Best Brand of Football Boots – Adidas

Adidas have been crowned the best brand of football boots according to the readers of this blog.

Best Brand of Football BootsThe poll that has been running for the last month, here on Footy Boots, showed a massive 47% of voters chose Adidas as their favoured brand of football boots, which will no doubt please the German sporting goods company.

The poll results had American company Nike in second place with a third of the voters, followed by Puma with less than 10% of votes.

So based on these figures, almost 5 out of 10 football players think Adidas and 8 out of 10 think Adidas or Nike when considering their brand of football boots.

Full Poll Results:

Our Question: What is the best brand of football boot?

Adidas 47% (332 Votes)
Nike 33% (232 Votes)
Puma 8% (55 Votes)
Other 5% (32 Votes)
Reebok 4% (31 Votes)
Lotto 3% (22 Votes)

Total Votes: 704

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  1. says: Jeison Iyasu

    In soccer boots, we have Adidas and Nike, in EPL (English Premiere League); we have Manchester Utd and Arsenal. They have been the rivalries since day one. Whether you like Adidas or Nike, just the matter of preference, depends on each individuals’ liking. Adidas and Nike are very great brands. Does not matter who’s the better brand and who’s the less, I’m sure that they both have provided the best quality and craftmanship that we, as the consumers, are looking for in? soccer boots. I currently own: Adidas +Predators Absolute Lions, Diadora Maximus RTX 14, and Umbro Revolution X KTK. No complaints!

  2. says: Jones the Boot

    Gutted. My Avieros have broke! The front sole plate has started to come away from the football boot. I guess they didn’t think of that when designing the football boots with 2 seperate sole plates.
    Oh well, it gives me the chance to go and buy some Nike Legends, if it’s good enough for Ronaldinho…

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