As one of the players who single-handedly brought the concept of having'  names and numbers stitched onto football boots, it comes as no surprise to see that David Beckham has gone a step further than usual to let to announce the birth of his first daughter; with a pair of white and pink cleats!

David Beckham Custom White Pink adidas adiPower Predator Daughter Harper Seven


During the Herbalife World Football Challenge opener against former club Real Madrid, the LA Galaxy midfielder donned a special pair of White/Pink adidas adiPower Predators to mark the birth of Harper Seven.

These football boots were made specifically for Beckham by adidas, as this particular model isn’t available on store shelves, meaning they were either made at Becks’ request or were a gift from the three stripes to the former England Captain.

Whilst the former Manchester United Number 7 has found his way into many outlandish adidas Predators, including Lunar White, Champagne Gold, Cardinal Red and Metallic Blue – this is actually the first time we’ve seen Beckham with any Pink on his football boots.

David Beckham Custom White Pink adidas adiPower Predator Daughter Harper Seven

As well as the distinctly dainty colourway, Beckham also added his new nipper’s name to the ever-growing role-call on the instep of both his boots – which currently stands at Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper for those struggling to keep up – as well as his now-customary ’23’ on the heel of adidas’ newest Predators.

We now wonder how long the dead-mall maestro will stay in ‘Proud Dad’ mode and stick with his feminine football boots? Given he has a signature'  ‘DB Gold’ version of the adidas Predator adiPower to promote on the pitch, we bet that adidas are hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

Any thoughts on Becks’ new cleats?

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  1. says: harry

    im not hating but beckham is long past his sell buy date. he should take a leaf out paul scholes (best modern day english midfielder) book and retire instead of thinking he could play for england again. hes one of the main reasons why modern day football has been destroyed. its all down to greed and getting pimped. i can guarantee he was only made captain not that he used to play for real madrid but because adidas knew they can pimp him and generate more cash especially as real madrids kit it also made by them. xavier scott, i dont know why he should go down in history. is it because hes marketable or a “great” footballer

    1. says: mastershake

      if u watched the game last nite u would have seen that becks was a highlight for the galaxy, his long ball and crosses r still wicked as they were last night. i dont even care bout becks that much but u cant knock his talent

    2. says: Anonymous

      and i thought my English was bad, LOL

      of course selling points does counts, but he’s captain because he played football longer and at higher level than anyone in the team, he’s a former ENGLAND captain for God’s sake… try guaranteeing that my friend.
      u don’t know why he should go down in history? try being an Englishmen watching England’s game against Greece -or just be a football fan is enough. the thrill is outta the roof, over fever pitch. and i’m not even an Englishmen LOL

      or Manchester United’s fan maybe? on his days, he single-handedly change the paradigm that dead balls are actually a solid chance to score goals.
      before him, dead balls are mere speculation, chance to “try” for goals -if u’re feeling lucky.

      he’s the reason why nowadays players pause before taking freekicks.

      old fat phenomenon ronaldo have played the game for as long as he wanted. i don’t see reasons why becks couldn’t. they deserve it.
      they’re all great players that even history would be ashamed of itself should it didn’t give them a place in it’s book.

      1. says: harry

        of course i watched the game against greece im from england. what you got to understand is that was a qualifying match we had to win to get through to the tournament. greece hardly set the world alight with their sort of play and in my eyes we should hav done them 3-0 or am i being arrogant.if gary neville had scored the winner would he have been a national hero? the problem with players over here in england is that they are over rated, and as you can see the transfer market says it all. why aint we done well in a major tournament since 66? i cant deny his free kicks are good but his long passes only suit certain teams way of playing. like sp*rs , he could find a target man like crouch and bobs your uncle. now when we speak of great players who wear or wore the adidas brand, messi, zidane, beckenbauer are world class stars that springs into mind. beckham is just a media tool because of his looks and “pop star” wife.   ps  beckham is not captain week in week out for galaxy so basically his experiance of playing longer and being on a higher level counts for nothing and zola, rivaldo , del piero and zidane were dead ball specialists at the same time or before him

        1. says: Anonymous

          nice argument. i’ll give u that mate.
          could use “enter” button here and there, pretty confusing seeing all those words getting all cramped in.

          love Gary Neville, wouldn’t mind if he score that goal or become national hero.

          Messi is a terrific player. sure, everybody knows that. but u said it urself: “his style only suit certain teams way of playing”.
          see Argentina? how come the messiah’s performance couldn’t come any closer to his barcelona days? because he need players like Xavi and Iniesta to control the passes in midfield. just like players like Beckham need those target men just as u say.

          i wouldn’t dare to say that Beckham are at the same class as Zidane or Beckenbauer, i just think that he’s a terrific player that gets highly underrated because of his good looks.
          Christiano gets that all the time: “that posterboy couldn’t play football! he’s just tricks and flips!” cuz he’s good looking?? dang! the likes of Beckham and Christiano will dribble passes us without even trying!

          there are thousands of dead ball specialists, of course. Pele has scored wonderful freekicks even before Beckham was born. but what i’m trying to point is, he changed the whole paradigm, the way we look at freekicks.

          i’m getting outta here, haha… cheers harry! nice chatting with ya!

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