The front of the boot, where your toes go.

– Vamp: The bit on top of the toebox.

– Midfoot: In between the toe and heel, includes the arch of the foot.

– Heel Counter: The ‘Cup’ that locks your heel in place in the boot, could be internal or external.

– Last: The last is the mould upon which the boot is constructed. The last used affects the overall fit of the boot with a focus toward the heel width, instep height, forefoot width, and toe box depth.

The Basics

In our experience, wide feet can be wide in different ways; some have wide toes, others have flatter arches and need a wider midfoot – we’ll be aiming to highlight the good and bad about each boot.

Natural leather – Kangaroo or Calf – will stretch over time, meaning they will become more accommodating, which is why I say leather is usually the better option for wide feet as it stretches and shapes to your foot more than a synthetic boot.

Before we begin, there is no order or rank to the boots listed. Each is diverse in it’s own way.

Adidas Copa Mundial  |  Buy this boot >>


wide fitting adidas copa mundial

Nothing beats a classic, and Whether you’re an Adidas fanatic or a Nike enthusiast, both brands offer a boot of pure beauty and comfort.

A lot of people will say the Mundial has a wider last and suits any foot type compared to Nike’s offerings, I agree. Boasting the old school tongue and riveted soleplate that rarely separates, this gladiator is the oldest boot on the market and there is good reason why it’s still in production today.


Buy the Adidas Copa Mundial >>

The Nike Premier  |  Buy this boot >>

Nike Premier - Top

Featuring a modern style tongue, thin kangaroo leather and a lighter chassis than the Adidas Mundial, The Premier is one hell of a great boot. A lot of people were disturbed by the weight of the Copa and wanted something more slick and modern, well Nike responded and has nailed that demand.

Buy the Nike Premier >>


Adidas Gloro 16.1  |  Buy this boot >>

adidas Gloro football boots

Also to add to this list, there is the Adidas Gloro 16.1. Created in direct competition with The Premier, Adidas crafted a lightweight, affordable, modern leather boot. Now I have to say, the leather only spans from the last lace hole to the toe, so in terms of the mid-foot you’re getting a synthetic leather material that won’t stretch much but in general the last is pretty wide and this boot is definitely and option.

Buy the Adidas Gloro 16.1 >>


New Balance MiUK ONE  |  Buy this boot >>

New Balance MiUK One

New Balance is pretty well known for having comfortable boots, but no one expected them to have wide fitting boots. The MiUK ONE is their newest release, focusing on proper craftsmanship and great quality. With a soft leather upper and the same last as the Visaro Pro, the boot will fit most foot types and then mold right to that foot.

Buy the MiUK One >>


Visaro Pro  |  Buy this boot >>

New Balance Visaro Atomic & Barracuda

Now I feel obligated to give the Visaro a shout out here, and that is simply because New Balance offers this beautiful boot in a wide fitting variation. Now that is absolutely brilliant, and not many people know of this which is why I am mentioning it today. I’ve worn the regular Visaro and it’s already pretty wide, but with the Wide fitting variation, NB lifted the upper giving you more material thus more space for your foot. Not to mention, the boot is extremely comfortable and all around a great performer which also comes in a leather variation for those interested.

Buy the Visaro Pro >>


Nike Tiempo VI  |  Buy this boot >>

wide feet nike tiempo


The Tiempo is a tricky boot for this list, simply because it’s now a one-piece design. Meaning there is no actual tongue and the boot itself is just harder to put on. That being said, the last is pretty wide and the upper is super soft kangaroo leather. Also if the one-piece design isn’t for you, there is always the lower tier Legacy which offers a normal tongue design with super soft leather. So the Legend isn’t the widest fitting boot by Nike, some might contest and say the Magista or Hypervenom, however leather is always the better option in these matters.

Buy the Nike Tiempo >>


Adidas Copa 17.1  |  Buy this boot >>

adidas Copa 17 Red football boots

Now this boot is a real treat, a reinvented version of the original Copa. Much like the original, the upper is made from super soft kangaroo leather and for that it is one again perfect for any foot type. Adidas also gave this beautiful boot a modern soleplate and color update, so for those in love with their original Copas but want something new, here’s your chance.

Buy the adidas Copa 17 >>


Puma EvoPower 1.3  |  Buy this boot >>

The EvoPower is a highly underestimated boot choice, and whenever I get the chance I try and push it to people. Whether you get it in the synthetic or leather variation, the off-centered lacing system makes the last wide and comfortable.

Buy the evoPower >>

There you have it, my list of the wider fitting boots on the market today. 

To conclude, I would like to add that many boots were left off this list simply because the demand for them isn’t as high as these listed. Examples such as boots from Umbro, Mizuno and Diadora are all good, and you should definitely check them out as well. Just keep in mind that leather uppers with traditional lacing and wide lasts are probably your best bet.


  • How about the take-down models? I have a wide forefoot and I am considering something between the Hypervenom phelon, ctr 360 libretto/trequartista and the new tiempo genio.

