As one of Europe’s biggest club’s Bayern Munich have had a strong tradition of getting their hands on some of the latest football boots in the world, and it’s good to see the Bavarian club upholding that tradition whilst training in Qatar!

adiZero Prime football boots

First up is the return to training of injury-stricken Dutch Winger Arjen Robben. The World Cup finalist is seen here breaking in a new pair of boots, theΒ adiZero Prime, but on closer inspection he’s actually wearing the – ahem – standard adiZero, distinguishable from their all black studs.

adiZero Prime football boots

It must be the comfortable touch of the adiZero’s leather upper that’s stopping him from really going for the adiZero Prime, as the ex-Chelsea man has opted for the calf-leather version – something not available on the Prime.

Guess it goes to show that for the Pro’s, when it comes to football boots maybe weight isn’t everything!


The next spot came courtesy of top-class boot-spotter and reader ddchile, who clocked defender Holger Badstuber in a blacked out version of what we assume is the new adidas Predator.

The big German joins the likes of Per Mertesacker and Steven Gerrard in wearing the latest adidas football boots in ‘secret’ training sessions.


We’ve seen so many pairs of the new adidas Predator in use on the pitch, we’re getting really excited for their eventual reveal (which we can only presume will be later this year).


Finally is Luiz Gustavo wearing Nike’s big release for this quarter, the CTR360 II in Red/White/Black. Unlike the two adidas football boots, we wanted to give a bit of attention to Gustavo, as he only signed for Bayern a couple of days ago and he’s already hard at work in training.


It’s also worth noting that the Brazilian is in the Elite version of the CTR360 II; many players seem to be going for the Elite version of these smart-looking Nike football boots,’Β  unlike the previous model of the CTR which was exceptionally popular in the standard soleplate.

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  1. says: sam

    There has been pictures of the preds for ages now, the 3 stripes are now the power/swerve/spin/control/shot zone (whatever they will call it) and overall the lines of the boots are more blunt and square

  2. says: Plascma

    I like the moves they are pulling on the first and the third picture, it must be a new way of distracting the opposition πŸ˜€
    On a more serious note: The new Preds (especially the SL Preds) look amazing. Too bad I’m going with Nike CTR360, but I’d love to try the SL’s when they come out..

  3. says: Gabi

    I lo to see that the pros are moving away from the elites/primes.Hope that hits some sense in to Nike and Adidas.
    As far as I can see it,the Elite Series failed,and so will the Primes…
    Loving the AdiZeros tho πŸ™‚

  4. says: Zach

    When I first saw these on FCB’s site I thought Robben had gotten a leather version of the adizero primes. The stripping on Robben’s matches the primes, not the original zeros. And the new colorways for the primes match his boots.

  5. says: harry

    the primes have a black stripe running across the bottom of the foot while the adizeros dont. the primes look more tigerish thats how you can tell from the two apart. its that simple. when something is not broken, why fix it?

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