From the country that brought us adidas and Puma, comes a new brand hoping to make it’s name in the wonderful world of football boots: Aspero.

Aspero Tec football boots
The Aspero Classic

Aspero’s mission statement is clear: “Through our innovations and newly advanced football boot technologies, every football player shall be able to improve their individual strengths to improve their personal level of football play. ”

A focus on technology and innovation is central to the way Aspero go about designing their football boots, and those principals are self-evidence in the sleek, deadly silhouette of their two boots – the Aspero Tec and Aspero classic.

Aspero Tec football boots in Black/White/Orange
The Aspero Tec

Both of these smart looking cleats pack some tasty technology into that inconspicuous upper, including:

– Refined Nappa Leather – For exceptional touch and feel for the ball.
– Forefoot leather is processed with rubber to offer improved grip and control in wet conditions.
– Neokick Shot Control technology – two tension control plates integrated into the lacing system allow a clean, guided strike on contact with the ball.
– Touch Control – the rubberised forefoot increases spin and rotatino on the ball with less effort from the player.
– Three varieties of soleplate available across two models.

Aspero football boots
The Aspero Tec

– High Flexibility upper to increase comfort in the forefoot
– High tear resistance
– Microbial and Water resistance treatment
– Orthopedic insole boards

Aspero Classic football boots in Black/White/Orange
The Aspero Classic

Currently only available in continental Europe, the Aspero Tec and Aspero Classic both start at ˘€š¬199, and are endorsed by several players in the Bundesliga.

What do you think to the Aspero football boots line-up? The start of something big?

Let us know in the comments!

ASPERO FOOTBALL BOOTS, 5.8 out of 10 based on 41 ratings


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