Beckham’s Soccer Boots – Banned

AdidasHot on the heels of David Beckham’s debut for LA Galaxy, fresh controversy has been thrown onto the pitch, this time regarding Beckham’s soccer boots.

Adidas Predator Absolute Globe David Beckham’s football boot, the Adidas Predator Absolute Globe is made with a K Leather upper – a Kangaroo skin. Football boots made from Kangaroo leather are common for the top end, professional football boots.

In California, where David Beckham is now plying his trade, California’s highest court has prevented Adidas from selling football boots made from Kangaroo Leather.

The 31 page judgement issued this week, could seriously impact the sales of this football boot to local fans.

Adidas are fighting the judgement, claiming that the Californian law conflicted with the purpose of the US Endangered Species Act, which supported Australia’s efforts to control kangaroos, as there is an ever increasing number of Kangaroo’s ‘springing’ up in Australia.

Adidas have also put on record that they do not make any football boots using the endangered or threatened kangaroo species; the eastern grey, the red, and the western grey.

It is unlikely that the ban will be in force for long however. Legislation allowing kangaroo derived products passed the state Senate earlier this year. It’s expected to go through the Assembly and land on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk as early as September.

Beckham’s Boots

David Beckham does not wear the Adidas Predator Absolute Globe made from Kangaroo Leather, he has opted for a synthetic version.

Back in 2006, British animal welfare group Viva! showed Beckham a film of kangaroos being harmed and allegedly used to provide the material for football boots. David Beckham switched from the Kangaroo Leather, opting for a synthetic version.

The Adidas Predator Absolute Globe, formerly known as the Adidas Predator Absolute DB Swerve, (it’s name was switched following Beckham’s move to LA), was exclusively designed and developed with and for David Beckham. It features a uniquely created map graphic which symbolises the global impact that David Beckham has brought to the football world.

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  1. says: Matt

    what terrible legislation should california put its attention towards something more worthwhile than banning leather.

    1. says: tyson

      stopping the killing of millions of kangaroos to get K-leather for your boots is definitely a worthwhile project for any legislation. if our government isn’t fighting for humane treatment of animals then who will? a bunch of activists that no one listens to? at least this way the govt. is getting people to re-think what is going on their feet, or at least getting them to think at all. dont get me wrong, K-leather is classic, the best feeling material that gives you the best touch, we all know that. but at what price?
      im pretty sure that anyone who educates themselves on the process of how the K-leather is harvested, will try to put anything but K-leather on their feet. it is hard for me to believe that people will just say “who cares?” all it takes is a little education of the process in which leathers come to be shoes and clothing.
      all it takes is a minute to search online. then make your decision, and either way, at least you will know.
      i would hope that companies who plan on outfitting teams and players around the world would think about how they are going to conduct business into the future.

  2. says: WakeUp

    What I find amusing is California has the foolishness to stick its nose in another countries issues and having the problem COMPLETELY BACKWARD! Austrailia is being overrun with Kangaroo because of environmentalist mistakes in previous efforts to preserve the animal, inturn eliminating its natural predators. Now the evironmentalists want money to kill off the same animal they originally intended on protecting. So..make the dang shoes and buzz off Arnold!

  3. says: Anthony

    Go to the land down under….I don’t think they are running out of Kangaroos. K-leather has been used for awhile….Have all pro. footballers in california have find an alternative material???? The law itself is kinda stupid, cause I’m sure California “misses” an animal that doesn’t even live on the same side of the world as they do. Even if there was a kangaroo problem why would california “know” so much about it?? Let Becks play with K’s

  4. says: Ricardo

    The people who commented about Australia being over run with kangaroos are pathetic and don’t know anything.
    Kangaroos are endangered animals in Australia due to money hungry people.

    Football is about your own skill.

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