    • I currently have the Tiempo Genio in the turf model and I can say that the shoe will stretch to fit a wider forefoot. My foot is wider in the forefoot and regular width everywhere else. My pair felt a little tight from first wear although this is probably due to the fact that I went true to size. The new Tiempo line fits a little small (kind of like the Nike Premier or CTR360 Maestri III) and sizing could be tricky. I prefer my leather boots to fit tight from the first wear so I went with my regular size. They eventually stretch and do become very comfortable. Here is how I would order. If you want something that fits with a touch of room at the toe after break in then I would go a half size up. If you want a closer to foot type of feel after break in with minimal room at the toe then go true to size. One thing you might want to consider about the Genio in comparison to the two higher end Tiempo Models is that the Genio does not have a mesh based liner, which on the higher end models would create a boot with almost no stretch, whereas on the Genio the leather will stretch freely. One last note for you to consider is about the other Nike take down models you are considering. I have had very minimal experience with all of them so take my word for what it is worth. The Phelon does have what I would consider to be the widest (and softest synthetic upper for that matter) fit out of the three synthetic take downs you are considering. The CTR360 Series as a whole fits smaller and generally has a medium width fit but does not have any stretch. If you wanted a synthetic boot than the Phelon in my opinion would be the best option since it fits similarly to the Genio because they are built on the same chassis. Now you simply have to decide which option is better for you. Here is the break down of how to decide between the Phelon and Genio. They fit similarly (although you will want to order your regular size in the Phelon as opposed to deciding on how you want the Genio to fit). The difference is in the feel. The Phelon has a thinner feel on the ball that actually is not bad for low end synthetic. The Genio does have a thick leather upper that does become very soft. Ultimately it is heritage versus a speed and that decision is up to your preferences. I hope this helped out a little and that you find the boot that is right for you.

      • Thank you Sir, for taking your time to help me! I believe I would go with the Phelon just to try that “speed boot” feeling, as I recently wore the Tiempo 4 Naturals and the Adidas 11Nova (I personally find the Tiempo 4 better than the 11Nova).

          • Great thread! I found the Trequartista III to be a bit wider in the forefoot. But just a bit, so if you’re a wider foot it’ll probably fit great. The touch and feel is very leather-like and break in is minimal. Mostly just to get the sole to flex. Not a speed-fit, but definitely light and responsive. But, be prepared for sweaty feet. They definitely don’t breathe like leather boots.

        • Also I forgot to mention weight here since you were considering a more speed boot like feel. The Genio on my scale is about 7.7 ounces. That is top end Hypervenom range! The Phelon Weighs in at about the 8 ounce range. I am not sure of the conversion but I believe that is around the 195 to 210 gram mark. Maybe slightly more. but that is really light when considering these are both takedown boots meant to be more durable than high performing. Nike has done great here.

  • I have flat feet with a narrow heel and I wondered, would nike magista or superfly iv allow stretch and support for my arches and which one has a more supportive heel/sock area?

  • I’ve got wide feet and I find the Puma Powercat series (well the two models!) fit mine really well. Can’t say I agree on the Nitrocharge though, I felt that they were very restrictive, along with most Adidas boots (in the normal fit).

  • I creeped around your profile to see more comments regarding your insight on boots. Great stuff, man. Do you think I could pull off rocking the Mercurial Veloce considering I have a wider foot(I run wide through mid-foot and toe-box)? Also do you reckon if I bought a TF version of these would I be able to play with them on FG also? I was thinking about buying the FG version but soccerreviews doesn’t recommend wearing them on artificial grass/turf, since the soleplate wouldn’t hold, I guess. Do reply, please!

  • I’m currently having trouble with my Copa Mundials (astros, not boots). The material on the insole has completely worn down on the inside of my foot, up towards the toes and actually under my big toe. This is on both shoes and it causes some soreness and blisters, which can be uncomfortable to say the least.

    I have wide feet, particularly towards the toe end, but as the article says these are one of the wider pairs available and with their soft leather I really didn’t think that would be the problem. I’m wearing a size 7 and a half (UK) and wondering if moving up to an 8 might help?

    I’m only playing 40 minutes once or twice a week on an artificial pitch and also had the same problem with a pair of Adi Free Xite’s. Is it simply a case of admitting Adi boots do not agree with my feet? 🙁 And if so, I’m unsure what to try next.

    • ollie, i wear the tiempo legends on astro/artificial grass, i have very wide toes, but a high arch and skinny heel, so i also wear a pair 2/3 insoles to support the arch, it has helped me over time to change my walking and running style, i am now less injury prone, and my feet hurt a lot less, unfortunately i acted too late to stop the bunions, and believe me you dont want that pain, but it is manageable, the arch supports will mould to your feet over time and give you complete stability

    • Bought the new balance k leather in ‘2e’ and they are NOT WIDE my old Adidas f50s are wider.
      Sent them back over a £100 for the ones they do in 2e as well.
      Complete let down

  • Could you give some examples of cheaper boots that are good for wide feet? My son is 14 and plays a lot of football but his feet are very wide. I cannot afford to pay over £100 every 6 months for new boots, my biudget is about £40-£50. Thanks a lot, Marc

  • While I agree generally that kangaroo leather shoes will stretch over time, I disagree completely with the idea that that fact alone might make a shoe suitable for wide-footed people. And, I completely disagree that Copas are good shoes for wide-footed people. They’re not. The “last”–as you call it or perhaps as it’s actually called–is itself very narrow. A shoe with a narrow last and kangaroo leather doesn’t make for a good shoe for wide feet.

