Being part of a team that has just upset Champions Barcelona should bring just about any team together

Balotelli connects with another shot…poorly

Apparently not, if Inter Milan are anything to go by!

The main point of contention was substitute Mario Balotelli. Inter Milan’s 19 year-old' CTR360 wearer' threw his shirt to the floor in a firey gesture of frustration at the amount of abuse he’d endured from the fans since coming on for Diego Milito in the 70th minute.

The fans, apparently not happy with being just 3-1 up against Barca, taunted the young marksman for his lack of desire to chase down the ball, spurning his chances and other Berbatov-like behaviour.

It wasn’t just the fans who were upset at Balotelli though, Superfly II wearer Zlatan Ibrahimovic reported that in the tunnel he saw (stand-up guy, all-around good sportsman)' Marco Materazzi' berate' Balotelli in the tunnel towards the dressing room.

Zlatan (always good for a great quote) said of the incident:

“I saw that Materazzi was attacking him in the players’ tunnel and I’ve never seen anything like it,”

“If I were him, I’d have left Mario alone, but Materazzi was attacking him and I was stunned. If Materazzi had attacked me like that, I would’ve decked him in a second!

“Materazzi was causing all sorts of trouble and in the Barcelona locker room we were amazed, all talking about it. A player should be proud after a win, not chase down a 19-year-old to berate him.”' 

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  1. says: dave

    sounds like Balotelli just needed a firm kick up the backside, and sorting his head out. Sure he had a bad game but thats still not an excuse not to close people down. Throwing his shirt down is just attention seeking, nothing else. The public dont no how Balotelli behaves in training possibly in the same “berbatov style” and they must see this week in week out, they simply wanted more from him. He is still only 19 but he has a huge opportunity ahead of him, and he needs to concider that he still has a lot to learn. Oh and lol at Zlatan the angel himself really helped the situation not, “i would have decked him” and “i have never seen anything like it” oh really Zlatan a likely story. Inter were good on the night sure but barca were sluggish.

  2. says: Hugh

    lets be honest, materazzi is an idiot and balotelli has been racially abused by fans for a long time. no one can expect him to work hard for a team who’s fans dont even support their own players, its disgraceful! he is a good player and deserves a club with better fans

  3. says: martincillo

    thats true hugh, everydo think(sometimes i do) that balotelli is a bad attitute player, that dont like to train, but he has racial problems, from his fans, and from fans of other clubs, he is legally italian, but he fells african… thats hard

  4. says: Fifinho

    sure Balotelli was out of line but considering what he’s been through, I would have found it hard to keep my own emotions in control. Lets not forget he is still young so he’s obviously lacking some maturity that his older team mates should have. Materazzi certainly shouldn’t have berated him but rather tried to set an example.

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