Barcelona have revealed a new shirt sponsorship deal worth £125 over 5 years with the Qatar Foundation.


Barcelona confirmed today that they will be replacing UNICEF as their sponsors in favour of a new main advertiser in the form of Qatar-based ‘The Qatar Foundation’ from 2011.

The deal is reportedly worth £25m per year over the course of a 5 year agreement and will mark the start of a new era for Barcelona, as this will be the first instance in which they will be paid for the right to advertise on the historic blaugrana kit in the club’s 111-year history.

The financial deal sees a turnaround by the club’s board, who had a policy written specifically against shirt sponsorship, who seem to have realised the potential in such a deal. Barcelona’s financial woes are well-documented and this deal will surely go a long way to helping the Catalan club out.

Not for Profit

The Qatar Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to education projects in the Middle East, so it’s still not a corporate sponsor in the vein of many other teams.

Barca insisted their new deal did not mean the end of their association with UNICEF, who have received £1.25million toward humanitarian projects, and even went as far as to say they would look to combine the two logos (but the Qatar Foundation would be the prevalent one if a solution cannot be found).

Financial VP Javier Faus added: “Marketing experts are working to unify the UNICEF and Qatar Foundation logo.”

Most Expensive

At £125m, Barcelona’s new deal makes them the highest earners from such a deal – above many of the other top clubs in Europe:

1. Barcelona (Qatar Foundation) £25m per year
2. Bayern Munich (Deutsche Telekom) £23.6m per year
3. Manchester Uniter (AON) £20m per year
4. Liverpool (Standard Chartered) £20m per year
5. Real Madrid (BWin) £16.8m per year

We’re looking forward to seeing the new design on the classic Barca shirt – but if it looks rubbish, we’re going to be very upset!

What do you think of the deal? Right for the club? Or just right for the finances?

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  1. says: Thomas

    A not for profit organization paying 25m pounds rather than just use that money to further their cause? I’d love to hear what tale was told from the board justified that. I agree that they should try to keep the Unicef logo somewhere or team up with Nike(much like The (R)ed foundation ) to offer it on their official training wear.

  2. says: JavieRey

    You guys know that Barcelona actually pays UNICEF to wear its logo on the shirt. UNICEF does not sponsor FC Barcelona, but the other way around. As mentioned, Barcelona is not going to dump away its commitment to UNICEF to the contrary now they have one with the Qatar Foundation, another non profit social organization.

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