eBay – the Internet’s scrapheap; full of completely useless things that people just want rid of. But occasionally something interesting crops up, like these beauties!

David Beckham's Custom adidas Predator Football Boots

These are a custom pair of Adidas Predator football boots that belonged to David Beckham, once upon a time.

Hardcore Predator fans will note that these are above and beyond the call of normal customisation, as they are in fact a disguised pair of Predator Precisions.

David Beckham's Custom adidas Predator Football Boots

Hiding behind the distinctive huge tongue of the Predator Accelerator, these Predator Precision football boots were being worn by Beckham in 1999 – a year before the release of the Precision ‘proper’.

The Accelerator was the Predator for the World Cup in 1998, and was due to be replaced by the Precision in 2000, but as adidas love to do, they snuck Becks this disguised pair to test before the launch.

David Beckham's Custom adidas Predator Football Boots

Just in case anyone was wondering, you can see from the specification label that Mr Beckham is a size 7 and 3/4 – I wish I could get quarter sizing – clearly getting the 5-Star treatment there, Becks!

The seller is asking just shy of £2500 for these completely one-off football boots – and you can take a further look here if you’d like!

Thanks to the ever-excellent Mud, Sweat, Badges for the heads up!

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  1. says: fido

    i have bigger feet than beckham!! but i doubt the boots are for playing? its like nearly 10 years old.. the materials would have started to degrade by then

  2. says: Fifinho

    wow beckham has small feet 😛 actually i’m mates with Paul Parker, former england international who also played for man u, and his feet were size 7. Gee i thought i had small feet 😛

  3. says: Tony

    Am I the only one that finds Adidas’s sizing completely wacky? I am size 11 but cannot get a size 11 of theirs on. I’ve just found a pair of X15s, 12 1/2, and they fit

    I’d willing pay for a pair of accelerators, for playing, not looking at, but they need to be at least 12 1/2.

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