Whilst not the biggest boot brand on the block, Aspero have been making big strides since bursting into the Bundesliga. As they turn their eyes to the rest of the globe, we see whether the Aspero Classic has what it takes to pull off World domination.

Comfort + Fit – 3/5

The Aspero Classic is definitely a boot of two halves. The Nappa leather used in the upper is super soft, and is so malleable you can practically leave your fingerprint in it.

Team that with a really cushioned, soft and abrasion-free lining to the cleat, and the comfort on the top ‘half’ of the boot is a real winner.

However, the soleplate is super-stiff, and really detracts from the pleasure of the upper; you can practically feel the boot wanting to bend around the toes, but having to wait for the soleplate to ‘catch’ up. Aspero would do well to add either a ‘channel’ to allow the plate to bend more, or a two-piece outsole to offer a better level of comfort.


Feel + Touch – 4/5

Touch Control technology on the Aspero Classic football boots - Reviewed by

As you might have been able to tell, the Nappa leather of the upper really impressed during playtesting. It was soft, responsive and well-cushioned without ever feeling spongy.

The ‘TC’ or Touch Contol gripped sections across the upper are a really smart addition to the boot, allowing for tactile feedback on the ball and offering a good level of grip – especially on textured balls like the adidas Finale and Nike Seitiro.

Looks – 2/5

Aspero Classic football boots - Reviewed by

An interesting design, I was surprised at how many of my team-mates actually liked the Aspero aesthetic.

Whilst I like the subtle integration of the Touch Control texture and the White / Orange / Black colourway, the ‘dashes’ of black that loop through the forefoot add to the embossed sections in the heel counter and ‘zig-zags’ of the NeoKick technology as design features that seem to be added at random, depriving the Classic of an ongoing ‘theme’.

Maintenance – 3/5

Wear and Tear on the Aspero Classic 2012

The Aspero Classic boasts a really rock-solid feel both in your hands and on your feet – something that seems to extent to durability and maintenance.

The whole boot retains it’s shape exceptionally, whilst the White upper is surprisingly easy to clean.

However, the lacquer that keeps the white Nappa leather so clean, is also suspect to scraping off – particularly in high-abrasion areas like the toes and around the soleplate. Whilst it’s something that all boots are prone to, the style of the leather and colour of the Aspero make it particularly obvious.

Performance – 4/5

Neokick technology on the Aspero Classic football boots - Reviewed by

You can only judge a boot on what it sets out to do, and in many respects the Aspero Classic is very successful.

The NeoKick technology is designed to ‘cup’ the football on both the instep and outstep, providing a uniform surface to pass and strike from.

As with many boots, the simple act of having a visual guide on the area of the foot that is most effective for passing is a benefit in itself – and having a firm rubber ‘barrier’ to help the shoe retain it’s shape and add some zip to the ball only serve to help matters further.

The soft Nappa leather is also an ideal surface to take the ball on, and really wraps around your foot after a few wears.

But all that said, the 330g classic is a weighty boot, and whilst this might be satisfying when striking, shaving a few grams off would really go a long way to making the next Aspero cleat feel more agile on your feet.

Value – 3/5

Aspero Classic 2012 review

The is more of an estimative score as the Aspero Classic only has a German price at the time of writing.

At 179, the Aspero Classic is around 40 more than a Copa Mundial and 10 cheaper than the Mercurial Vapor VIII, which – to us – seems pretty pricey.

But as our German readers will most likely tell you, boots are expensive business in their corner of the world, so until there’s a UK price, we’re playing it safe with a middle-of-the-road 3/5.

Overall – 18/30

Aspero Classic 2012 - Reviewed by

The Classic represents a seriously solid basis for newcomers Aspero. Whilst it’s unfair to judge the overall performance without a solid pricetag, we can safely say it’s a well-performing release that – with a few minor tweaks – could put in a serious claim to a small corner of the market.

With a well-cushioned upper, Neokick technology and a bit of punch thanks to it’s weight, the Aspero Classic would be a great choice for defenders or goalkeepers looking for a more old-school, supportive release than most of the offerings from the bigger brands.

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