Darren Bent was on hand to see Sunderland past a determined Colchester United side in the Carling Cup with two goals, but seems to still be sticking with the Umbro Speciali over the newly-released Umbro GT Pro.

Darren Bent scores for Sunderland in his Umbro Football Boots

Interestingly, Bent began the season in the Umbro GT Pro, but made a half-time switch back into the Umbro Speciali in Sunderland’s opening game against Birmingham.

Sunderland went on to snatch a penalty in the second half of the Birmingham game, which Bent scored – denying the GT Pro a debut goal!

In the two games since then, Bent has stuck with the Umbro Speciali for the full 90 minutes – speaking volumes for the quality of the classically-styled boot – but it’s still a shame to see the Umbro GT Pro without a goal yet!

Darren Bent in Umbro GT Pro Football Boots ad

We can only guess that since Bent scored on the opening day in his Umbro Specialis, they’ve become his lucky football boots; and we know how superstitious strikers can be, if they’re on form they won’t change a thing about their routine!

That said, here’s hoping we see Bent back in the GT Pro sometime soon, after appearing in all the (excellent) ads for Umbro’s lightest football boots it’d be a shame if we had another Nicolas Anelka/ Puma PowerCat 1.10 back and forth on our hands!

Has anyone got their hands on a pair of GT Pro’s yet? And if so, do you think Bent’s right to be sticking with the Speciali?

Let us know!

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    my answer to the last question, although i dont own a pair, i have tried them on to see how they felt and if i liked them on my latest visit to my nearest boot store.

    i originaly tried them on as a joke to convince myself of the british sterotype of umbro being a cheap, rubbish brand to buy a pair boots from (think about about it, while everyone at academy training is wearing nike and adidas, you turn up in a pair of umbros, just the brand name of the boot tells most average footballers who arent really into boots,what they want to know).

    But i can honestly say that i prefered the umbro GT pro’s to the vapor VI’s! They were easier to get on (ive always had trouble gettin vapors on since the vapor IV :S) and the material they used for the upper was alot more flexible than that of the vapors and probably the most comfortable synthetic-uppered speed boots ive tried on in a LONG time, although as i didnt purchase them i couldnt really check for durabilty.

    I would get myself a pair but ive already heavilly got my eyes on a pair of lasers although I hope footy boots do a boot test on these umbros to see how they perform 🙂

  2. says: Connor Wallace

    I always find it interesting to see how some brands will try to force a certain boot upon a player because of who they are trying to market it to. Reebok tried to put henry in the valde, a leather power boot when henry has always prefered synthetic and lightweight. and it seems to me that puma did something similar to nicolas anelka, trying to make him the new face of their leather power boots when hes been a lightweight synthetic wearer.

    I would think that umbro would do better to use bent (who obviously prefers a leather boot) to show the versatility of the speciali and find someone whos still wearing vapor iiis and convert them.

  3. says: channo

    as much as some people hates Ronaldo, Messi and Gerrard for becoming “posterboys” for their brands, any football boot fans would know that Gerrard IS the powerhouse. and Messi IS the spark.
    no new groundbreaking super-light F50 could part Gerrard from his trusty ol’ preds.

    that’s why smaller companies like puma, reebok, and umbro needs more big names to promote their shoes -cuz i think they’ve made great boots!
    a switching back and fourth Henry just won’t do (and don’t even make me start talking about Anelka…)

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