Sunderland’s Darren Bent went ‘Tweeting’ mad when he personalised his Umbro Speciali football boots.

Darren Bent hit the headlines in the summer for using his Twitter account ) to have a go at Spurs chairman Daniel Levy for holding back his transfer from Spurs to Sunderland. Now he’s becoming renowned for his Twittering, he’s decided to publish his Twitter account name on his football boots.

twitter football boots

Darren Bent in his personalised Umbro Speciali football boots

Bent d'©buted the new personalised football boots when Sunderland drew 2-2 with West Ham.

Bent didn’t get on the scoresheet, but has a modest tally of eight goals from ten games.


The Umbro Speciali featuring Bent’s Twitter account name and logo

Bent has also used the Twitter community to help him decide upon his next pair of football boots which will see him featuring a dynamite design on the sole of the football boot.

Bent will feature one of these three designs on his new football boots

We’ve seen initials, children’s names, squad numbers and more used in boot personalisation, but is this the most bizarre boot personalisation you’ve come across?

darren bent twitter football bootsLet us know the most unusual one you have come across below in the comments, or Tweet the Footy Boots team at

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  1. says: DaveM

    ‘El mano de Dios ‘86‘ The hand of God added to Messi’s boots is the best one!

    The weirdest is this one by Bent, of those who see his boots, whose gonna write it down and follow him?

  2. says: paul

    That snake isn’t for his rapping. It was American propoganda during the revolutionary war. Sort of a like a cartoon to help people fight against the British

  3. says: Winston

    I like the middle design for the sole of his new boot. Its much more interesting than sticking your twitter name on your tongue.

  4. says: martincillo

    “Bent goes into the game as the Premier League’s SECOND top goalscorer”

    read first KickSprint45

  5. says: martincillo

    KickSprint45 learn to read

    “Bent goes into the game as the Premier League’s SECOND top goalscorer”

  6. says: H Becker

    I like the third sole.

    Also, the reason the snake is on clint dempseys shoes was because of propaganda in the revolutionary war, for you need every part of the snake to be successful. And, clint dempsey (ace- rap name)’s boots are sick.

    Everyone has their own style so its important what they put on their boots.

  7. says: Jaspi

    David Villa has a lot of stuff written on his boots. The other has the asturian flag and the other one has the flag of spain while both boots have his nickname and the name of his daughter.

  8. says: ill-d

    its definitely a gimmick, but how much do you want to bet hits on his twitter have skyrocketed since?

    also, i think the third soleplate is the best. there isn’t any yellow on those white and red specialis, so the orange/yellow/red explosions seem out of place on the boot (just my humble opinion as a graphic designer lol)

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