    Want to know a good shoe for wide-footed people? The Total 90. If they still made them, I would still buy them. Do you have any idea if the Nike Tiempo Legend V fit like the original Legends that came out? I know the original Legends were pretty narrow.

  • Hi. I have just started playing on a 3G surface and have been advised that moulded studs would be best for the surface. I am also looking for a shoe which suits a wider foot. I’m a female player and only a size 5.5 or possibly a 6. Have you any recommendations please? Thanks. Hannah

  • I have tried the nike hyper vemon and mercurial and similar models to the mesh upper, they are quite narrow around the mid, I tried them on in store they seemed good, and also saw them on a similar forum. I bought them, first time using i had alot of pain on the outter side of my foot. my team mate now owns them, had to sell them.

  • I notice that you dont mention The Asics DS Light 6 (wide fit). I have been wearing them through a few iterations and they are the only boot my foot is comfortable in for 2 reasons. 1) the whole footplate is wide especially at the toes so I feel supported throughout, also it has some built in arch support. For those reading the article I recommend them. I cant wear Nike or Adidas at this pint due to narrowness.

    • My 14 year old son also wears the ASIC DS LIGHT. He’s a size 11 and has a very wide foot. They are the only cleat he can wear comfortably. Hes tried the Nike, adidas and the puma but the ASIC is the best so far and very durable.

  • My nephew is looking for a pair Astro turf football boots and a pair of regular ones. He is a size 10 6e. This boy has a learning disability but has done very well and exceeded expectations in education. His passion is football, he now has the opportunity to train as a football coach but desperately needs these boots. Could you please advise me how I can obtain these boots.

    • I would say no. I’m just getting back into soccer/football and trying on many pair of boots in a more budget price range true to size and half size up. I have wide forefeet and found all the Adidas range I’ve tried (Messi 15.3, X 15.3, Ace 15.3) to be very narrow. The Ace is probably the widest, but not by much.

      I’ve also tried the Nike Hypervenom Phelon, Magista Onda, and Tiempo Genio II and finally settled on the Tiempo Genio II. Although a bit tight, I’m optimistic that the leather uppers will stretch out a bit over time and be the most comfortable, whereas the other options all have synthetic uppers which I expect to be not as forgiving.

  • my 11 year old has very broad feet, taking the widest school shoes on the planet. He needs a futsall trainer UK size 6.5 or 7. Any recommendations please?

  • I have a wide foot I am considering buying a pair of nike hypervenom phatal 2 df but im not sure if my foot will fit. What do you guys recommend. I have tried going to stores to try some on but they do not have any sock boots.

  • Hi there, I’m planning on buying a pair of Nike Tiempo Genio Mens FG Football Boots and wondered how good they are for wide feet. Thank you. Steve

  • mizuno morelia. like copas.. but lighter…

    mizuno wave ignitus (3.. not sure about 4)… they were wide

    used to like the nike t90 Laser III… now they dont make boots with wide lasts… sad

  • mizuno morelia. like copas.. but lighter…

    mizuno wave ignitus (3.. not sure about 4)… they were wide

    used to like the nike t90 Laser III… now they dont make boots with wide lasts… sad

  • 20th January 2017 at 12:58 am
    mizuno morelia. like copas.. but lighter…

    mizuno wave ignitus (3.. not sure about 4)… they were wide

    used to like the nike t90 Laser III… now they dont make boots with wide lasts… sad

  • Hello Footy-boots,

    I do have a wide foot which is even form tip of toe to the back. Could you recommend the shoe which has overall even stretch, as I am unable to come to a certain conclusion.

    Thanking you.

  • I appreciate this article as I am always looking for the reviews on the new boots coming out. I left a reply around this time last year. My son could only wear the ASICS DS. Hes now 15 and a size 12 3E. They do not make the ASICS anymore. He tried the Nike Tiempo for indoor and he could at least get his foot into the boot but the outdoor boot is not wide enough. He just received the MiUK One today and they are definitely not for wide feet, sending them back. Right now the only one that is wide enough for him to get his foot into would be the NB Visaro and its even snug, if they made it in a kangaroo leather it might give a little more and increase the comfort somewhat. Finding comfortable boots for wide feet is incredibly difficult! So bummed the ASICS were discontinued, they were perfect.

  • My 10 year old son is really struggling to get his feet into any football boots – he wears a junior size 3.5/4. Obviously, he loves all the new socks boots, but has conceded that they are not for his feet. We bought him Copa Mundials last season, which have worn well, but he sees most of his friends and his two brothers with all the flashy socks boots/bright coloured boots and wishes he could fit into them. I like the suggestion of the Puma – he has had Puma in the past so these may be worth a try.

    thanks for the article!

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